Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rainy Days...


Another drizzly, gray day in Southeast Missouri!  Rainy days don't always get me down anymore ~ in fact, I enjoy them, especially if I get to stay in where it's snug and cozy ~ but they sure did when I was a little girl!  I was such an "outdoor child", making faerie houses (the Fae always had ladybugs or some similar little insect for pets); looking for sparkly rocks, or off on one adventure or another, usually accompanied by Polly, Daddy's favorite English Setter...(I once frightened my poor Mother terribly ~ I was playing inside one of Daddy's grain bins (one of the round metal "Butler buildings") chasing a mouse. I was out-of-pocket long enough for her to start looking for me, and I was nowhere to be found...when I finally did hear her calling (and Polly barking) and crawled out, I couldn't understand why she was so was so exciting chasing the little mouse, and  ~ I'd almost caught him a couple of times! It wasn't until much later that I really realized
 how dangerous grain bins can be
...thankfully, that one was almost empty ~ ♥
I got off track ~ :) ~ as I had started to say, when I was a little girl, the only good thing about having to stay indoors in inclement weather was that I could draw, and color, to my heart's content.
 The local grocery store (I thought it was so big at the time
...a super-market!...
but it was really just a small store compared to the ones now) would save their out-dated weekly "sale bills" for me; they were unprinted white paper on the back, and was always such a thrill to start drawing on a new one...the possibilites were endless!

The photo above is another watercolor
 still-life "hopeful"...the box that the crayons are in
was my Mom's little circus-themed lunch-box from the early 1930s,
 and the vintage "Blendwell"crayons were a gift from Mr. B. ~ I thought it was a nice blend
 of "old and new" ~ ♥

Another week is flying by!  Have a wonderful Thursday!

♥ ♥ ♥

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