Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Afternoon & A Little Art...

Good Sunday evening, all!
I have been a baaad blogger this past week ~ but I've been busy! I just don't multi-task very well, it seems, the older I get. ;^)
What I've been doing all week is getting a big batch of O'Kringles ready for River Ridge Winery's Yule Log Cabin...
It's the most magical place...through the deep woods on a wind-y, seemingly one-car-width lane (although there's always room, I've found, should you meet someone!)...
...there are little encouraging signs along the way telling you that yes, you are indeed on the right path...
All of a sudden there is a clearing and there, at last, is The Cabin...(now there is also a Barn, and a little Halloween/Fall house in between...)
You can get lost there ~ really.
In a good way.
So many Christmas trees, so many different themes, it's just amazing.
My favorite, though, was an Old World one with traditional ornaments, a lot of which were
the "reflector" type glass ones that I was so fascinated with when I was little.
I didn't have time to stay and look very long when I delivered the O'Kringles, but I will definitely
return, and take pictures to post long as it's okay with Joanie, the owner.
If you are anywhere in the Southeast Missouri area, the Winery, as well as the Cabin, are most certainly worth the trip!
Photobucket ~
 Here is a new O'Kringle fellow...I found a use for the short, chunky heirloom okra!
 He did get eyes before he left here...
This is the really fun thing that happened this week, though...
Remember Leo, last fall, as Calendar Boy in my friend Wendy DeWitt's (aka Golders) 2012 Art for Critters calendar? We were all so excited!
We knew that she was including my bunnies, Max and Ruby, in her 2013 calendar, as well as my daughter Katie's Ragdoll boy, Kensington, but we had not seen the artwork until the calendar was released last week...
Isn't this fantastic (below)?
I have been a big fan of Halloween (cute Halloween...) for as long as I can remember,
being born two minutes before midnight, October 30th.
So, I was extra pleased that Golders chose October for the bunnies...
I love it.

And I have the perfect frame!
Artwork above, copyright Wendy DeWitt, 2012.
Below is the beautiful calendar, with Katie's Kensington as cover boy!
I love his comics-page hat...
See ya in the funny-papers, Kens!
Click on the link below, for more info!
(Thank you again, Wendy, for including us!)

I went out this afternoon to see if there was anything left in the garden that was photo-worthy...
At first glance, everything looked pretty shabby...
although a few of the flowers and herbs are rebounding due to the recent rain and cooler temperatures.
However, there were still a few pretty little vignettes; you just have to look a bit closer~
Above, I've had a little orphan tree (that was in the soil with my Grandma's Clove Current bush that we moved last fall) in a pot for almost a year now. I really need to plant it.
The leaves were already turning, and I liked how it looked next to the summery Cosmos...
Summer into fall...
All of a sudden.
Just like "It's always darkest just before dawn", it seems it's always hottest right before the relief of Autumn...
One day, the oppressive heat is just gone.
I'm sure we'll still have hot days, but fall is definitely in the air...
The coleus is still really pretty, having Autumn colors itself...(on the right is "Henna"; I'm not sure about the other variety).
The garden is just barely hanging in there...
Just enough that we haven't had the heart to plow it under, yet.
The heat during the last month almost did it in (early), even though we watered faithfully.
Next year, we'll see about a well...
Cyrus says "Goodnight"....
Hope everyone has a great week!
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Deb said...

I just adore Cyrus. He reminds me so much of my little Maggie who lived 18 years with me. I still miss her. What gorgeous photos tonight. I love the bunny painting. Deb

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good evening Anne,
What a lovely post.. I love your santas, they are just wonderful, and Wendy's painting is beautiful.

Karen said...

Hi Anne, your Santa's are wonderful and the bunny artwork so sweet. How fun that your precious kitty is in the calendar, too! Love your flower and veggie photos and the last one of Cyrus is precious. Such a sleepy boy. Now I am sleepy...Have a great week. xx

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Your kitty looks so comfortable makes me want to go cuddle up too :) Cute Santas!

Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

Yule Log Cabin sounds wonderful; I love visiting places like that.
The gardens are looking a bit sad now. Time for a tidy up, I think.

cucki said...

Awww such a sweet post..I love Santa so much..sweet kitty :)
Love for you xxx

Palomasea said...

Your post made me smile...from your sweet creation, to your gorgeous fur baby!
Love it all, and HAPPY FALL!! ;)
- Irina

Debbie Nolan said...

Ah Anne - great pictures. I love them all and especially Cyrus. Your bunnies are so lovely. Took time to visit Leo's picture from last year's calendar - so wonderful. You keep their fur so gorgeous. I had two white fluffy turkish vans several years ago -( both are gone now and I miss them so) and they were constantly needing combed.
My veggies are about done too due to dry weather - well lets hope for a better year next time. xo Pixie

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Your photo's are works of ART! I enjoy your santa's I love vintage decorations, I love your photo's each and everyone! ♥Debi

Nellie said...

Such a lovely post, Anne! You have certainly been busy. I wish you a good week!

missy said...

Cyrus reminds me of my Max..airing out his belly..Pretty pictures...Santas are darling..

Dee said...

I just love your photos and art...and Cyrus is adorable. I sure would love to travel down that one car lane deep in the woods to that cabin!!! (sigh)

Willow's Quiet Corner said...

Anne, thanks for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment and following along! :) (Honestly, you really should try Deb's peach pie! It is divine! It starts with great peaches and just gets ridiculously good from there! :) )

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your little kitties! Sooooo sweet! And are your O'Kringles really made from okra? ? ? . . . and some polymer clays . . . maybe? Tooo cute!

I just became your latest follower! ! ! :)

Laurie said...

Hi Anne! I have to say I am totally into those O'Kringle's! I never would have even dreamed of something like that. Adorable!
I remember the glass ornaments from my childhood also, we always had some on our tree at home.
Congats on the calendar! And thanks for joining me on my blog Anne!

Emilie's daughter said...

Thank you, Anne for following my blog. I just signed in yours! You have a lovely name... "A little fur in the paint" I can see why - she is cute! Your photos are amazing! I am sending happy greetings to the US - I guess it is day where you are... I am about to go to bed now! Good night! Christa

DIMI said...

Thank you, Anne for following my blog. I just signed in yours!You have a lovely blog!I have a kiity to!Nice pictures!Beautiful painting!Wish you all the best!

Sharon M said...

You definitely have one of the most artistic blogs I've ever seen! It's like shopping in one of my favorite country stores. There is a bit of everything!

eileeninmd said...

What a cute post. I love the O'Kringles! All of your images are beautiful. And your Cyrus is a beauty! Great blog and I appreciate the visit. I will be following you too! Have a happy week ahead!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

*giggles* Cyrus looks comfortable. ;P So you paint in watercolors? Watercolors are for real artists. I prefer oils because they are so forgiving!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Loving your cat Cyrus! This is a cute post and all of your images are so beautiful. You are so very artistic, beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

Maria said...

Hi Anne, thank you for coming by my blog to say hi! :) You have some lovely photography here and your cats are adorable. I LOVE cats...


Buttons said...

Oh I love Cyrus and your photography is incredible. I did not get very much of a garden this year because of our drought but I am hopeful for next year. B

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Love the laid back cat critter; my Gypsy always seems to love sleeping on her back. Perhaps they are waiting for a tummy rub...?
It's cooler here as well; leaves turning, wind picking up. The propane and oil tanks have been topped off, next the chimney gets cleaned and wood moved to the back porch. I'm preparing to snuggle in this winter.