Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Procrastinators Anonymous...


Last night my friend Marilyn asked me about paintings for an upcoming show (in July ~ at the Depot, here in Sikeston)...How many do I have ready?...Ummm...I think THIS is going to be the first one! I set this up on our little chess table last summer with two of my favorites flowers ~ a big, gorgeous magnolia blossom and hydrangeas in my little crystal bowl...

I always think I have so much time to do things, when in reality I know how each day ~ each month ~ flies by!

I need to get going!

♥ ♥ ♥

Post Script...

One reason I started my blog back up; I thought I would post art and works-in-progress and it would keep me motivated...well, I have been having fun with it and all (meeting new friends), but not making art!  I’m going to do better, though (I have to!!)....I think I'll start putting a progress note at the bottom of know what? I need to take my “countdown to spring” thingy off (since it seems to be full-on Summer now) and make it a “countdown to art show” one ~ (you can do that!) ~ I think that might actually help!
You know something funny...I had another show deadline a couple of years ago, and I just kept putting things off...and one day I was in the store buying milk, reaching way in the back for the ones with the farthest-out expiration date...and THERE WAS MY SHOW DATE! Arghh!! ~ THAT got me going! LOL ~ This is bigger than milk expiration-date-time frames, though, so I need to get in gear!
Have a great evening!
(AC is humming!)


  1. I want you to quick posting and get busy now!;>) I, too, often misjudge how much time I have to get something done and then it is a rush to finish it. I hope you will share that painting here when you have finished it! xo Diana

  2. Anne, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you introduced yourself.

    I'm now following your blog too. I look forward to learning more about you and your art.


  3. You go ahead and get your work done & we'll all be waiting to see the results so we can oooh & aaah over it, deal? :D

  4. What a sweet blog. I'll be back for sure. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

  5. Well thank you for becoming my newest follower. I do hope you get your painting done, is that the right word? You have a lovely blog too.
    I love all of your photographs. :)

  6. I am your newest follower. You had me at all those beautiful photos and art work. I love them. Thanks for following me too! sandie

  7. hi! thanks for stopping by my blog! i am following you now too. i love the photo of your mom on your sidebar!

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by Brown Paper Packages! Happy to be a new Linky Follower! :)
    Have a great week!

  9. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for becoming my latest follower, I am so glad you stopped by because it gave me the opportunity to find and follow you. I love your blog! I really like a blog with a lot to look at. Your kitties are adorable but I must say that Cyrus is the star cutie pie. I love that little Jack Frost card too. Check in on Sunday because I am starting my one year Anniversary Giveaway.

    Nice to meet you

  10. Your blog is lovely. I giggled when I read *a little fur in the paint*. I can relate ... a little fur in the paint and wrapped around the yarn while I crochet or knit. That's okay ... a little furbaby love included in everything! Thanks for dropping by and becoming part of the neighborhood! I'm joining you, too.

  11. Oooh, I just love this photo, what a beautiful painting it will make!

  12. Thank you, Anne, for becoming a follower of my little blog. I'm adding myself to your followers!:-)

  13. Thanks for becoming a follower. I'm returning the favor. Love your photos!

  14. Thanks for following...I just linked up to both your FOLLOW ME....:))

  15. Thanks Anne for stopping by my blog and following! Back at ya! :) xoxo Nancy

  16. Hi Anne~ Nice to meet you!! Glad you stopped by Birdy By the Bay! I love when I make something and post pics as I go!! Everyone enjoys seeing all the steps!!
    Have a wonderful Day! Smiles~Birdy ...

  17. Anne,
    I just found your comment on my blog and thank you so much for stopping by! I can't say as I'll be doing a ton of posting right now, taking more of a mental break from closing the business. I love the title of your blog, in fact, I was painting a sign today for a friend, and my kitten walked right through the paint! Finding your blog this evening just made me smile! Your pictures are nice to meet you..
    Lisa ;-)

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's lovely to pop over and visit you here too. I LOVE all your photographs :-)
    Love your bunnies too! We have a bunny ... and 3 guinea pigs ... and two hamsters ... not to mention the dog ...!! I would have more too, I really would!
    Enjoy the lovely weather you are getting over there - just starting to feel like spring here.

  19. Love your set-up for the painting. Too funny about the milk expiration. I am the worst procratinator also. Always waiting until the last minute on the things that HAVE to be done! Can't wait to see the painting, I'll be following along!



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