Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Mish-Mash; Catching-Up & Coconut Dreams...

 That's what I have been for over a week...
well, not really me so much...
The weather.
When it's like this, I just don't want to do anything (creative, that is)!
I've been waiting for a sunny day to take good photos
for my Moon Brooch tutorial, and it just hasn't happened.
Last week when so much of the country, from Arizona and Texas on east
got SNOW ~
We got a tiny little bit of ice. Enough to slip around on if you weren't careful.
But not pretty.
I wanted just ONE more snow day!
I think we've had one school "snow day" this year...

(I had to add a starry overlay on this photo for a little interest!)

I went out  with my camera to try and find something frosty and photo-worthy,

but there just wasn't much...


I couldn't resist taking a picture of my "Green Man", though...

Look at him...

Don't you just have the urge to SNIFF? ;^)


The ice was all melted off by the next morning...:^)


One thing I have managed to do is move my "studio" to the end of the living room.

I have several areas where I could work, but I seem to gravitate to the kitchen/family room...

 I was making such a mess in my spot at the end of the kitchen island, however,

that I was getting on my own nerves...

(That's bad...)

I need to be where the "action" I can watch the news and monitor

 the household's comings and goings... ;^)

And I just really don't want to be off in an upstairs bedroom or the basement...

Not right now, anyway.


The kitties love it when things get moved around,

even a little bit ~

They all stalk around like lions,

and sniff each thing, to see if it smells like our house or not, I guess.


Cyrus has decided that he really likes this chair...


I have an 8-foot work-table behind the love seat, facing out into the family room...

Now "company" can't quite see all the clutter.

The idea was that it was long enough that I could have different little areas

for clay and beading...maybe a watercolor "spot" for my ACEOs...

(Which I really should be painting...if you have time, look up "ACEO cat"

in eBay's completed auctions (under Advanced Search) ~ WOW.

Ebay is better for little artworks than Etsy, for some strange reason!


Anyway, that was the idea,

 but as usual, I do everything right in front of me (no moving down)

until I literally have to stop and clear enough room to work...

it's like it all just sort of creeps closer and closer...

Does anyone else do this?


Here's the little "mini" Fairy House, so far...

I'm anxious to see what the little pine cone scales are going to look like on the roof,

but I have to get all the oven-firing finished first...all the little details...

or my hot-glued "shingles" will all go sliding off!


Tallulah and Cyrus looked so cute this evening...

They don't usually lie together like this.

They are on the loveseat right in front of my work-table.

Always close.


I was trying to get them to look at me, but they were just sooo sleepy!


None of the kitties fight, but Tallulah often annoys Cyrus...

Then he will stalk her and get reaaallly close to her, right in her face,

and just stand there.

She takes it for as long as she can, then quickly swats him and runs!


One more thing...

A couple of months ago I happened to see these cookies...Coconut Dreams...

And I thought "Hey, those look like Samoas!" (the Girl Scout Cookies) ~

(I LOVE Samoas...ever since my daughters were Girl Scouts...I never even remember

when it's Cookie Time, now, though ~ we don't have anyone come "door-to-door",

and right now we have no one ~ family or extended family ~ who's in Scouts) ~

Well, I got a box and they ARE practically Samoas...and they lasted about 5 minutes!

(I've since read that Keebler and Little Brownie Bakers are owned by the same parent

company, so that could explain why they are so similar...) ~

So, a few days ago I was in the grocery store and thought about them again...

So I got a package, and when I got home, before anyone saw them,

I hid them.

In a lingerie chest by my bed.

About 4 o'clock this morning (my sleep schedule has been really off...)

I thought about them and decided I would have one or five or so...

the packaging was really crackly, but I managed to get a few out.

Then Mr. B. stirred, and I quickly pushed the package back in the drawer,

and heard ~

"HEY YOUUU!.... CUTESY-POO!....Yeah, YOU! ~

You are LOOKIN' FINE!!

(Yeah, doggies!!)

(Wild, maniacal giggling)

..."Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?"

(I had forgotten that the Hallmark "Hey You" button

that I rescued from someone's trash

was in that drawer ~

(Long story ~ I have enough junk of my own and should leave others' trash alone...

but it was cute....)

It made me laugh....Instant Karma!

Good thing Mr. B is a sound sleeper...


Have a good Thursday, everyone!

Send me creative, "get stuff finished" vibes if you have any extra, please!




  1. What a great post Anne
    Your cats are so darn adorable..

    I love your fairy house and will look up your ACEO's.. There is actually a ACEO club on Ebay.. It has been years since I have done any cards, but that is where I listed them.. You are such a talented artist, yours should do very well.
    Have a great week

  2. Love that fairy house, I still remember one you did with a pine cone roof. Your kitty cats are the sweetest, very cute. Fun catching up with you. xo

  3. Those kittens are so adorable. Looking at them has to lift your mood

    It wiil be nice to say goodbye to February and all the blahs it brings.

  4. sneaky, sneaky, and sooo funny! I hide my goodies too.

  5. What can be worse than being outed on sneaking cookies! Sending you tons of creative vibes.

  6. You had me going with the blahs! So feeling the same way! Glad you created more space for your studio! It is so good for the creative mind to have a functioning space! Love those cats!! Adorable..what personalities they have!

  7. You have made me laugh, Anne and I thank you for that on this dreary February. Love your ice photos, the Green Man does need a tissue! Your kitties are precious and love the stories. I feel the same way about wanting to be right where the action is to craft - hope this spot works out for you. Your little fairy house is just darling. I have to hide treats, too. I have a little chest next to my bed. I am thinking 'Spring' for us both! Hugs, xxoo

  8. Morning Anne

    You are really an inspiration for creatively. What a gift you have been given. I have been following your blog for a while and thought it is about time I told Anne how in awe I am of your work.
    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and brightening my day. Hopefully I will get my blog up and running and I can share some of my work with you. Any good tips on how to get started on the blog - feel alittle out faced by it all!

    Have a lovely Thursday and don't stop making your magical creations.

    Take care

    Portia xxx

  9. So sweet and so funny! I hide my goodies too ..
    Hugs x

  10. Cute and funny post. I did giggle over sniffing at your Green man. I love your pretty kitties! The little fairy house is adorable, you are creative. Wonderful photos! Have a happy day!

  11. I enjoyed reading your post and your photos very much. I have had a hard time too getting focused on things I want to create-think it's that time of year. Love your kitty photos-have a great day! Kathy

  12. Your photos are just wonderful, Anne. I can see the artist in you even in them. That fairy house is just THE cutest thing! I love it..and I love your sweet kitties, too- xo Diana

  13. i love your kitties! but the photo of the greenman with the snotcycle is too funny!

  14. I so get the clutter thing, which is why I have (reluctantly) moved my latest project to the basement. Outside is so gray and cold and snowy, might as well be in the depths. Meanwhile -- darling kitties!

  15. Anne, your drippy-nosed Green Man photo and your cookie/card story made me laugh! The photos of the kitties made me smile. I hope the sun returns for you soon so the gray days will go away. I'm tired of the gray too. Have a great day!

  16. Loved this post, Anne! Sorry you didn't get the snow you wanted. That would be preferable to ice! As usual, those kitties are just the cutest!

  17. OOoooooo!!!! I just LOVE the fairy house! :D
    Keebler also makes "Grasshoppers", which are glorified Thin Mints. Yes, please! :)

  18. I skated over to get some inspiration from YOU! lolo I love the tiny fairy house..oh how lovely it truly is! I also must be in the heart of the home...only because I am the one who is the beat keeper lolololol I have a very tiny corner all to myself and that is all that this cinderella diva needs...Spring is on her way dont dispare.....♥Debi

  19. Great post. That crackly packaging should be outlawed. Don't you just hate it when you can't sneak a little bite without all that crackly noise.

    The kitties are so adorable and I love that little house. You are so talented.

    I had enough of winter too and I'm in Ottawa right now as my daughter had a baby and yesterday was the biggest snowstorm of the year.

    Hang in there, spring is just around the corner.

  20. I had to laugh about your hidden stash. My husband loves wine gums and he hides them away but we all know where..hee hee. He must wonder where they disappear to:) Wine gum Gremlins maybe?

    Love your photos and of course your sweet cats.

  21. Oh my what a great post! You had me laughing and relating through the entire thing from the snot drip on the dor knocker to the trash stash. I ws beginning to think this was going to be an R rated posted! My work space is exactly like yours I have two 6 foot table that are L shaped but still end up working in about a two by two space cause ther est gets filled with junk I don't put away. As for the cookies...oh yah, been there!
    A Look Through My Eyes

  22. Such photogenic kitties!

    My mess gets so big I can't stand it.

    In Pride and Prejudice the front room where one can see the comings and goings on the road is a desirable spot.

    I love the last story! That is hilarious!

  23. You had me howling with the "Hey You" button story!! Yep, the Green Man made me want to offer him a tissue! LOL!!

  24. Hi Anne! I know what you mean about these dreary days of February! But hopefully not for long! Your critters are gorgeous...Tallulah and Cyrus.
    Have a great weekend.

  25. My dear friend, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit the link



  26. Love the green man..Too funny..Pretty, springy crocus as well..Spring is just around the corner??

  27. My friend, even when you are bored, and have the blahs, you are so totally awesome. Enjoyed this post, made me smile. By the way, my favorites are samoas. Yummy in my tummy.

  28. Anne, YOU BRING ME SUCH JOY!!!
    LOVE your mini fairy house! It is just adorable! Can't wait to see the pine cones attached!

    Your kitties look sooo cozy!!!!

    YIKES! Ohhh adorable, hilarious poor Green man, it's been a CraZZZy winter this year!!!

    Now PUT DOWN those cookies Missy and back to work!!!! TEE HE HE!; )
    Your Karma is All GOOD! <3

  29. Your little kitties are soooooo cute! They would make any dreary day so much more cozy!

    Can't wait to see your finished little mini fairy house! Looks like it is going to be so sweet! :) And, I absolutely loved seeing your work space around it! Makes me want to try picking up some clay!

  30. Hello, Anne...your icy photos are actually very pretty. I can remember everything here (a little south of Houston, Tx) one winter getting oh so icy. It looked so pretty as long as you weren't out in it. I hope you get one more snow day...just enough to quietly powder everything magically.

    Now get to work!'s that for inspiration? I love your mini cottage. It says "Come in and visit a while in fairy land."

    When I have those non-creative days, I sometimes rummage through 'old' stuff I've done and sure enough I get inspired. That's how I started posting my comic panel. Now that I'm posting them, I've thought of it's all still flowing. Ooo-ooo, I know, create a wintery fairy scene. The kind you find ideal in your imagination. It can be your last snowfall.

    Thanks for sharing, Anne...have a wonderful weekend,

    Marianne xo

  31. This was a fun post! I will send you get stuff finished vibes ;o) I was truly laughing about you hiding the cookies! LOL! I love your kitties so much! The last shot of Tallulah and Cyrus is like, mom what do you want? LOL! And, I love Cyrus on the chair! I love your little house! Adorable! Take Care ;o)

  32. Sending you those vibes and sometimes it just takes a little rearrangement of work space to make it happen! I too am one that works best in the middle of the house!

  33. I would have been tempted to grab a hanky for the green man's nose LOL it is surprising what we can find when we think there is nothing to find. The winter weather is the best time to helps our moods, gives us exercise and the reward is a creative spot to create.

  34. Ah dear - it just isn't nice to stash the goodies. I am surprised Mr. B didn't wake up - you certainly would have looked guilty I am sure.
    Gosh your fairy house is lovely and the photo of your green man is super cool too - doesn't look like you are low on creativity at all my friend. Besides the kitties look like they are worn out following you around. Thanks for making me smile. Love Pixie

  35. Your kitties are amazing! What beauties. You came up with some amazing ice "blah" there. And I just really love your fairy house. So beautifully done.

  36. it's getting colder here in London!!

  37. I'm living in someone elses house (they are in New Mexico sitting by the pool). My work area is their kitchen table. I'm trying to be neat but it still looks untidy, my greatest fear is I will spill something.

  38. I love this blog and this latest post is fantastic. Lots of fun and newsy things. Beautiful pictures, and yes, I too can fill a space up with my needlework things until I'm pushed out. I clean and organize the whole area and it looks and feels so good,,,,,,for a few days! So thankful that you stopped by my blog also with your lovely comments. I'll be back soon. I now have it set up so when you put up a new post, I get an email message. Great way to keep up with friends.

  39. Hey! I love your blog and this post! The photos certainly are not as 'blah' as you claim! Go back and look with a sunny mind! Wishing for some sunshine for you!

    I love the little fairyhouse and those cats are just gorgeous!

  40. Hi Anne,
    what a funny post today. Love the sniffling Green Man and your unbelievable sweet cats. And the cookie story is sweet, too.
    Hugs and greetings, Johanna

  41. This is one of the funniest posts, dear friend!!!
    The scene with sneaking the cookies...and then the silly duo going off...OMG! :))) Hilarious...
    My daughter loves to go to the card section just to listen to these guys...heee
    And cookies taste best at 4:00a.m. in my opinion! ;))
    The icicles are actually so pretty...and you can visit us...we were just gifted with a ton of snow...
    Your wee little house...oh my...what happiness!!!
    And the KITTIES!!! Love them , love them....
    I also see that the wonderful Penny has left a message...I bet you are kindred spirits...
    Much love to you and a tight hug, dearest Anne...
    - Irina

  42. They taste just like them, don't they?! My faves, too :)

    That little house is just adorable, Anne! Love how it is turning out.

    Your kitties have the most beautiful faces....not all squooshed like I've seen some Persians get. How often do you brush them? I have a Turkish Van and her fur is so different than other cats I've had, thick and a tad oily. I've read that you bathe your darlings with dishsoap. Does that help? I don't think Button has had a bath since she was a kitten ( I know, bad Cat Mama).

    Always love my visits here :)

  43. I am still laughing out loud over your green man and the ice hanging down his face----too funny-----you sound like me when the kids were growing up i had 'candy stashes'---like my underwear drawer---and they have been long gone but still have to stash my junk food away from hubbie once in a while. I am as willing to share as the next girl but hey----some things aren't just TOO GOOD'
    Am in love with your fur babies!!!

  44. What gorgeous cats!

    We got one more snow day here in Illinois -- 9 or 10 inches on Tuesday. It was beautiful, but I'm pretty much ready for spring now. We supposed to get rain tomorrow, so all our snow will be turning into mush and puddles. Ugh!

  45. Anne, you are so funny! I love your fairy house so far. I think pine cone scales will make a perfect roof. Tallulah and Cyrus are very sweet!

  46. I enjoyed this post so much, Anne. Our house isn't very big, and I have all my spaces within reach ... but being set up where the action is is important to me too.

    I started laughing about your cookie stash. The kitties are darling, and remember, spring is almost here.

    Kathy M.

  47. You have captured the icy picture nicely! Cats are super content looking and your post quite fun! Thanks! OH, I am pretty sure I could enjoy some coconut dreams!!

  48. I'm loving your images. The fairy house is adorable and that ice photo is amazing.

    I'd love to have you link to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  49. Wonderful photos Anne. I love the dove cote with the icicles :-)

    I hope your new studio area works out for you. I just came up with a name for my studio and posted about it in my latest blog post :-)

  50. Beautiful work and a great tutorial! Some of our cars developed names, the Silver Bullet, the Green Machine, the Red Flash at Sunset, and Betty. Love to see the kitty too!

  51. That shot of the door ornament really cracked me up. Although, I suppose I could have seen something similar in the mirror more than a few times. Sigh.


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