Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tallulah, Annie Sloan, and Me...

Lately, whenever I come to the computer to do anything at all...
this is the face I see.
"I will help you, Mom...really I will!"
This afternoon we went to check out A Fanciful Twist to see if Miss Vanessa had posted anything new...
She had! A video of an adorable group of puppies' first swim...
Tallulah was really interested...
Really interested....
Leaning in closer...
I have to touch it, Mom...awwww...can we get one, please, can we can we can we??
Lulah was being so cute...I sent it to Vanessa, and she thought so, can see it here (and check out the cute puppies while you're at it!) Thank you, Vanessa!
Now, for Annie (Sloan).
I have been really bad ~ my projects have been sitting on the island (yes, with food prep going on all around...) for almost a WEEK. I sometimes get so excited about seeing what something is going to look like, that I just have to go ahead with it...then after I've "seen", I tend to put it "on hold" for a while...
Sometimes for a long while...
It isn't a good trait.
But, I've always done it.
Tonight, though, I got going on my items again...

Here is what I've learned about the Annie Sloan Chalk paint so far...
It really is low-odor; practically none, just a very faint earthy plaster odor, which I actually like.
Clean-up is very easy, just warm water..
Now, since I normally use artist's acrylics for these types of projects, it does take some getting used to. There is no chemical "dryer"
so the drying time is a lot longer than with acrylic or latex. (Especially with our humidity.)
Also, it doesn't "self-level" like some paint, so brushwork is a little tricky...
Still, I am liking it.
It says on the can that one coat is usually enough, but I went for two...
(I want "perfection" before I start the imperfection/distressing process, you know? ;^)

I've turned the cherub planter and the urn over to do the bottoms first...
I actually did get one coat on the antique chair rung the other day, and immediately started seeing the stain coming through, so I looked online and found this, on the Annie Sloan site...
I found the spray shellac she recommended at Lowe's.
Seems to be doing the job!
I'll finish coating these pieces with the chalk paint, then will continue tomorrow with the distressing process...
I promise! :^)
I have to share one more thing, though...
We were late planting the green beans this year, and thought they weren't going to produce anything...
Now, all of a sudden, we have BEANS!
Jonathan has been picking and picking the past couple of days when he gets home from school...
I love them raw...right there in the garden ~ they're as sweet as candy, almost. My Grandmas, both of them, fixed wonderful green beans from their gardens with new potatoes...but I don't think I ever ate a raw one until now!
Mr. B. has a big pot on as I write, with potatoes and onions in a roux...
Smells so good!
(So glad someone besides me cooks in this house...I have to really want to make something, to enjoy it...)
Oh, still "one more thing"!
Look at this huge okra pod!
A friend left a big sack on our porch...I think they are called "Longhorn"...
What an O'Kringle it will make, hmm?

Okay, that's all...Good Night, all!
TGIF! (Almost)


It's All Connected said...

It is kind of hard to be dealing with projects and garden produce at the same time. I'm up to my eyeballs in canning tomatoes and trying to squeeze in a little painting! ~ Maureen

Lynne said...

Paint, projects and beans . . . I tend to do the same . . . , funny thing though . . . things seem to turn out just fine.

Barbara F. said...

I am so glad to hear that ASCP has no odor, I will be starting a big project soon. And cleans up with just water.

I could munch on raw green beans, too, especially fresh from the garden like yours. xo

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I love the pictures of Tallulah at the computer. I couldn't get the link to work but I can just imagine how funny that was!

I am really interested in your thoughts about the chalk paint. Can't wait to see the finished projects!

Karen said...

Tallula is so cute! Can't wait to see your finished project. I can practically taste those green beans, they look so good. Hope you have a nice weekend. xx

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Thanks for fixing the link. How adorable! I would just love to love on those adorable puppies..that is before they got in the water. Somebody had their work cut out for them cleaning them up. So amazing how swimming is a natural instinct for them. They are precious.

Teresa said...

First things first and I love Tallulah episode is too hillarious. I always thought that whenever, in my case, dogs looked to the screens they were responding to the sounds and couldn't be really watching but the other day Dear Daughter was showing me one of those sweet videos with puppies and Max behind us wake up and stared to the iPad and watched the all deal with us ahahahah.
I nedd to see where I can find Annie Sloan in my country... I have some projects and I like the result of her products so much. Looking forward to see your projects done.
Enjoy your weekend!

June said...

Love the photos of Tallulah!

missy said...

I love it when the computer gets Mollies attention..Usually it's due to a post of a video with sound from my step daughter The Beehaven Maven at Beehaven Acres..She recognizes her voice and the farm noises...Those green beans look yummy..

Beth said...

I love the pics of Tallulah at the computer. So cute.

I love home grown green beans with new potatoes, onion and bacon. So good!!

Nellie said...

How sweet that Miss Lulah is!

I can smell those green beans cooking now!

xo Nellie

Carol said...

Too funny about Lulah! I have one cat that will watch a screen/TV.
My youngest one just watches the cursor on the computer screen.
Going to check out Vanessa's post now!

Johanna said...

Hi Anne,
Talullah is so cute. I love to see it when they try to catch something on the screen with their paws.
I also love chalk paint which is easy to clean with water. The painted things look really nice.
Best greetings, Johanna

The Shop Around the Corner said...

Tallulah is adorable...and this is coming from a dog person. ;) Love this post.
On my way to check Vanessa's post. Guess I missed that one.
Fun stopping by.
Have a great weekend.

Queenie Believe said...

I'm right there with you raw green beans are wonderful! It is totally wild how our fur babes react to different things. Your Tallulah is beautiful and so cute, what a little loveee you have.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh so cute, I am sure Miss V was tickled. Now to the green beans, I love them raw too, I would choose them over a bowl of candy anytime.
Your projects look like they are getting done. I laugh to hear that lots get started and cooking around everything is a way of life, our house too,
Have fun creating and the brush strokes arent bothering me:)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

What a lovely cat!

Katie and Glogirly said...

What a beautiful blog you have! We came over from Sweet Purrfections to say hello.
: ) Katie & Glogirly

GLOGIRLY - Tails Of A Cat And Her Girl

Guillaume said...

I LOVE that cat.

Alexi said...

Hello! We <3 beautiful kittehs! Sweet Purrfections kitties sent us over to give you all a warm CB (Cat Blogosphere) welcome. Please visit us at da castle. While there, please take your "welcome basket" of flowers from our blog

Alexi at da castle

Ms Misantropia said...

Such a pretty kitty!

Dee said...

What a beauty your Tallulah is...I think you did well with your crafting...much better than what I would do. :)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

You have been so busy! I think that everything turned out great. Loved the pictures of your girl enjoying the computer and reaching out to touch the puppies; how sweet is that?

I had fun catching up on here this morning, Anne.

Kathy M.