Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Evening With Cyrus





This post is about Cyrus. Just Cyrus. Leo usually gets top billing, but really, only because he is my most willing model...

Cyrus has been with us since December 1, 2010; his person couldn't keep him ~ she was elderly and moving in with her, I took off to the very top of Missouri to get my meant-to-be Furbaby (he was 5 months old).

I went by myself since my usual partners in crime, daughter Mandy (in St. Charles, Missouri) and daughter Katie (in Atlanta) weren't available for a road trip...(and I really didn't want anyone to try to talk me out of it) ~ :)

I didn't realize how far it was...6 hours one way! (Think Southeast Missouri (almost Arkansas) ~ to extreme Northern Missouri (almost Iowa!))...not that terribly far, I guess, but a lot farther than I'm used to driving alone...but he was SO worth it!  He rode curled up beside me on the truck seat all the way home.

 He was almost 'Huggy Bear', but son Jonathan thought that would be an awful, 'unmanly' thing to do to him, and wanted to name him Cyrus (after the Persian king, not Billy Ray...I thought I would think Achy Breaky Heart every time I called him, but I soon got used to it)...

Things would have gone really smoothly if I hadn't decided that he smelled funny as soon as we got
home and decided to give him a bath...

(I'm used to kitties who are used to being bathed...Cyrus...wasn't!)

He hid for three days. (Coming out to eat and potty, of course, but not when we were anywhere near.)

He finally forgave me. Now, though he's still more shy than Leo and Tallulah, he's our big ol'snuggly boy. Glad I made that trip!

Happy Monday!

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Cyrus is just beautiful. Is he a Maine Coon cuz he looks a lot like my Mr. Midnight used to look. Love his face. xo Diana

  2. Absolutely adorable!!! I want to just cuddle with her/him.Is it a boy or girl?? So cute!!!!!!!!!

  3. I could just hug Cyrus and squeeze him and kiss him! ;P Cyrus is gorgeous. He reminds me of my sweet Cedric. I miss him! Thanks for sharing your sweet beauty with us.

  4. Hello Anne,
    I am glad you found my blog for in return I found yours and happily following...
    Cyrus is adorable, yes!
    Hugs&xx Colette

  5. Oh hes a sweet looking kitty.Such lovely eyes.I see you and I have something in common.We both have a daughter Katie.I love the name.Mine is just Katie to,no Catherine.

    Have a lovely new week!

  6. I'm glad for you that nobody 'talked'you out of getting this hansom cat.
    I love his face, he is adorable.
    I have three cats at home and two of them are more than 10 years old and I have never given any of them a bath, the strange smell would have gone after a few days.

  7. Good morning, Anne!

    What a HAPPY and beautiful blog you have!!! Oh, your Cyrus is sweet as can be!!! I love your blog name and concept!

    You are so kind to come and leave a comment. All your photos are just lovely and I love that old manor on your left sidebar! Enjoy a wonderful MONDAY!!! Anita

  8. Thanks for visiting me. I am now a follower. The first thing I noticed on your lovely blog is how beautiful your mother was. Stunning! I was married in Missouri, Warsaw, and we spent our honeymoon in Arrow Rock. It was a wonderfully occasion, my husbands parents lived there.

    Cyrus was well worth the trip indeed.
    Lovely to meet you.

  9. Cyrus is a beautiful cat; well worth the trip to bring him home. I laughed with your bath story. Poor kitty was probably traumatized at first :)

  10. Cyrus is a cutie. I love big fluffy cats!

  11. Thank you for visiting me and becoming a follower. I have just followed the name of your blog as I have six large dogs and six cats....all my babies. Yours is just precious!

  12. Hello Anne! Thank you for your kind comments. That's one gorgeous kitty. I look forward to reading your blog. Take care

  13. He is beautiful! I love cats!
    Thanks so much for coming by my blog and following. I just signed up to follow you too. Happy Week! Hugs, Kim

  14. Oh gee, I sure wish I had a kitty like Cyrus! We have to wait until retirement, sigh...... he sure is handsome. :-)

  15. Oh my! I see you have 3 kitties altogether! Three beautiful kitties! How I wish I had a boy like Cyrus, or Leo. My Phineas is a sweetie but he hates to be held. It's affection on his terms and that's it. As for Luna, she's pretty but her personality is iffy at best.

    Honestly I can't imagine bathing either of my babies but thats the first thing we did when we brought Luna home! Like Cyrus she was not a fan either ; )


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