Friday, February 3, 2012

Miss Ruby's Irises

Today was so rainy and gloomy ~ really dismal ~ that I decided to at least "think Spring" and go through some photos I took last year for future watercolor references. I'm so glad I did! ...I had forgotten just how wonderful Miss Ruby's irises were! (Mrs. Ruby Oliver, actually, but here we say Miss or Aunt before the first name if we're not being "formal"; it's just polite).


We had a very rainy spring last year, and I had been watching the weather forecast for days, worried that the rain and wind would ruin the irises. Sadly, Miss Ruby had recently passed away, and I asked permission from her family to take photos of her beautiful flowers (she was known for her gorgeous irises)...I had taken to driving by daily ~ sometimes stopping ~ checking on them (to the concern of some of the neighbors)!


Slowly but surely, some of the earliest bloomers began their show...and still it rained. Finally, most of Miss Ruby's vast iris beds were in full bloom, and I wanted to try and get photos while they were at their best...I took photos between rain showers, although it was still gray and drizzly. The photos were okay, and I figured it was as good as it was going to get; there was absolutely no sunshine in the forecast for the week ahead, and after that, it didn't matter...they would be withered by then.

I was getting ready to leave...(from just how many angles could I take photos of each color of iris?...I always seemed to need "just one more" shot)~ when the sun broke through the clouds...brilliant, glorious sunshine, the likes of which Southeast Missouri hadn't seen for weeks, it seemed! Though I had already photographed each color of iris, now with the sun shining through the translucent blooms as through stained glass, the first photos paled in comparison. I spent the next hour re-photographing the irises; pretty before, but now exquisite in the sun. I like to think Miss Ruby had something to do with that. :)

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