Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lilac Time (& Leo)...


I was going to get so much done today, and I didn't...I was just blah...I was going to get another still life set up and photographed, with lilacs in my little chippy blue transferware creamer (I used to be too picky for chipped things, but not any more ~ could be that "perfection" isn't anywhere ~ in any aspect ~  of my life these days...if it ever was ~ ;) ~ anyway, this little creamer (from around 1850, from the Romantic period of transferware) has so much character! I wish it could tell me of all the tables that it has graced, and about all the people around them...

I get off track so easily!...So, I was going to set up lilacs in little Chippy Blue, with some pretty Gala apples in my Grandmother's little green Depression glass bowl, and maybe a sea shell or two...on my lacy Irish tea cloth....

But I didn't. I wasn't productive at all today (or "pro-duck-tive", as my duck-loving friend Elaine says...) No, I wasn't that, either.

However, I just couldn't let these pretty heirloom lilacs that I swiped last night shatter for naught, so I did manage to get a few pictures, and I have to say, they are quite nice on their own, without all the extra fluff.  (Yes, I did say "swiped"; my daughter Katie drove the getaway-car)...I have mentioned this before, but I'll explain... Our fair city has a park almost on the outskirts of town that has beautiful lilac bushes ~ probably 60-70 years old, if they are a day. I'm sure they were planted by someone with more of an eye for aesthetics than some of the landscapers of the newer parks... Some years they are heavily laden with gorgeous drifts of blossoms, the air around them virtually vibrating with the hum of nectar-tipsy bees...

And some years they are pitifully pruned, barely-leaved bunches of sticks. At some point during the spring, the powers-that-be have a park-maintenance crew go out and shear everything within reach within an inch of its life.

This year, they are fabulous! (Someone must have needed a raise, and the park plants went untouched. So far.)

However, I'm sure my cutting a few branches would still be frowned upon, so it has to be done discreetly... :)

I will do it again tomorrow, if I can get myself out of this rut!






Even Leo wasn't in the mood for productivity (or pro-duck-tivity, either) don't have to know much Kitty-language to get the gist of these looks...


"May I HELP you??....No?...Then go away".

Oh well, as Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day"...

Have a good, productive Monday, everyone!

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Oh- I can almost smell them from here! Lilacs are my favorite Spring flower. I love the form, the color and the smell! Beautiful photo~xo Diana

  2. What a lovely photo...I can hardly wait until my lilacs are in bloom!

  3. I love the smell and look of lilacs too - and you know what - sometimes being unproductive is productive. sandie

  4. Wonderful pictures and your Leo is so beautiful !! Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I'm so happy I found yours. You've got a new follower ; )

  5. Boy, I'd protest the stupid over pruning :-O. Go steal some more! They appreciate being appreciated ;-).

  6. Oh what beautiful lilacs! I wish I could smell them!

  7. You have lilacs blooming ~ so wonderful!!

    Oh yes... "the look"... I know it well. ;)

    xo Catherine

  8. I barely noticed the lilacs once my eyes landed on that handsome boy. What a fabulous photo. I'm lovin' the first one of Leo the most. My goodness, that cat belongs on a calendar or in Cat Fancy on the cover. Now don't go tellin' him, there is nothing worse than a conceited cat. Truly, your lilacs are gorgeous and I can't wait for our trees at our driveway to come into bloom. Love them. Deb

  9. Mmmmm...the smell of lilac blooms! One of my favourite things about spring. Your photos are beautiful. And Leo is simply gorgeous!

  10. Love the lilacs, but Leo is a sweetie! Just like a cat!:-)

  11. I love your pictures! Lilacs are one of my favorites too. Your kitty is so cute. I love the little dog pillow behind :)

  12. Perhaps if you In the Mood or String of Pearls? That might get you going.I'll bet it would get Leo on the prowl!

  13. I miss lilacs so much. When I lived in PA I had my own bush--loved it but then we moved to Fl and they didn't grow there--I wonder if they do here in Texas?
    Lovely pictures!

  14. I can't wait till ours bloom..yours are soo lovely!

  15. Gorgeous blooms!! I can't wait till stuff gets blooming out here, but it'll be a few weeks yet.... Leo is beautiful and I love his cattitude :)

  16. I'm not sure how I missed your comment on my healthy living blog....
    Anyhow, I'm delighted to get to know you.

    I'm sure the chemo DID play with your metabolism. It took awhile for my head to catch up with my heart, but I finally got refocused on the eating part of my physical well-being. (Now if I could just get the exercise thing going!)

    Your lilacs are incredible. (Ours are budded but not flowering yet.) Their scent is one of my absolute favorites in the whole wide world!

  17. Beautiful lilacs--my favorite. I had my own bush when I was a child. I miss them down here in the south.

  18. I love lilacs, ours will not be blooming until June! Wonderful photos. Thanks for stopping by I'm now following you too, Laura

  19. I love your pictures! You were smart to take some of the Lilacs! I can hardly wait for my Lilac bushes to bloom! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Oh la-la, Scarlett La Princesse!!!



  21. Forgotten to mention the wonderful lilac...can smell it!!!



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