Monday, February 13, 2012



It snowed! It didn't come quite as I'd requested, though...I wanted a nice velvety blanket of good snowman-making snow (and snow ice cream making, too) and to be snowed in for at least ONE school day. Nope. It was pretty this afternoon, big fluffy flakes swirling looked like we were in a snow-globe ~ but most of it melted when it hit the ground, as it just hasn't been cold enough for the earth to be frozen. A little finally started to accumulate on things, though, so I had to take pictures...the neighbors probably think I'm a little odd...;o)... Then it turned to sleet, and now just an icy rain...ugh.

I bought this sweet angel (above) in a pretty little gift shop (I don't remember the name, but it had beautiful (live) white doves...little bitty a big, gorgeous cage) in Oxford, Mississippi, almost 30 years ago ~ I can't believe it's been that long...tempus fugit! She is still the pale terra-cotta color that was so popular then, but I think it's time for a face-lift for the little dear... (I'm amazed that she has gone this long without having several re-dos!)

I have had this bird house for years, but had used it as indoor decor was expensive, and I decided I didn't want to put it out in the weather! :) Last summer, though, I thought that it was high time for it to serve the purpose that it was meant for (after so many years I had forgotten how much it cost, and a little water-shield brushed on would protect it from deteriorating)... Mr. B put it on a pole for me in the center of the strawberry bed, where I had directed... (in retrospect, that probably wasn't such a good idea ~ though pretty! ~ at least the birds won't have to go far to eat the berries)... We didn't have a single occupant last year, though; I guess it was too late for most nest-building by the time it was installed...we had robins building nests in the gutters, but not in this nice little condo ~ hopefully we'll have some this year!

The cast iron bell (patented 1889) was used by my Grandma Collier to call in my Grandpa (and anyone helping him) from the fields for dinner every day ~ that was the big noon meal ~ Grandma started making preparations for noon right after cleaning up the huge breakfast she also made every morning ~  dinner was usually fried chicken or pork chops, mashed potatoes or cheese grits and greens (or whatever was fresh from the garden or her own canned vegetables), and Grandma made the best ones I have ever tasted ~ (I know she used lard)...and they were just heavenly! Of course there was always dessert, usually cobbler or some sort of pie. I think some of the men Grandpa hired to help on the farm probably took the job just for the perk of my Grandma's cooking!

I saw a white farm bell on Pinterest the other day and commented that I thought I might paint the bell white for a change...rub off the paint in some places..."shabby chic", you know...and got a quick message back from my oldest daughter..."Mom, DON'T paint the bell!!"
...I agreed not to (fingers crossed).
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!
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  1. Love the Bell story and how your Grandmother was such a wonderful cook. And your DD is right about the paint. It does look to be in wonderful shape, how about a nice coat of wax to help preserve it from the elements?
    Keep smiling and creating, Have a great Valentines Day!!

  2. LOL...yes, I will most likely spare the bell from my brush...or spray-can! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! ♥

  3. Love your wonderful bird house! What a beauty! And I would have done the same thing, use it indoors until I forgot how much I shelled out for that baby. It's a beauty!

    We have an old bell that looks like yours, from what I can see. It sits on my deck, waiting patiently to call my kids in from all over, so we can eat dinner. And lookout whenever my nephew comes over! It's in constant use then.


  4. Listen to your daughter! ;>

    We had an old bell that was used at camp to call everyone from all corners of the point. We kids knew the sound of that bell and had better be able to show up within five minutes of its ringing.


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