Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday...

"Super Bowl" Sunday evening...I'm passively listening to the football game while the guys are intensely involved in it...I had planned to be down in the basement this afternoon going through "keep" boxes that we just brought here ~ things saved from all six children ~ "yours, mine and ours"~ and myself ~ but decided that the option of being upstairs with them (though on the computer) would be more socially acceptable...:)
These photos are ones I set up and photographed last summer...there has been a "three woman show" planned for some time now (with a few extensions due to some scheduling conflicts ~ THANK YOU, GOD ~ I was NOT ready!!)...however, the show is scheduled now for July, 2012, at "The Depot" Cultural Center in Sikeston, Missouri. I have to get busy!!

These heirloom tomatoes make a fabulous still-life, I think!

GORGEOUS Oriental Lilies, "After Eight"...

Lilacs and Earl Grey in one of my Grandma Launius's teacups (she had a 50 year-plus collection)...♥

Sweet of my all-time favorite guys...

I hope everyone has had a wonderful afternoon/evening, whether you are "sports-minded" or not...
Have a fabulous week, all! ♥


  1. Leo, Cyrus and Tallulah are beautiful. I popped over from Cozy Little House and slammed on the brakes when I saw these gorgeous cats. I'm your new follower hoping to see lots more of them. If you drop over you will see in my side-bar my cat Maggie that I had the privilege to live with for 18 years. I adored her. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  2. What beautiful pictures. I was with you yesterday, passively watching the game. I peeked in when ever there seemed to be some action going on. Hope your having a wonderful Monday. Patty

  3. How fun to read your comments on my blog post. Thankyou for coming and taking the time to do it. It means alot. I am just a new blogger of 2 1/2 months and its nice that you are getting started back too. I love the blogworld and have found such neat people like yourself.

    We didn't watch the superbowl at all. (thank goodness) Your furries are adorable. Actually quite beautiful. Ours died a couple of years ago of old age. We pretend (OK are in denial)that she really didn't die but is still around enjoying the great outdoors. Its hard to lose a special pet. We miss her.

    Thanks again. And you have a delightful blog.


    PS I am now following you!

  4. HI Anne,
    I want to welcome you to my blog and to tell you that yours is so very charming!*grin*
    Love the cats pictures!!!!


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