Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Week, New Projects...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Personally, I will be mixed up all week after having no school yesterday...

I have to show you my Sunday night project...we didn't have an Easter dinner here this year (not a "company" dinner), it was just the three of us ~ but, I had been dying (no pun intended) to try this colored deviled eggs idea, so I did ~ to see if it was something I might want to do again.

Really, I just wanted to play.

So, I bought liquid food coloring (something I haven't done in years and years...probably the last food coloring I purchased was the Wilton "paste" kind. For this, you use just plain food coloring (they have "Neon" now, too!) ~

I boiled all my eggs (4 dozen ~ I know, I know ~ but I thought a lot more would break). Using my Mom's method of hard-boiling, though, they all came out perfectly ~ Start the eggs in cold water (with a splash of white vinegar for easy peeling) ~ making sure all are covered ~ and bring to a boil. Immediately turn the burner off, but leave the pan on the stove to cool down (wait at least 15 minutes); then pour off the water and add more cold water to help with the cool-down. Perfection!

After peeling, I halved the eggs length-wise and popped the yolks out into a separate bowl ~ you have to be sure there are no bits of yolk left, or the dye won't stick where it is, so I carefully rinsed the whites.

I added about 10 drops of coloring to a cup of cold water (no vingegar here, that's just for dying eggs in the shell), and left the whites in the color for about 10 minutes. Then I spooned them out and rinsed again (you have to be careful not to nick them, as the coloring is just on the outside).

Arrange them in a deviled-egg dish (I couldn't find mine ~ still packed somewhere) and fill with the yolk mixture as usual.

We ate a lot. I really don't want to see any more deviled eggs for a while.

The jury's still out, however, on whether or not I would do this again.

Though pretty, I think that if I did do it again, I would try to make the colors a lot more pastel. (More future experimenting...definitely future!) ~ this would require just less of the coloring, I think ~ not a timing issue ~ some of the colors immediately "took" and were really bold, right after putting the eggs in the dye-bath, and some took several minutes to show color. Just more "play" required!

It was, however, FUN. Even Jonathan got into coloring "his"...;^)




I just don't know how appetizing they look, even though they were fun...there's something psychological about certain foods and color...

(They actually did look better than they appear here, however ~ it was late and the lighting in my kitchen makes them look a little "off"...)


Here's a little more lasting project! Mr. B started a new flower garden for me this afternoon, right by the patio steps, so I can enjoy the flowers and herbs closer to the house. We had these pavers from last year (the herb garden has a checkerboard walkway around it), and there were enough left to make a walk here, too.


Leo, watching the construction going on outside...

Wednesday already tomorrow! Another week zooms by!

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Hello Anne. Colourful eggs indeed... and all those for 3 people?

    I agree with you about your side picture; that garden shed id to die for!

  2. Those are very colorful eggs! I love deviled eggs, but seldom make them.
    Leo is a cutie pie!

  3. I LOVE THOSE EGGS!!! Will be trying this in the future...thanks for passing this on.....From one sweetie to another...Roxie

  4. Hello Anne, The eggs look amazing, I love the colours, but I'd struggle to eat them. Leo is a very handsome fellow - I love his colour scheme!

  5. Hi Anne,

    Wow! Those colors are great. And I love deviled eggs. Never had ones like those before. :)

    Great new sidewalk. And such a cute kitty.

    Take care my new blogging friend, Janet W

  6. hi there,
    just came over to say thanks for following my "other" blog Vintage at the Village Hall.
    I've been totally wowed by your devilled eggs- some colour for sure!
    I'm trying to think how I could do it so next time I give some 6 fresh eggs from our hens they get those incredible hues!
    Just off to have a look atyour website, hope to meet again soon

  7. Hi Anne!They look gorgeous.I saw that idea somewhere on the net.I was going to try it but didnt get to.This sunday is my Easter.Greek Orthodox.Actully we always sort of celebrated both.My girls were raised catholic like their father so we had one easter already lol.

  8. The colors are so cheery! Great idea!
    Your flower garden near the house is going to be fantastic!

  9. When I need colour, I come here. The thought of a herb garden makes me happy and that cat...how I would love to give him a hug. Deb

  10. I haven't seen dying the whites, have seen cracking the eggs, not peeling, and dying them. They come out marbled looking. Since we get fresh farm eggs ours are already blue and brown and tan and a few white....no need to dye.
    Love the walkway.

  11. You should pin this link on Pinterest, Mom! :) I have no trouble eating very-colored foods (did you see my post-Mardi Gras naked cake balls on FB??? They are still good - LOL!

  12. What a fine supervisor you have in Leo!

    Very colorful eggs, indeed! I'm not sure I would go to the trouble, however. Just like you say, something about certain colors in food. I think our grandchildren would think it was a super idea, though.:)

    Before I retired, I welcomed Wednesday as that encouraged the school week to reach a week-end.:)

    Hope you enjoy your herb garden. We grow several herbs in our garden.

    Have a good Wednesday!

  13. I like the idea of the colored eggs-but not sure if I could eat them-you're right-it's a head thing...but they are pretty.
    I LOVE your new walkway and can't wait to see it finished.

    Leo is gorgeous.
    Love ya!

  14. They certainly are bright!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  15. oh those eggs look so cool..and I love me a good deviled egg..yumm..and I love the last photo of your kitty..love the color of his eyes..they look almost aqua.;) what a beautiful mug.;)

  16. Anne- I love this idea. It is just great. It would be fun for any theme colored party, wouldn't it? Love it-thanks for the idea. xo Diana

  17. Hello Anne, thank you so much for visiting and following me, it is much appreciated, together with your kind comments.

    I am not too sure about the coloured eggs, but I am sure it was a great talking point! I love the chequered path. Love Linda x

  18. Wow, I've never seen that done before. It's pretty, because when you color the shells, the color is gone when you peel.
    You're going to love your kitchen herb garden. The walkway looks pretty.

  19. what a delightful blog! So glad to find you!

    Leo is gorgeous!

  20. I love the colors of the eggs! I've been craving deviled eggs, and could have helped you eat these!! :-)

    What a sweet face Leo has!

  21. What a fun project... and how's that for thinking outside the 'shell' on how to color eggs.

    Oooo... your wee garden spot should look wonderful there.

    We'll watch for developments!

  22. They look like Fiestaware so colorful and bright. It was fun to read that you really just wanted to play. That's how I feel when I'm eager to try something new. (I make my eggs just as you do only I've never tried the vinegar. I will next time, which will probably be tomorrow as I purchased lots of eggs and did nothing with them.)

    We are making a new walkway later this spring so I'm taking careful note of what you're doing. It's going to be very nice.

  23. What a fun way to prepare your deviled eggs! Those are almost glow in the dark colors! :-)


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