Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Vintage" Me at Easter!

I know these photos won't be of much interest to most of you,
but I wanted to post and comment on them for my girls and boys...
 photo mar31easter1-1_zpsdf90e97b.png

~ My first Easter, 1958.
I guess my Dad is taking the picture, as there is my Mom's
hand, getting ready to catch me if I fall!
(Which she would continue to do for a lot of years!) ~
We still have Uncle Harry's little rocking chair that I'm sitting in,
even though it was in the fire...
Restored by daughter Mandy and her boyfriend Jim ~
(Thank you again! ♥)

 photo mar31easter2-1_zps67c7a410.png

Daddy and me, Easter, 1959.

 photo mar31easter6-1_zps2a6ab0ee.jpg

With Queenie, Daddy's English Setter ~

"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth" ~

at our farm, 1960.

 photo mar31easter8-1_zps2c3f297b.png

At Grandma and Grandpa Launius's in Essex, Missouri ~ 1960.

 photo mar31easter4-1_zps6ac8c442.png

My favorite Easter picture with my Mom, 1961.

I still have this basket!

 photo mar31easter31-1_zps4bcd7594.png

With Daddy at Grandma and Grandpa Launius's, 1961.

 photo mar31easter3-1_zps9b4f71d9.png

Oops! I don't think anyone said "Say cheese" for this photo!

 photo mar31easter7-1_zpsc88c12b2.png

At our house in Bloomfield (1961) with my favorite person

in the entire world ~

(my other Grandparents would understand)

 Grandma Collier.

I'm sure the picture was taken by my sweet Mom,

as she was known for "cutting off heads"! :^)

Look at that cool (and I do mean cool, in winter...sticky in summer)

1950s gray vinyl couch!

 photo mar31easter5-1_zps25388c3a.png
 There I am with the Easter Bunny spoils!

I am just now noticing that the basket's handle must have always been wonky...

I thought that had happened with age!

(Thank you for looking at these, even if you are not one of my children!)




  1. I love all these pictures so much! Thanks for sharing them! I hope you had a great Easter ;o) (The gray vinyl couch made me laugh! LOL!)

  2. great shots all -- enjoyed the hop through Easter memory lane. and we had a vinyl armchair like yours but in a light color. hadn't thought of it until I read your description. with that type of upholstery, it is probably still in use somewhere :)

  3. Such wonderful memories of Easter, Anne, and you were such a cutie! Some of my happiest childhood memories are also from Easter. I still miss my mom's Easter baskets she made me, as I got to the teens, less and less candy and more perfume, bath items, makeup, but always some milk chocolate eggs, a package of yellow chick Peeps, a bag of all black jelly beans, and a chocolate bunny on top. xo

  4. Those of us of a 'certain age' are transported back in time by those photos!

  5. I love looking at vintage pictures. You were a cute little girl.

  6. Awwwwwwwwww, these are beyond precios.

  7. Your so fortunate to have such adorable photo's....I love seeing childhood photo's. It is funny to have people look at our photo's and refer to them as vintage. :)

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  9. These are priceless, dear fiend!
    Thank you for sharing your sweet memories...


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