Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden Goodies

Good Thursday Evening!

I thought I would share a few photos from the's still hanging in there, even with the lack of rain...

(We actually got about 5 minutes worth of raindrops today, but I don't think they disturbed the dust too much...)

We have an abundance of squash and tomatoes, although the Cherry and Roma vines (in a separate raised bed) are practically dried up...and we have been watering and must be the extreme temperatures...:^(
'Maters like heat, but even they have their limit, I guess...

Last year we had tomatoes through October, but I don't know if we'll be as lucky this can water, but there's just not much a person can do about the heat...

Today set another record for the date, at far, the highest it's gotten is 108.


I thought the squash looked so pretty in this vine-y basket...and the one little Cherry tomato...he looks like he's out-numbered, but holding his own!
♥ ♥ ♥

This was the first time I've tried the PicMonkey collage (don't you love PicMonkey? girls laugh every time I say it...) ~ anyway, it was very easy... easier than Picasa, I think ~ fewer steps.
Fun, too!

I can't believe how fast this week...this flying by!

Personally, with temperatures like this, I'm looking forward to the cooler days of fall...
and I'm being very thankful for central air-conditioning...
(How did we survive??...sticky nights...a little oscillating fan...a mosquito in the room (or several...that managed to get in around the window screens...ugh, I'm itching just remembering)...counting my blessings now!)

Have a wonderful Friday, all...
 I hope everyone who needs it gets rain!

♥  ♥  ♥



  1. Oh, Anne- I so remember being a kid and those hot, sticky summer nights. When my cousin slept over we would often go out and sleep in my father's big old Buick with all the windows down. lol

    Our gardens are hanging in there because I have been the Water Queen-otherwise everything would be dead or dying in the garden.

    I do love Picmonkey. I am just learning to use it- I have never used a program before so I am thrilled to be able to figure it out-

    Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  2. Hi Anne, would you like to swap some of our adundance of rain for your heat and sunshine? We both seem to be at opposite ends of extreme weather conditions! Have a lovely weekend, Claire xxx

  3. Sure would be nice if weather conditions could be more evenly distributed around the world. We have clouds in the sky today but they don't hold anything other than humidity for us. Some of my plants have already succumbed to the incessant heat. Our planting season is at the end of the year. I hope to plant some veges then. Have a great day. Tammy

  4. Wonderful pictures !! I love the little pumpkins !!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. we finally got rain. it is a miracle. it made all of my tomatoes crack. thank god for A/C is right! this summer is doing me in!!!

  6. And such a cute little tomato it is. When I was a teenager we didn't have ac and I wasn't even aware of the hot weather. Now that I'm a mite older (LOL) I wilt when it gets over 80 degrees. I'm such a wuss. And one last comment: the weatherman finally admitted we are in a drought. Duh?

  7. We finally had some rain here and I am actually enjoying it. xo

  8. These pictures look so yummy. I started using ipiccy cause picmonkey was locking up my computer too much. Pretty much the same thing. They are fun, easy programs to play with.

  9. I know Anne - air conditioning is a wonderful blessing. Your garden seems to be surviving. We got a wonderful rain finally yesterday and even last garden may survive. Pray you get rain soon. Love yellow squash fried up in the skillet or steamed in a bit of butter sprinkled with some fresh herbs. Have a great week-end.

  10. Hello, and thank you for your kind comment on my blog! =)
    I'm adding myself as a follower here as well!

    By the way - if you want rain, come get it! Here in Norway we have almost been washed away.. There have been fever than 10 days without any rain this summer.. So if I could, I would happily send it all to you!
    It look like you have gotten a lot of lovely vegetables despite the heat - they look yummy!
    I'm looking forward to new blogposts from you!
    Sincerely, Tina.

  11. Anne (and I love that it's "Anne with an 'e'.")

    What a lovely site you have! The photos are spectacular. Of course, I clicked "Follow"!

    I'll visit often, my dear.

    Because of Christ,

  12. such beautiful produce! I'm jealous...our garden did not do well this summer. :-(

  13. I love PicMonkey...I hope it will not be very expensive when in the future they will charge for some of the upgrades...I also think they will be adding more goodies for us. Your veggies look great AND yummy. I pray you get rain soon...108? Yikes!!!


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