Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Doings...


Here is my photo for "Pink Saturday" first Zinnia (from seed)!

I was so excited!

 My friend Elaine and I saw HUGE ones last fall at a a pumpkin/gourd place in Arkansas...

I knew I wanted to plant some this year, for sure...

It's going to be a while before mine look like those we saw, though...;^)

It started out as a yawny kind of day...
I don't really want to go paint...
I'd rather play with the kitties...

"Play with me, Mom...get the feather-toy..."

How could I refuse?


Mom, there's a moth on the ceiling!

Someone needs to put it outside...

If it comes down here, I'll have to eat it...


Here's Tallulah ~ "Woo" ~ she loves those little foil-ball kitty toys...there's no telling how many of them are under the couch...

I write about her, but I don't take many photos, as she is just not
a "poser" like the boys are. She's always running; flying up the stairs and down the stairs, hoping Leo or Cyrus will chase her and play.
Sometimes they do. Not as much as she'd like, though..
Sometimes I think I need another little girl kitten for her to play with...
I've been pretty good, though. My Crazy Cat Lady tendencies are under control right now ~
But I could fall off the wagon at any time...:^)




It seemed like a good idea to procrastinate about painting a little while longer, so I went out to the herb garden and got some fresh catnip....Ummmm!

We had a little Kitty Party.


Okay, back to work...I don't know why I put it off; I really am happiest when I'm "in the zone" painting...I wonder why we "put off" happiness?

Surely I'm not the only one...

Some of you have asked how the paintings are progressing, and you can see a little here. My little saucers with an individual paint color or two allow me to go back and forth between the two paintings (although they have a lot of colors in common), without worrying about having to switch colors around in the big palette.



Okay, one last litte bit of PROCRASTINATING...

I've had these beautiful deep blue and purple hydrangeas in my Mom's little crock for almost a week, now...

I was going to set up another still-life, but I just never did...

I thought I at least needed to try and photograph them before they completely gave out...

But of course, I immediately had "Kitty Help"...

Tallulah was fascinated with something deep inside the bouquet...the water?

Who knows...

She's not going to leave them alone for me to take a picture, though...

"Talk to the tail!" Tallulah says...


Now Cyrus has to get in on it...

I've given up...;^)

I need to paint.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, "allowing" yourselves happiness!


♥  ♥  ♥


  1. oh I know I am a broken record..but your kittehs are just beautiful..and ours (stewie mostly) loves to play with paper balls..they are hidden every where..we did have a kitty that would fetch tin foil balls though..and stewie will play fetch too.;)have a great weekend..loved all the photos.;)

  2. I love seeing your cats. They remind me of my beautiful Maggie that I loved for 18 years. Cyrus is just delightful. Please paint so we can enjoy the results. Hugs, Deb

  3. I love your kitties! I haven't had a golden for many years--just love them. I will join you in being a crazy cat lady. My thought is..if you have one, whats a dozen? :)

  4. Love your zinnia photo - looks like someone has just sprinkled some fairy dust! Cats are pretty cute too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Love the cat photos and the zinnia!

  6. Hi Anne! Oh, the kitties are so lovely! I want to play feather toy with them!
    Your paintings AND your painting place are beautiful!
    That's funny that you are keeping your "crazy cat lady" tendencies under control!
    Woo is so darling and I love reading about her.

  7. Anne I love your kitties!! They are so very precious!!

  8. Your kitties are so beautiful!! I love seeing the pictures you post of them!

  9. Chuckling over the attack squirrel sign! Your paintings are looking gorgeous!

  10. Wonderful pictures. Your cats are so cute. I understand the crazy cat lady tendencies. I have them too, but am being a very good girls uptil now ; )

  11. I love seeing all the kitty photos, they are just gorgeous!!
    oh and the attack squirrel sign cracked me up...I need one of those! lol
    have a blessed day Anne!

  12. Flowers and doesn't get any better than that! My 15 year old tortoise shell still has her original little furry ball that she had as a kitten and still gets it out to play with occasionally!

  13. Your kitties are beautiful!

  14. I agree with other comments. Beautiful flowers and kitties! And I can relate to...loving a craft, but procrastinating about getting to it. :-) I love to write, but have to have things caught up before I dive in. Once I'm in, I hate interruptions!

  15. I love all the pictures of your fur babies. They are so darling. And, I, too, could become the crazy cat lady given half a chance! lol

    We had one cat, Mr.Midnight, and he would always tip over the vase if it had roses in it....daisies, daffodils, anything else he left alone...put roses in the vase and he would manage to tip it over. I even tried several ways to stop him and he always managed. He was a big cat...about a 20 pound Maine Coon...such a sweetheart.

    Now...get back to painting, will ya? xo Diana

    ps...we had a brand new baby grandson last night!;>)

  16. Your kitties are so adorable!! I love long haired cats so pretty :)

  17. I have really enjoyed your post! The pictures of your cats once again remind me of why I love cats so much! If I had your cats, I would have also procrastinated, had a party AND fallen off the wagon and gotten another new feline! :-)

  18. Such sweet adorable kitties you have! I've got a pretty spoiled 1/2 Himalayan 1/2 Persian named Muffin. He rules the roost over my little shih tzu and jrt!!

    Quick reminder ~ my upcoming annual WEDDING BLOG PARTY is this Friday, June 8th! I do hope you'll be able to join us and link up with anything of your choosing!! I'll be having a little bridal giveaway along with the party, too!

    Big TX Hugs,

  19. Hi Anne: How charming your little family is. I love reading about their antics and seeing them up close and personal..Happy Monday..Judy

  20. Hi Anne,
    your kitties looks sooo supercute. You are an talented artist, as I see. The paintings look great, too. But I coudln't refuse to play with such sweeties.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  21. Hello my dear! Good morning!
    Every great picture!
    I loved her flowers, I am passionate about flowers.
    A big hug and be with God!

  22. Me too - adore your cats. You must spend a lot of time, though, combing their fur to keep it so beautiful. The zinnia is beautiful too. Have a great day.

  23. Tallulah is so beautiful! No doubt your kitties keep you on your toes. Your paintings are lovely. I'm such a procrastinator. Always putting things off. Wishing you a wonderful week. Tammy

  24. Love your art and the kitties!

  25. Wonderful post. It looks oh so fun at your house. Give the kitties a little kiss and get back to painting:)
    Happy Painting!

  26. Good morning Anne...
    Looks like a perfect way to spend the weekend!
    Congrats on getting the zinnia to grow too.
    You have a 'green thumb', and I'm certain that you will have a beautiful zinnia garden like the one that you saw.

    You crack me up with your 'crazy cat lady' remark.
    I guess I'm the 'crazy lady with the dog' ~~LOL!!

    Smiles :)

  27. Anne - I would procrastinate too - such lovely kitties - have to let you in on a secret "Crave Cute" let me know that the month of June is adopt a cat month. So there we have it we can just go out and bring one home - hope I can convince hubby and the rest of the menagerie they need a new friend - laughing - Pixie

  28. Your kitties are so sweet...I especially love the last picture...he looks like he's really enjoying the smell of that hydrangea! My pink and yellow zinnias are flowering...waiting for the ones called sherbet...we'll see what those will be...they're getting big...lots of buds but no flowers yet! Have a great evening!!

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  30. Those are some very lovely cats! I am a cat person too.

  31. Love your kitty's. They are beautiful. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  32. And I just HAD to add a comment about your gorgeous cats! So beautiful and fluffy!!

  33. Great photos...I hear ya' about the "procrastinating" issue, too...seems I work better "under pressure", when I've put things off long enough. Happy Saturday - Tanya


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