Thursday, February 23, 2012



Daffodils!...The "old-fashioned" kind ~ I haven't been out of town in over a week, and didn't realize that the "vintage" ones were already blooming along the county roads...I never fail to wonder how the seemingly random clumps came to be where they are (although sometimes it's obvious, around a long-abandoned homestead)...

I like to imagine who originally planted them ~ old-fashioned bulbs like these were handed down..."passed-along" to possibly a newly married home-maker of years ago...

At my Dad's farm, there were huge drifts of yellow "jonquils" as well as delicate, fragrant narcissuses at the top of the hill where a house had once stood. Right after the farm sold, I dug and dug one afternoon (in the hard, resistant gumbo!) ~ only taking the narcissuses, though ~ knowing that it was probably my one chance to bring some of them to my house in town, in the next county over. (The Narcissi bloom a little later...I will post some photos of them soon!)

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  1. my favorite flowers, anne. my grandmother had hundreds that were beautiful in the spring...

    so nice to have you over my way, donna

  2. My daffs are coming up also. And they are the old fashioned kind as well.

    As a follower I look forward to a great friendship.


  3. Hi Anne,I adore the flowers.I cant wait til spring.

    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your comment on my blog.I really appreciate it.There are two people who recomend the cat attract product.I will be sure to let her know.But she has expressed doubt for any product now because of ones she has used that didnt work.She spent alot lol.

    Im a new follower,I hope to have a lovely journey with you as well.

  4. Hi Anne:) What a great blog you have! So glad you found mine so that I found yours. lol Love your flowers and gorgeous bunnies. Newest follower here:) I'll be back to say hello.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. I transplanted some daffodils last year from my late great-grandmother's abandoned garden. They are just now starting to bloom. Glad you got some from your Dad's farm while you could. I love those sentimental attachments.

  6. Hi Anne, my you're up late, or early. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I think I might need you to come with me to the Lazyboy store. I've been looking around your blog and let me say.....WOW! I love everything. Your header is so sweet, your photography is beautiful and I've fallen head over heals with Max, Ruby and Warren.


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