Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My grandson Nick started taking violin lessons this week...I told him that if I thought I could learn to play like "the Lady" in the duo below, that I would give it a shot! (I am probably that "old dog", though...:)

"Ashokan Farewell" has been one of my favorite Civil War-era melodies for a long time (it was the main theme for the Ken Burns series "The Civil War" on PBS several years ago) son Jonathan and I found this version when looking up another Civil War song on Youtube a while back, and we  both just sat there and watched ~ and listened ~  transfixed...I have to share it ~ ♥

 She makes it look so effortless, doesn't she?
Here is a little-music related ACEO I did a couple of years ago (the original is owned by my friend in Switzerland)...
I called it "Ode to Joy"

I think I should do a little painting of Tallulah playing the version of "The Cat and the Fiddle"!
I can't believe it's already Wednesday evening...another week flying by!
Have a great night!
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Oh Anne~we have much in common-that song has haunted me-I just love it, and loved that series on PBS. My husband and son went to Gettysburg together 2 years ago, and stopped by a photography studio that did a lovely job of suiting them up in period uniforms, and made a tintype for me as a gift. It is one of my prized possessions. I showed them individually (on my blog's sidebar), but in the real photo, they are standing side by side.
    We visited Gettysburg as a family-loved it...saw a few reinactments and loved them too. We used to go to Newtown Battlefield near Elmira,NY, but they closed the park :(...
    We live in the Finger Lakes area of NYS.
    I have been fascinated by the period clothing and my son wanted so much to do reinacting-but alas, other things took his time. Maybe some day!
    And by the way!~ I am learning the electric bass guitar, so I think you should learn the violin!
    I'm going to see if Playlist has that lovely Civil War song so I can put it on my blog. Thanks so much for having it here...

  2. Anne, I am a pianist and Ashokan Farewell is my go-to when I sit down at the piano, especially if I want to hear its calming effects on a stressful day.

    What is the name of the family sutlery? Are they online?


  3. Beautiful, beautiful music, Anne!
    Our oldest daughter played violin in the middle and high school orchestra. Even today, more than 20 years later, she is known to take it out for an occasional tune. I hope your grandson enjoys his lessons.

  4. Anne - I took up the violin by "accident" two years the age of 58. Two years on I'm still having lessons and absolutely loving it! Progressing very well, I might add, through sheer desire to do it and to prove to anyone who'll listen that you are never too old!I ordered the music to "Ashokan Farewell" online it's a beautiful, haunting piece and I love playing it.
    I think you should take it up and have some real fun with your grandson!

  5. Debra,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I am so happy to have you as a new follower.

    I love your blog also, especially the name.

    Be sure and stop by again soon. I just posted lots of pics of a daffodil farm I visited today.

  6. I'm all for teaching music and the arts, everyone should have those skills. Love your blog name. I actually laughed out loud when I read it. I'm your new follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love finding blogs that are a joy to read as well as look at.

  7. That is a beautiful piece of music., thanks for sharing it! My DIL plays bluegrass fiddle. Thanks for visiting my blog. I took a look around yours, and I love that nest tutorial you did. I love cats too, I have two!

  8. Best wishes to your grandson as he learns to play the violin, one of my favorite musical instruments, and Ashokan Farewell is one of my favorite songs . I am enjoying this one so much this morning.

  9. Oh all the best to your grandson as he starts his lessons. Tell him to show up and be diligent. He'll be making music in no time. (I just hope that one of my grandsons wants to take lessons some fine day.)

    This is one of my absolute favorites and this violinist did a wonderful job.

  10. A lovely arrangement of a favorite tune--my husband and I have watched Ken Burns' Civil War more times than I can count.

  11. That music is so beautiful that it brings a lump to my throat.
    Thank you.


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