Thursday, February 16, 2012

Springier Every Day...


It really is looking more like Spring...(though still not officially ~ I keep watching the "count down")...every day! Today I went over to our old neighborhood to see if Mrs. Adams's crocuses were up yet, and they were! When we moved next door to Mrs. Adams almost 24 years ago, her yard was unbelieveable; a carpet of crocuses everywhere...the entire yard! (We got used to cars slowing down in front of the house (she lived right across from us), and people taking pictures every Spring...) She was always careful not to let anyone mow her grass until the crocus foliage had completely died back, having stored the nutrients needed to bloom again the following year.

Sadly, Mrs. Adams passed away a few years back, and since then the number of crocuses has steadily one else has the patience to let the foliage mature (and having the grass get a foot tall in the process). Still, quite a few of the hardiest ones manage to put on their early Spring show regardless of being mown down the previous year.

I always go check, and I always take at least a few photos, though they actually look the same from year to year ~ :) ~ such sunny gorgeous yellows and rich royal purples, not surprisingly opposites on the color wheel and perfect compliments to each other (amazing how nature arranged that)...♥

Oh, the bunnies in the above photo collage are our Max and Ruby, Rex rabbits. Their thick brown coats are absolutely "Velveteen Rabbits"...I was able to pick clover for them today (which has never really died down this winter, but wasn't tall enough to pick very well...the warm days of the past couple of weeks has really made it grow, and the bunnies love it!) ~

Happy Friday tomorrow!

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. The flowers are gorgeous and such a sweet reminder that spring is on the way. Your pictures are so pretty.


  2. Sweet story. Kind of sad, though, that her crocuses are thinning out. Pretty collage.


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