Monday, April 2, 2012

Summer in April...Amazing!

This has never happened before, here  ~  not since I started gardening...

(for one thing, we reached 90 degrees today ~ a record, I think!)

. . . . . Anyway . . . . .

 my petunias from last summer just didn't die...they just sort of hunkered down in the pot for the winter ~ such as it was ~ and waited...

And now they are in full-Summer bloom, brilliant and covered with flowers and buds; I don't know what to make of strange to be outside working with all these full grown flowers, on April 2. Almost like an April Fool's joke, but in a good way...

I love how petunias smell...though I think it is an "acquired" preference, like loving the smell of marigolds...;) ~ do you?

In a way, though, it is sort of an April Fool's prank ~ on me, by Nature...

Because I said I wasn't having petunias in my big flower pots this year...they are beautiful, but by the time the dog-days of August roll around, the petunias will be languishing in the heat while the Vincas will be at their, I was going to plant only white Vinca this year ("Polka Dot", white with the little red center ~ white looks so pretty on the patio in the evening) ~ with varigated trailing vinca around the edges...

Now, I don't want to disturb the petunias...♥

Best laid plans...;)


Here is another strange sight for the second day of April...(I feel like I am in a Miracle-Gro commercial) ~ the Lemon Balm is bushel-basket size, already. Truly!  Again, I thought it was an annual...


And here, my Day Lilies, a gift from my friend Elaine...already as big as the Lemon Balm...I expect to see buds any day!
We visited the garden center this evening (I tried to only get a couple of things)...more on that tomorrow...

California friends, is this how your winters are?
Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Easter Week!

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Hello & welcome to my blog, thanks for joining!

    Some lovely images here - we had a lovely couple of sunny weeks & now there's a cold Northerly with snow on the hills, lambing snow they call it here in the North of Scotland on the West coast. I'm ure I'll get back to the weeds soon!

  2. I love to see photos of things growing and blooming. Spring came early here too and its such fun to go out each day and see whats new in the yard.

  3. Wow, your petunias just stuck it out! They are beautiful. I love those plants; they add so much joy to the garden.

  4. Lucky you to have plants that beautiful.

    I live in central Georgia and my potted plants weather over in the Winter. Well, this Winter they all thrived and I am putting pots of full plants on the deck!

    Our Dogwood trees always turn beautiful Fall colors and then drop. This year they hung on and are still on, no new leaves as of yet. Beautiful blossoms with old leaves. It truly is odd.

    Georgia is so humid so our 89 degrees yesterday was Summer oppressive heat!

  5. Wow, your petunias are lovely! Everything looks so vibrant and healthy. I'm ready so send us some of that beautiful weather! LOL

  6. My Oh My! We had a mild winter here in the Mid-west (ohio) in my neck of the woods.....but what is funny winter before last was cold and last spring my petunias that were planted in my clawfoot tub bloomed back! Didn't have to plant my tub! I am looking to see if anything is poking its head up anywhere since this 2011-12 winter was so mild. Can't wait to see more of your garden pictures ANNE! From one sweetie to another....Roxie

  7. Anne- Can you believe those plants? We don't have any growth like that here although we do have green stuff UP. We usually don't see green for another month. Amazingly weird weather, huh? xo Diana

  8. Yes, I had some annuals winter over and are blooming now as well. Going to be a warm long summer for sure!

  9. The warm weather back where you are is amazing. My in-laws are in Oklahoma for a month and are enjoying the warm weather there too! You flowers are so pretty. I love the smell of petunias too!

  10. Hello Anne and thanks for your visit and lovely comment ! Oh petunias overwintering ??? It must have been mild....and I quite like their delicate scent. Our winter wasn't as bad this year as the previous 2 which were bitter...and it's just so nice to see the garden coming back to life and the trees with fresh green buds etc...I love springtime ! Gail x

  11. In our little town they line the street with petunias. I love them but they won't get planted until May, way behind yours! Laura

  12. Spring is certainly going full force in your world. Beautiful photos! Enjoy!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  13. We have been blessed with some veggies in the garden that "wintered over," and they have again provided us with some tasty dishes. My husband has planted potatoes and corn already for this growing season. We just have to "go with the flow.":-)

  14. OH wow everything is flourishing!! Lovely pictures! We had no winter to speak of (in Los Angeles) and everything started blooming really early this year. It's just gorgeous out there... yellows, purples and pinks! I walk Phoebe for a mile every day and never get tired of looking at all the Spring-ness!

    Love your cute blog banner and the catnip talking bubble! Just too cute!

  15. I had a few 'annuals' winter over here, but not petunias! But I did see a petunia seedling sprouting up in the vegetable garden! What a fun surprise! It looks like your plants are really enjoying the warm weather!

  16. Wow where are you at 90 degrees.The petunias I just cant get over it.Never in my life have I ever heard of them coming back.Lucky you.But for me I love them but by the summertime in the hot months they get to look pretty warn out.Im looking for a flower to plant in my big planters in the front of my house.It gets half day shade and half sun.

  17. I always call these plants "volunteers" as they seem to appear year after year....with no help from me.....isn't that the best.



  18. Oh how I miss my lemon balm...
    Your Petunia's are just beautiful!
    I like the scent of petunia's, Marigolds not so much...
    Beautiful images, thank you for sharing.

  19. Okay, Anne, I admit, I'm a little jealous of that lemon balm, mine ALWAYS dies, and all your plants DO look like they're from a Miracle Grow commercial!

    I just noticed on your profile where you live, we're in rural south Kansas City MO--yep, this spring has been very strange indeed . . .


  20. It's raining, it's pouring here in Northwestern Washington. Nothing new for us, but I am so anxious to see more than one day of sunshine in a row. We do have daffodils, heather, purple azalea, and cherry blossoms so far...

  21. Spring is finally here ♥

  22. So nice to meet you Anne with an e (I assume everyone is an Anne of Green Gables fan). Your blog is so happy it's a pleasure to visit!

    Blessings, Debbie

  23. What a lovely surprise... your petunias not dying, but as you put it 'hunkering down' over winter and giving you an early show off!

    I kinda like the smell of petunias, and I do like the pungency of marigolds. I like the smell of tomato plants too!

  24. Anne
    Quite the opposite this side of the pond.
    Cool and wet .. waiting for Spring to arrive!
    Cheers ;-D
    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

  25. What a beautiful gift!!
    Tho we had an awesome winter in SD too I dont think any petunias made it thru.
    Was a hot 90* over the weekend with 50-60* now. Chilly.

    I too love dandelions! Always have. Just yesterday I shared my dandelion love with my 17 mo old grandson who was fascinated with his two fists full of bright treasures!!
    Here in SD its is such a relief to see the bright cheerful dandelions in spring after a long frigid winter.

  26. Such lovely photos of your garden...just wanted to stop by and say thankyou for visiting my blog x

  27. Hi Anne,
    Your flowers are gorgeous. We did have a mild winter here in Ca. A couple of weeks ago we got around 10" or more of snow. My brother in-laws geraniums over wintered and now look beautiful. Go figure. Mother nature is playing those april fools jokes on us. Snicky says Meow to you and thank you for fussing over him. My how we love our cats. Have a great day and enjoy your beautiful garden.

  28. Hi Anne,

    Welcome to my blog and thank you for joining. :)

    Wow! 90 degrees??? Yikes!! I would melt. I don't do HOT very well anymore. It gets like that and worse in the summertime here in Wyoming/Utah.

    I just have to stay inside with my head in the freezer. lol

    I love you blog. Your photos and your plants are lovely.

    I am a follower now.:)

    Have a great evening and a wonderful Thursday.
    Take care, Janet W...

  29. Lovely flowers and your cats are gorgeous! I read your Leo's photo shoot post and loved the shots with the typewriter.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for becoming a follower!


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