Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of School!

The first day of school! (Where did the summer go??)
It's also a milestone here, as it is the last "first day" in this household...youngest son Jonathan is a Senior! (College won't count...;^)
Kind of sad, in a way...not too much, though!
I figured up the other day that this is my 34th consecutive year of having one of my children in this school system...
That sounds a little impossible, doesn't it?...But it's true; they were spaced out a bit...
5 years, 8 years, another 8 years...38, 33, 25, 17...
Yep, 34 years.
Jonathan said "Mom, that calls for a pension, or something!"...
I think it at least calls for a party...
maybe a gold watch...

I wanted to show you my favorite "mixed container"this the heat we've had (up until the last few days) this is the only one that looks really good...(petunias are kaput...)
Anyway, I've never had a whole lot of luck with mixing plants in pots (except for adding vinca vine around the edges)...something always seems to get overshadowed!
(I also tend to crowd things a bit, so maybe some of that is my fault...)
This is a very good combination, though.
This is looks a lot like Sweet William, but is just the most heavenly blue!
I got it this past spring at an extremely cool plant-place in St. Charles, Missouri, shopping there with daughters Mandy and Katie...
It's tropical, but I'm going to try and winter it over in the basement...(after I check out whether it's poisonous or not ~ I believe it's okay to be around the kitties (and they, unlike my Angel Kitties, don't really pay a lot of attention to plants indoors), but you can't be too careful!
Love this Vinca! (Bright Eyes)
Possibly (probably) because I didn't start out the season using plant food (busy getting ready for that show!), the Vinca this year got a really slow start...just looked kind of stunted and yellow up until around the first of July, then it took off!
Now it's lush and gorgeous!
Please remind me "no petunias" next year, unless I plan to plant them in the ground...that seems to make all the difference, for whatever reason...
I also added  "Polka Dot Plant" (hypoestes phyllostachya) to the mix...
And, here's another plant NOT to put in pots...Lemon Grass...last year I had it in pots, and it didn't do too well...couldn't seem to keep it watered enough (because it was so pot-bound, I discovered later)!
This year we planted the little starts from the garden center right in the ground, and they are humongous!
I don't even water it that much.
(Now, what to do with it...Mr. B was going to use it in his cooking...I think maybe he did once, in some Thai soup...)
It's pretty, though! We'll see if it winters over, being in the ground.
I'm  finally going to open my Annie Sloan paint tomorrow! I told my friend Debbie that I didn't know why I was dragging my feet...(like it's Pandora's Box, or something!)
Have a wonderful evening, all, and a great Thursday!

I didn't mean to imply that I had home-schooled (some of my sweet readers thought I did for all those 34 years...oh, no, I've been dealing with Sikeston Public Schools for all this time...
I SO admire anyone who home-schools...there is so much nonsense kids have to deal with in public school today...BUT, that said, the "big kids'" Dad wouldn't have heard of it, and since I already knew and liked a lots of the teachers, we just continued public school with Jonathan...
Honestly, I'm just so disorganized and spacey (there, I said it!), I don't think anyone would have gotten past third grade...:^)
Kudos to all those who do, though ~ I think it's great!
Luckily for my Mom (who always worked) I had never heard of homeschooling (I'm not sure if it was even allowed way back then) when I was that age, or I would have thrown a HUGE hissy-fit to be home-schooled...and my Grandma Collier would have been happy to do it and would have excelled at it, I believe. She was as unhappy to see me go off to first grade (at not yet six, not until October) as I was...:^( ~
Jonathan has always been social enough that he didn't mind school, and has always made excellent grades; he's actually getting to do a dual credit for college at Southeast Missouri State's satellite center here in Sikeston.
But, if I had it to do over, home-schooling would have gotten a lot more consideration...


Nellie said...

Yesterday was the first day of school here - a half day - but today is the first day for our grandchildren who live in another state.

The polka dot plant is interesting. I've never had lemon grass, but petunias usually seem to do fine here.

xo Nellie

SweetLand Farm said...

Congrats on home schooling all your kiddos! I'm right in the thick of it. I haven't started yet this year, but you get the meaning!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Yes, it's hard to believe most schools are starting back! It has been a very hot, dry, weird summer. Your lemon grass looks beautiful and yes, pots were a challenge this year! My FERNS hanging on my PORCH actually were better this year...and I am glad I didn't put a lot of annuals in the ground! Mothers are truly a GEM! You have obviously done very well and it's a WELL DESERVED MENTION! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

Dee said...

I love lemon grass...yours looks great. It is kind of sad to have your last child in his senior year.:(

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Pretty flowers. School doesn't start here until Sept. 5. I would love it if the summer break was longer. Can't wait to hear what you think of your chalk paint!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Having your kids spaced out that much is helpful when you all of a sudden have an empty nest....your spacing makes it more gradual. Mine are 22 months apart...boom they were out and gone.
Love Polka dot plant, had it in VA and it bloomed!!

NanaDiana said...

Hard to believe that summer is almost over, isn't it? We don't start back here until after Labor Day. You have quite a few years there of schooling!!!!

I love lemon grass but don't have any here. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

Gina said...

Everything is looking great! If it makes you feel any better, my petunias went kaput too!

Patty Patterson said...

Very pretty flowers!
And we home schooled, so I haven't had any children in the local school system. I am hoping the grand children are home schooled as well, but that won't be my decision. I would love to help teach, though.

Debbie Nolan said...

Anne - it is hard to think summer is ending and the kids are going back to school - here school starts next week. Your plants certainly look better than mine. My impatiens are very nice and green but not blooms...think maybe they might be hungry - haven't fed them (LOL) - everybody needs to eat a little something to bloom - God bless you My Dear Friend! Xo Xo Pixie.

Johanna said...

Hi Anne,
we have school holidays until mid of September. I wish you son a good start in the new school year. Your flowers look wonderful, especially the polks dot plant is interesting.
Best greetings Johanna

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Wow, that is great ... 34 years!

I have sure enjoyed catching up on your posts, Anne. Your flowers, your Santas and your okra. You are so talented and give us such beauty when we open up your blog.

Hope that you have a great weekend,

Kathy M.

Farm Girl said...

Wow that is a long time. You should have a award.
Your photos are lovely.

Mary Ann said...

Love that polka dot plant. I must see if I can grow it here. I didn't put any plants in pots this year as it was too darn hot right from the start. It's starting to finally cool down and it feels like fall will be early this year:)

missy said...

Love the plants..nice pictures..Hard to believe that kids are back to school already..

Queenie Believe said...

Congrats on teh first day of the last year! Yes a gold watch and a party for sure!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Barbra Joan said...

Anne, just checking in on you and the critters.
I live in Florida and yes Plumbagos all over ,, I have one to hide the big unit of the air conditioner.. They take no care.. and as far as I know not poisonous. but check to be sure.
. BJ

MTWaggin said...

Go for the party, watches just keep time! LOL Love the shots of your garden.

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Wow, summer sure did fly by! It's a big milestone for your family, definitely worthy of a BIG party!! :) It is kind of 'bitter-sweet' isn't it? I only have two kids, but the first day of the last year of school for us was kind of sad in a way too. The end of an era... The beginning of something new. I still wonder how I got to be old enough to be the parent of adult children! LOL!

Your flower pictures are lovely, thanks for sharing!!

Auntie Bliss said...

I see your pretty plumbago!
I have Colliers in my family...lemme great-aunt and their living child and grands are all Colliers in Tennessee.

Dewdrop Gardens said...

We haven't had to deal with back to school for years, fortunately, it's so expensive now!
Lovely pictures of your gardens! Until a year ago I had a plumbago I overwintered and we have cats and a dog. They never bothered with it, never bother with my tropicals or garden plants...except the purple fountain grass & black madras rice. Have to keep shooing them out of it, they all love to eat them.
Debbie :)

natalie jo said...

34 years of back to school adventures...WOW! I am quite impressed. I always find it to be a stressful couple of weeks until the routine settles in and I get used to a quiet house again.

So happy you popped in over my way! It's been great fun to browse thought your the cats, the beautiful flowers, and of course all your creations!

Best Wishes,
natalie jo

Mamabug said...

What a beautiful blog Anne! Thanks so much for your comment and being my newest follower. I'm also following you now too! Be back soon to read some more.