Tuesday, April 16, 2013

There Are Fairies at the Bottom of My Garden...


(Rose Fyleman / Bea Lillie - 1934)
I first came across this song in some of my aunt's sheet music from the 30s...
I love it!
 photo fairies-parade_zps5f9b695b.jpg
There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!

It's not so very, very far away;

You pass the gardener's shed and you just keep straight ahead ~

I do so hope they've come to stay.

There's a little wood with moss in it and beetles,

And a little stream that quietly runs through;

You wouldn't think they'd dare

to come merrymaking there ~

Well, they do!

There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!

They often have a dance on summer nights;

The butterflies and bees

Make a lovely little breeze,

And the rabbits stand about and hold the lights.

Did you know that they could sit upon the moonbeams

And pick a little star to make a fan?

And dance away up there

In the middle of the air ~

Well, they can!

There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!

You cannot think how beautiful they are;

They all stand up and sing

When the fairy queen and king

Come gently floating down upon their car.

The king is very proud and handsome;

The queen, now can you guess who that would be?

She's a little girl all day

But at night she steals away.

Well, it's me!

Hi, Everyone!
I hope Spring has finally "sprung" for most of you!
I've been busy making little houses...
I was planning on setting up a little village in one of my herb beds in a couple of weeks,
kind of like I did last year, "landscaping" using tiny-leaved herbs and those sweet
little flowers that look like mini-petunias...


(I always have to look up the name!)
 photo calibrachoa-6_zpscc132935.jpg

They are so pretty!

(And I am still going to do this ~)
However, all of a sudden our yard was covered in drifts of these
charming little wildflowers..."Bluettes"...tiny, fairy-sized flowers!
They won't last long....
So, my picture-taking plans were hurried up a bit...
I know there are lots of photos...
(Believe me, there are lots more....;^)...)
I couldn't stop snapping pictures...the little flowers, the late afternoon sun ~
I had such fun...
I hope the neighbors weren't watching!
(My knees were stiff the next day from crawling around in the grass...
I am just an old child...)
 photo apr141_zps01606580.jpg
 photo apr144_zpsed162633.jpg
Oh, my...after I started snapping pictures,

all these sparkly little orbs appeared!

A flock of house-hunting Fae, maybe? ;^)


 photo apr1410_zps0875613c.jpg
 photo apr1411_zps455b0fe1.jpg
 photo apr149_zps9523e393.jpg

A row of "Painted Ladies"...like in Charleston, South Carolina...kind of?

For Fairy Folk....;^)

 photo apr145_zps6438cf4a.jpg

This one was a lot of fun...

it is on its way to a Fairy in Saint Charles, Missouri.

 photo apr1419_zps45bfc39b.jpg
 photo apr1417_zps9b683387.jpg
 photo apr147_zps23c3757a.jpg
 photo apr146_zps28f5db10.jpg
Mr. B did an excellent job roofing this one!

He said the tall roof was a challenge, but I think it looks extra-whimsical...♥

 photo apr148_zps126fe66c.jpg

Every single one is as unique as the gourds themselves...

 photo apr1413_zpse6fe0893.jpg

This one started out all blue, then I decided to add some sunny-yellow roses...

it is going to New Mexico...

 photo apr1414_zps31f8839c.jpg
 photo apr1416_zpse1317528.jpg
 photo apr1415_zpsc9232f58.jpg
 photo apr1418_zps06d07394.jpg

Don't you just LOVE the little Bluettes?

I could just squeal!! :^)

I wish they would last all summer, but they are fleeting...

 photo apr1412_zpsace34e96.jpg

Thank you for bearing with me, scrolling through the photos

from all different angles...

These little cottages have been such a joy for me; making them..."playing" with them...

We have to make a trip back to Pumpkin Hollow

for more gourds next week...

Dogwood Azalea Festival is coming up this weekend in Charleston, Missouri,

and I will be doing fanciful faces there...

lots of Fairies, I think...

My sister-in-law Marcena is bringing one of her little Grand-Girls

over tomorrow night to be a model for some new designs for me...

Fairies-on-the-Brain, I have ~

My daughter Mandy told me she thought I was a Fairy in a previous incarnation.


Maybe that explains things....

Oh, I almost forgot!

Leave me a comment and I will send one of you the two little pairs of "rainbow"

Fairy Shoes in the photo above!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

P.S. ~ I think I have managed to label all...or most ~ (I am bad about having a mix
of things in a post!) of the posts about the Fairy Houses...just put "Fairy" or "Fairy House"
in the "Search This Blog" box in the right side-bar...:)


  1. Your little fairy houses are just so cute--love them!

  2. I'm so in love with your Fairy Houses!!!
    They're gorgeous!!!

  3. Oh my goodness those little fairy houses are so wonderful. So much detail, beautiful.

  4. Oh my goodness, your fairy houses are so beautiful! All the wonderful detail, the colors, each one of them is unique, GREAT work!!

  5. Just love these fairy houses Anne!Love the detail. What do you think about making one with a round Hobbity door??....oooo with a chia pet type grass roof....hmmm don't know how you would do that...lol see you set my imagingation soaring! Hugs! deb
    Nuleaf at comcast dot net

  6. I have faeries in my garden ~ oh how they would adore one of your little cottages ~ Love, love the pink one!

  7. Such sweet little houses. We don't get bluettes but we do get forget-me-nots everywhere in the spring. I love them:)

  8. Amazingly beautiful fairy house colors. Your details are exquisite. The little Bluettes are sweet and I love seeing them...I am sure your neighbors are use to you artistic behavior's by now :) Looking forward to see what you will do with the gourds.

  9. Your attention to details is just stunning and I love the little fairy shoes. How cute! Your little blue fairy flowers were a perfect setting for the houses. I think you really still are a fairy!

  10. Dearest Anne - your fairy houses are breathtaking. If I had those bluettes growing in my yard I would squeal too. I just love scrolling through your pictures. I have to smile that you got Mr. B involved in your creating. Hmmm- wonder if I can get my Mr. to help me too!! (LOL) Thanks for making me smile my friend. I so enjoy my visits to your fairy land.

  11. You fairy houses are so delightful and I can never get tired of looking at them. They look like a lot of work though.
    Thanks for brightening my day with your creations.

  12. Cute, Cute, Cute song!!! I think your daughter is right, you were a fairy in a past life. How else could you be so spot on with all these gorgeous houses and shoes? :) They are just stunning pieces of work.
    CDAC DT Member
    A Look Through My Eyes

  13. Oh Anne,
    Your garden is fit for the finest of fairies!
    The little sparkle orbs! I do believe the spirit faes are visiting your beautiufl little creations.. I just love your artwork!
    Thank you so much for sharing the sweet song and your lovely garden.


  14. pardon the typo.. My hands going faster than my mind.

  15. What a wonderful song! I can see why you wanted to take advantage of the bluettes as a backdrop for your tiny houses, just beautiful!
    I believe you truly must have been a fairy in a previous life. Have fun with the face painting! :)

  16. Oh Anne, you do know I do have fairies who stay with me during the summer. I always know when they have arrived as the fairy flower (a random jack in the pulpit) and my turtles appear. Your houses are lovely. Are you familiar with the "painted ladies" in St. Louis? I hope you are having a wonderful week. Bonnie

  17. Your fairy houses are adorable, gorgeous, amazing, beautiful... I could go on and on with superlatives, I love them!

  18. I love your little fairy houses, well, of course I do! They're absolutely darling! I loved looking at your pictures. Thanks for giving all of us a peek at your work...and play!

  19. I LOVE those fairy houses. I'd love to try and get one for my sister, who's written a book about a fairy recently.

  20. Your little fairy houses are breathe taking!!

  21. Hi Anne,
    your fairy houses are so sweet in the garden. I get never tired to see them. The buettesare the perfect ground for them. Thank you for sharing this sweetness.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  22. Oh, I love the song, Anne! And your little field of Bluettes with your darling Fairy Houses are just too sweet for words. Each one a miniature work of art. I have many books on Fairies and books of Fairy art. I have always been fascinated with Fairies. xx

  23. these houses are way too cute!!! the work you put into them is amazing.

  24. You are part Fae, I am sure of it...sparkling with your magic, spreading joy, love, and whimsy!!!
    I cannot get enough of these wonders you create, and I know the fairies can't wait to get settled in their gorgeous new homes!! heee.. :)))
    How generous of you to give away the most darling shoes, dear Anne...I will opt out of this one, so that others can enjoy your creations...
    Your art makes me happy every day! :))
    Much love,
    - Irina

  25. I'm so glad I found your blog...I just love your fairy houses. Such attention to detail! Never too many pics as far as I'm concerned...lol.

  26. Hello Anne,

    Oh, how marvelous that the little Bluettes cooperated for your photos. The fairy houses looked splendid in them, like a real fairy village. Very pretty!

    What a sweet giveaway. "Putting out" fairy shoes would be such a nice way of inviting whimsey into ones life.

    Enjoy a wonderful day, Anne,

    Marianne xo

  27. Oh Anne, how wonderful and magical. Your faerie houses are just the cutest ever! And Yes I too, am squeeling over those little blue flowers, absolutely breathtaking. Thank You so much for sharing your unique creations with us. ~Hugs

  28. There's always a little magic with your fairy houses. Hope your niece can enjoy and find a little pixie dust.

  29. "A Little Fur in the Paint" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


  30. Oh my goodness, Anne,
    Those houses are precious beyond words!! I wish you would stop by and check out my fairy village. It is a couple of posts back this week.....
    I had so much fun doing it...now if I could just find some fairy dust so that I could shrink myself down and live there!!
    Thanks for the inspirations!!

  31. Oh, how wonderful it would be to find something like that in my garden! Your pictures are just precious. I bet if your neighbors saw you, they'd just be jealous!

  32. I have never seen anything like these!! You are so clever. They're truly magical.

  33. Your fairy houses are amazing works of art! They are perfect down to the last detail. I LOVE them!

  34. Those old 30's lyrics were so enchanting. I wish I could hear the tune they went to.

  35. What an absolute delight to browse through your lovely photos today Anne. Your Painted Ladies are just beautiful. I've been thinking about fairies this week too, and created a new digital artwork featuring The Curious Fairy. I was going to blog about her today, but some work came in that I have to do, so my blog may get delayed a day or two.

  36. There is a beautiful movie called FairyTale: A True Story, based on real events that took place in England during WWI and in which Arthur Conan Doyle (the author of Sherlock Holmes) was involved. Beautifully filmed and with a fantastic music score by a Polish composer Zbigniew Praisner. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who believes in or just likes fairies. Here is a link to the description of the movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119095/ .

  37. I just found your blog and am so happy I did! Your houses are charming, I love them all, your work is beautiful!!! I am now your newest follower! In my yard I get forget me not's and feel the same way every spring when they bloom! Have a wonderful week!

  38. I love that you finished the photos w/the fairy shoes and how neat to be giving them away!

    BTW I'm back on Google now - makes things easier for visiting Google blogs and vice versa I'm sure.

    I LOVE your houses and the light and the flowers - no wonder you wanted to shoot so many photos! All beautiful! Wow! And the light makes them more fascinating.
    Good job!!!

    Thanks, Jenn

  39. Girl... those fairy houses are so darn cute! You have such a gift! How lucky you are to be able to create such cuteness!

  40. Hi Anne, I absolutely adore your fairie houses and have never seen anything like these in England, could I ask do you sell them ?

  41. These fairy houses are so lovely ...they seem to transport us to a mystical magical realm of the Fae .
    Any moment it seems the door will open and a fairy comes out to welcome us in ...
    As a kid I would have loved to spend hours playing with these ..but now I guess my LO can indulge in them and create wonderful magical memories ..
    Thanks for making such beautiful pieces of art and inspiring us

  42. Your fairy houses are so sweet. Love the colours, what a lot of work must have gone into making each one of them. Love and best wishes from Lahore Pakistan.

  43. Your houses are magical. I can see the fae flocking to them. I will be making several gardens. I never did see where you sell you wonderful homes. I would dearly love a few. Any chance?


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