Monday, February 18, 2013

Moonday, Moonday....

Happy Moonday, Everyone!
Really, it is!
Wikipedia says ~
 The English noun Monday derived sometime before 1200 from monedæi,
which itself developed from Old English (around 1000)
mōnandæg and mōndæg (literally meaning "moon's day")...
A number of songs feature Monday, often as a day of melancholy. For example, "Monday,
Monday" (1966) from the Mamas & the Papas, "Rainy Days and Mondays" (1971) from the
Carpenters, "I Don't Like Mondays" (1979) from the Boomtown Rats, and
"Manic Monday" (1986) from the Bangles.
It is a grey, rainy Moonday (doesn't that sound better, anyway?) here in Southeast Missouri
 and I'm trying to make the best of it!
Really, though ~ I've always loved anything lunar, even calling my arty-stuff
 October Moon Designs/ October Moon Art...inspired by my October birthday.

Isn't this 1903 postcard of a lovely Moon Lady just wonderful?
Like the nursery rhyme says, "Monday's Child is fair of face"...

And then there's one of my favorite books from when I was little,
Little Audrey and the Moon Lady...:^) (1960)
You know I love playing with polymer clay and making all kinds of little
things to go on my Fairy Houses...the flowers I make to embellish them are
among my favorite things to create...
I've had clay and beads and beads and more beads collected
for a couple of years now, knowing I wanted to make jewelry,
but not sure just what...lots of polymer artists make beautiful,
realistic flowers, but I wanted to do something unique,
and it just hadn't come to me.
A few years ago I got Christi Friesen's Dragons book,
and right then I knew I wanted to add beads and pearls and crystals to polymer clay...


This is the little dragon I made after reading Christi's book in 2007.

Looking at him now I can see that he could use a little refinement,

but I was hooked!

Back to moons and flowers...


A few days ago I was waiting for my little "mini" Fairy House to come out

of the oven, and I was conditioning (playing with) some clay with which I'd planned

to cover the house's base...

I'd used my Grandma's biscuit cutter

 to cut out a round of clay for covering an area of the house ~

(I know...who would have thought? ~ Wish I

had learned to make her biscuits with it, but...)

Anyway, I cut a circle with it and then moved it over about an inch and cut

another circle, accidently making a perfect crescent moon, and I thought ~

"What a good shape for a flowery brooch!"

It would be perfect, curved "just so" on a sweater or lapel...


So here is my first pin/brooch...the crescent shape works really well, I think,

with the gently curving flower, buds and leaves.

I also added some copper jewelry headpins with Czech glass flowers

and Swarvoski crystals...(love them!).

Then as a finishing touch,  I wired in some genuine peridot briolettes...

(I didn't think I'd ever find a use for them...they are so pretty,

but the holes are too tiny for most headpins.)


One thing led to another...

And now I have all sorts of ideas...

I have a smaller round cutter as well, so I plan to make

two sizes of moons...

Finally something for my Etsy shop, October Moon Art!

I will post a tutorial for the rose pin later this week. :^)


Now ~ Can you believe it?

Another "oopsie"...

I should be too embarrassed to show you!

I had finished the little leaf and tendril on the Fairy House,

and had it curing in the oven.

Jonathan came downstairs to fix himself a pizza,

and I told him I was baking something (he would instinctively know it wasn't food),

 but that I would put it in for him as soon as mine was finished.

A few minutes later, the oven timer went off, signaling that the little house was ready.

I turned the oven temperature up to 400 degrees for the pizza,

and went about playing with more clay.

About ten minutes went by; maybe a little less.

The oven beeped to let me know the temperature was right.

Something made me look around...

where did I put the Fairy House?

Uh, oh.


I opened the oven door, and stinky, burned-polymer smoke rolled out...

Oh, shoot, shoot, SHOOT!!

I couldn't believe I had done this...but sometimes you just have to laugh!

As I said previously, polymer clay is wonderfully "fixable"...

So I laughed. So did Jonathan.

I told him that if it had been the new little moon brooch, though,

I would have been sad!

(I think the papier-mache is finally truly dry, however...)

This will make me think, the next time! (Hopefully!)

I let it cool and peeled off the blackened blob of clay...


And here it is, one more time!

I think I like this leaf and tendril better, anyway. :^)


Isn't this a cute vintage post card?

Look at the little acorn "light fixture" ~ Like mine!

I guess the pull-cord is the doorbell...

I think I like my tiny acorn "button" one better ~

I do like the little window-sill/shelf, though!

That's all for now...back to making little moons!

(Thank you to all the new folks who have visited me...welcome!)



  1. I love how you can look at the dragon and see that it needs "refinement." To me, it's just plain astounding. Your works of art blow my mind.

  2. I love the dragon! You are so talented.

  3. Oh, I love the dragon and especially the moon brooches! And I adore your fairy houses. This was such an interesting post; I knew that Monday was originally called 'Moonday' but I didn't know the rest of the lore about her. Thank you for this great post!

    Blessings, Victoria

    P.S. I'm an October birthday person, too.

  4. Moonday? That is the first I have heard about Monday being Moonday. Very interesting....I enjoy learning new things. I can never tire of telling you how impressed I am with your art work and I hope you never tire of hearing it. :)

  5. Several dragon-people among your fans, including me. And your brooches will be lovely on someone's sweater or blouse. I always enjoy your posts, thanks!

  6. I love the expression on the Victorian moon lady. I am always surprised by the range of your imagination and talent. The dragon could not be any sweeter and the creative use of the biscuit cutter was a great idea. The result was beautiful.I haven't thought of Little Lulu in decades. She was my 1st memory of being read the Sunday Funnies.
    Did you sons pizza taste like polymer clay? Don't you hate it when you make some sort of mistake like that when your multitasking and the minute someone finds out they say "Why'd you do that?"

  7. I love your sweet moon brooches. Aren't they cute!!!!! How awful/funny/sad/frustrating to burn your sweet little house-although it did peel pretty good.
    You continually amaze me, Anne. You are just so talented! xo Diana

  8. I love it all, but am partial to the dragon!

  9. hahaha Little Audrey I so forgot about her.

  10. I was saying..."Wow, awwww" and amazed at your dragon and then you mention it needed refinement! :) I think it's fabulous! Your brooches are beautiful too. Sorry about the fairy house! I am glad you could laugh!! Moon"day works in many languages, like French...Lundi (Lune is moon ) and Spanish as well! Interesting :)

  11. That dragon? girl that is amazing!!! you have a humongous TALENT!!!! Im amazed and you're wonderful! :) Actally, ALL your fabulous creations are stunning!


  12. I couldn't pick a favourite of these! You know I love your fairy houses but those half moons pins are adorable. And then, there's the dragon!

  13. I love the dragon. Such pretty pins!

  14. Ah, I love this post. And your creations are awe-inspiring, as ever. I absolutely LOVE the crescent brooches. Going on my pinterest board! ;) xxx

  15. That dragon is absolutely enchanting!

  16. Hi Anne,
    ... so glad you stopped by my blog coming from Vicki! So I found your wonderful blog to follow now.
    The dragon is simply MAGIC... wonderful work. Now I will virtually have a cup of coffee with you and stroll around here.....
    Hugs from Germany Myriam

  17. What a wonderful post! I think I will like Mondays more now :)

  18. I am so jealous of your amazing talents especially with clay. That little dragon is AMAZING and too cute for words.

  19. I love moons! And I'm working on some dragons myself at the moment! :) Love how yours turned out!

  20. love the fairy house (:)
    and your banner!!!

  21. Love, love LOVE that dragon and your moon brooches!! Woman you are determined to make me pick up clay arent you?? LOL!Hugs! deb

  22. Anne,
    You are truly an amazing Artist!!!
    Love your work!!!

  23. Unbelieveable detail with your moon pins!! love the designs and the colors you use.

  24. I love your dragon..You are truly a talented lady..

  25. You have been a busy young lady! First I have to say, I love all the older images! They are precious! Love that book! Now, I have to say, I love your dragon! He is amazing!!! I wouldn't change a thing! And, I love your moon brooches! WOW! You are very talented! Sorry about the oops in the oven! LOL!

  26. Anne , the post cards and the book are fabulous. You made me laugh when you said the dragon needed refinement, I thought it was gorgeous! But the pins just took my breath away, especially the cala lillies, my absolute favorite flower...I carried them at my wedding even. Wow, this was a fantastic post.

  27. Love the vintage your work! You are one talented lady! Beautiful detail in all of your pieces! I so enjoy following along with you...simply inspiring!!!

  28. Ooooooooooooo! Sooooooo cute! ! ! Love the brooches, love the dragon and of course, love, love, love the fairy houses!

    Have you ever checked out the dragons on this site? She uses a different type of clay, they are much larger than yours and some of them look quite fierce! Quite different from your cute little guy! But, you both have quite a talent for clay dragons!

    Great post! ! ! :)

  29. Hi Anne, Oh I just love your talent. The brooches are just delightful. Thank you as always for sharing your little part of the world. Love Jane xx

  30. Miss Anne, these beads you collected are pretty but really dazzle within your BEAUTIFUL creations!!!!
    Your leaf tendril is purrrfect now!
    I do love your 1903 and mushroom postcards!

    All of your moon inspired talk reminded of this sweet lullaby called Moon and Me by the late Nicolette Larson I used to play for my kiddos for bedtime.

    Keep up with ALL the amazing, creative work! I can't wait to see whats next!!!<3

  31. Hello Anne! What a lovely blog you have! I just love it here. :). I will definitely be following you. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. So happy we've "found" each other. :)

  32. What a Delightful Blog! Thank you for stopping by - especially so i could meet you . . . (what a gift you are!)

    I'm in Kirkwood - (St. Louis Suburb) - so we are neighbors.
    I'm off to add you to my blog list - I can tell you are a lady able to make the best of a stormy day - so I'll end today with "Stay Warm!" love & love, -g-

  33. Oh more lovely things to drool over. Love it all...I especially love the dragon, but then there is the fairy house, and the moon brooch.. Ok I love it all, cant choose one above the other. I am envious.


  34. I have Christi Friesen's Dragons too and her Cats Big & her stuff. Your new broaches are very sweet:)

  35. Está todo lindo.
    Acá estamos ya pensando en el otoño, vuelven los niños al colegio, se acaban las vacaciones de verano, y cambia el clima. A pesar de que este año ha sido egoísta el clima con nosotros, los que vivimos en el sur de Chile. Ha llovido mucho y mucho frío. A ver si el próximo nos toca mejor.
    Nunca te avergüences de mostrar tus trabajos, son tus dones y hay que agradecerlos.
    Un beso
    Maru Chile

  36. I love your work, Anne, and your commentary on what you do. That dragon is amazing, and the moon brooch is lovely too! :-)

  37. Thank you, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I just LOVE your polymer creations and I have a special place in my heart for dragons and that little one you made is AWESOME!!
    I love how the names came about for Moonday and SUNday and Thorsday (Thursday) and all the rest!
    I look forward to following along with you! :)

  38. Talent in abundance. Best wishes, Cro.

  39. Dear Anne, there are so many wonderful aspects to this blog post, I don't know where to begin! So I will just start by saying that your crescent pins are lovely and those crystal flowers...such a pretty detail. Love your vintage images, especially the first one and I do so love that song, 'Monday, Monday' by the Mama's and the Papa's. Your little dragon is just amazing with his beaded back. You are so talented and it is a joy to see your creations. Hope your weekend is full of creative endeavors. xoxo

  40. Your talent is so amazing to see on your blog. Love your little dragon and especially the detailed work with the clay. I don't think I have any talent like yours, that must be what I mostly just design tablescapes. But I am so drawn to gazing at your work. Take care and watch the oven!

  41. Hello Anne,
    It's not "Moonday' I suppose I should say it's 'Sunshine Saturday' in the land of Oz and it's 31 degrees celcius just now!
    But it was certainly worth the journey across ;D
    It's my first time here and wow there's so much to see. So I've decided to become your latest follower so that I can revisit often.
    I know I'm going to have lots of fun and find inspiration.
    Have a great weekend!

  42. I just can't believe you made that gorgeous dragon just from following the directions in a book. She is marvelous, simply marvelous. I also enjoyed your tales of oopsies in the oven but the results are fantastic. Keep up the great work AND the great photographs.

    Oh, yes, your new header is just fantastic.

  43. OMG Anne, your creations are amazing!! I love everything. I don't think there's a thing that needs refining on your dragon. He's awesome!
    Is that your fur baby in your header? I love cats and grew up with Persians and Himalayans. Now we reside with an affectionate Ragdoll named Clarisse.
    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I still haven't got through all the blogs from the Grow Your Own party.

  44. Oh my goodness, where to begin?? You are a creative wonder!! So the mystery is solved in my mind about the flower...heeee...
    WOW...the brooches are SO BEAUTIFUL!
    I love your dragon...and the sweet little fairy house...I am smiling so wide right now!
    I,too, am a moon person...I even have a little "moon-face" ring surrounded by sparkles...reminds me of my mom...
    Which day in October is your birthday?
    Big hugs to you, dearest Anne...
    - Irina

  45. Oh, and I was born on a "moonday"..

  46. Thx for the info on Moonday. My hubs is an astronomer and I'm interested in all the cultural references that go along with it.

  47. I see Spring has sprung in your header photo - always amazes me how each change goes so well w/your main photo. (Blows me away actually, each time I see something else.)

    Wow. Love the dragon - beautifully done and I don't see any need for refurbishing. I loved the little burned house ... glad you tweaked it and it sure resembles the postcard. The first card is beautiful too - love the coloring and the art. Neat how you have that old picture under one of your art displays. Oh, just enjoyed reading, looking and thinking. I have not thought of Little Audrey in YeArS! Whoa.
    Had a nice time enjoying your blog and post! See ya next time!

  48. Thanks for visiting my blog Anne. You have such an arty and colourful blog and some beautiful works of art. Congratulations.

  49. Dear Anne - once again you made a booboo into a real piece of art. I had to laugh about Jonathan and knowing what was in the oven was not edible. As always dear one your post made my day or night. By the way the brooch is gorgeous.


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