Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yes, I Believe it Truly is Spring!....:^)


I truly believe it is Spring! :^)

65° and sunny, and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

I sat in the grass "playing" with photographing my Fairy Houses ~

In the midst of drifts of little Bluettes...

Love these sweet little baby-blue flowers!

They are so tiny that you would really never

notice them unless you were looking for them...

 I took the photos in the neighboring lot....recently planted with a multitude of trees,

so we probably don't have to worry about any actual

 building going on in the foreseeable future...

Happy that I have never been allergic to anything (except poison ivy)!
 photo apr617_zps6e5e3702.jpg
Here is the newest, (slightly smaller than the first ones) ~

 Fairy House ~  (shingled by Mr. B.) ~

 I so wish these charming

little Bluettes could last the season long ~ they are fleeting, though

so I'll have to get as many photos as I can, while they last.

 photo apr610_zps8e5ff078.jpg
Maybe the Fae will move right in...;^)
 photo apr67_zpse6612cc9.jpg
The most distinguished Fae, of course, leave their footwear at the door...;^)

I have to tell you about the first pair of little green Fairy Shoes that I made...

you may notice them on the steps of one of the Fairy House photos...

Well, I just picked up that house (to move it to a better location for the Bluettes)

without a second thought to the shoes...

They probably fell right down to the ground, past the reach

of mowers and such...

I hope they stay there for years and be found some day by

some little folk, sure the Fae had been there!

 photo apr69_zps83cbb4ea.jpg
This is my prototype for the first "Mini" Fairy House...

made on a glass ornament, the details on this one are tiny!

 photo apr612_zpsa3448598.jpg
~ remaining boy-bunny, in his side of the Bunny-Duplex...

Sadly, his mate, Ruby, passed on to that great Bunny-Hutch in Heaven last summer...

We don't know why; she was spayed

(unspayed female bunnies can have so many health problems),

and was cared for in the best bunny-way possible...

Sweet Max remains, and has since learned how to go down

 to the lower level (where he can pick his own greens, if he likes...

(The bunny duplex has 3 levels; the main one, then an upper level

where it's warmer for winter, and the bottom level that goes down to

the ground where they can eat grass if they want; Max is the only

one that has learned to go down there!) ~ ♥

 photo apr611_zps2a550596.jpg
A tiny little visitor to the Bunny Hutch...

would have made me squeal and jump away in the past...

now I just try to get a picture... ♥
 photo apr613_zpsf88712fb.jpg
Winter Savory!

Last year the savory was this size by the first of March....
Also, last year our winter was SO mild that the petunias...

and most of the annuals...didn't freeze ~

 It was strange,  just continuing 2011's flowers into Summer 2012!

Although we didn't have a "bad" 2012 winter, considering...

maybe a few nights into the 'teens.

I'm actually glad that we can begin with a clean slate

 this year and start with all new annuals....

with no guilt...:^)

 photo apr614_zps3892f7b5.jpg
...Cat Mint...
 photo apr615_zps818daf2f.jpg
Pretty "Henbit" ...
 photo apr616_zps2b6d2eeb.jpg
Okay, I don't recommend the "draw" feature on  many of

the "photo-shop-type" software things available....they are pretty crude ~

But they can convey the message ~

I will always think that pretty purple Henbit looks like little Llamas...

 photo apr63_zps69400ae6.jpg

While I was sitting at one of the patio tables photographing the little

Fairy Shoes, I kept hearing cooing and rustling behind me...

on top of the arbor, in the dried Cypress Vines from last year,

Mourning Doves had again made a nest...

(Honestly, I don't see how these little creatures exist,

such shabby nest-makers they are...

The hymn should be "His Eye is on the Dove" instead of the sparrow!)

They are still hanging in there, despite all the wind we have had today!

 photo apr62_zpsa5cbde6f.jpg

Whilst I was trying to make my finicky camera focus on the little Mama dove's eye,

and not all the dried vines, her mate came to check me out...

~ Have a wonderful Spring Sunday, All!

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  1. The fairy houses are whimsical. What a treat to have a dove's nest so close- you'll get to see the babies and maybe even see them fledge. Happy PS :)

  2. I loved seeing your pictures! My favorites were the first fairy house and your sweet bunny boy! And what a charming story to go along with the pretty photos!

  3. So Much Magis to begin the day - THANK YOU!!!

    Those Fairy Homes are Excellent.

  4. A lovely post today. You are so talented with all that intricate work. You must have a lot of patience! Still very cold and windy here. Yuck.

  5. Happy Sunday! We are still waiting for Spring to arrive in my part of Canada. We awoke to more snow today so I am hoping it melts away this week so we can enjoy everything Spring has to offer! Take care... love the bunny photo.


  6. What beautiful, beautiful pictures! I love the little house! In my mind, I live in one just like that. How lucky you have doves nesting! We hear the odd dove now and then when the weather gets warmer, but they aren't around like they used to be. They have the best bird calls! We are still under about 3 feet of snow and more on the way. Send us some of your spring weather to the middle of Canada please!

  7. Those fairy houses look kind of like cakes. At first I thought the first one was a cake and I was expecting a tutorial on how to decorate it. Now, I want that cake! LOL But, it might be a little difficult. I should settle for a cute little cupcake or something I can actually handle.

  8. Hi Anne,

    I love your little fairy houses.
    They are such fun! Thank you
    for sharing them with us.

    Have a wonderful day, from your new

    Bear Hugs,


  9. Anne,

    The fairy houses are precious. Thank you for the beautiful photos. I also adore the purple flower. Your camera does take wonderful closeups to show all the detail and still have the soft focus for the background. You are a great artist and photographer as well as a fantastic storyteller.

    It's Spring in No. Arizona and we love it. Wildflowers are starting to come up, all from the wind of years past.

    Marrianna in Flagstaff, AZ

  10. Your fairy houses are delightful... so detailed and lovingly made!
    Love your pictures, too!


  11. Thank you for this beautiful spring post.{we are having second winter} Your fairy houses are a place I would want to live for sure. Your bunny is adorable too. Keep smiling and creating

  12. The fairy house is so beautiful and I love all the tiny details on it. You chose the best setting for it. If only I was small enough to live there.

  13. I'm certain I saw Felicity peeking out one of the windows of that charming fairy house, checking to see who all these visitors to her little abode are. (I think she must have already moved in!)

    Your bunny is so sweet and huggable! . . . just like your beautiful kitties!

    I have to agree . . . I don't know how dove babies make it with the almost non-existent nests they make in such precarious places! But, I love watching and listening to them.

  14. Hi Anne,
    you are so full of fantasia. I love the little fairy houses and wish, once a fairy will find the cute shoes. She will be over the moon. Your Bunny is really sweet. So sad that Ruby passed away. I have also a little rabbit at my garden.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  15. All your photography is so beautiful and those little fairy houses are just so adorable.
    How lucky the little fairy who will find the little shoes but she might not understand why they are stuck together, lol...

    We have mourning doves nesting in our cedar hedge and they have been multiplying every years.

    Blessings on your week.

  16. OK Anne. I am totally in love with your newest fairy house. It's adorable!!!!! It looks so at home in the bluettes, I have a feeling some little dae is going to find those shoes and move right in!!

  17. Such a delightful post! The little houses are just wonderful!

  18. I had a bit of difficulty opening up some of the pictures, Anne, but truly enjoyed the ones I was able to see. Love the little house at the beginning of the post. I am motivated to create a little garden myself this season.

  19. Your houses are just adorable Anne! Those photos are also beautiful! So glad to see I'm not the only person to see "shapes" in obscure things -- very cool pics!

  20. Love the llama and the doves ;o) How special! Your fairy houses are breathe taking! Big Hugs ;o)

  21. I don't even know where to start--But your Fairy Houses are absolutely beautiful and such works of art--I am truly in awe of your talent, no detail has been forgotten!

    And don't get me going about Sweet Max!

    THANKS for such an enjoyable post at the very end of my day!! I hope you're well, and you have an enjoyable week!

  22. Your little fairy houses are so sweet and photographed so beautifully! Someone in India posted about finding dove eggs in a potted plant. It seems they don't really build a nest of any substance. Sometimes they just find a scrap of twigs and lay there eggs. I wonder where all of our doves nest as I never, ever see any remnants of any around here. Ha! The llama drawing is cute. Whenever I am someplace with marbled tile, I always try to make out different images (usually happens in a bathroom Ha!) Have a great week. Tammy

  23. Love your photos of spring, thanks for sharing! We're not seeing too many indications of spring here yet... Soon, I hope! I LOVE your beautiful pink Fairy house, complete with the tiny little fairy shoes on the front porch! All the special details, your work is amazing!

  24. Love the llamas in the henbit! You couldn't have found a better location for shooting pictures of the fairy houses with those tiny blue flowers. The little shoes are precious and I'm sure some of the fairy folk will find the ones that got lost and keep them as a great treasure! :)

  25. Adorable:)

    We get mourning doves too and as you say they are useless nest builders.

  26. Hi Anne,
    I used your tutorial to make some tiny fairly shoes for my own fairy garden. We will be hiding some in the fairy garden for little visitors to find and keep, so we are making many pairs. Thanks for sharing!!
    Love, love, love your fairy house!

    Stop by for a visit to the farm...
    Bee Haven Acres

  27. Another fabulous fairy house and the shoes are perfect on the porch. Your spring photo's are great..nice editing touches. Max is a Otis passed away a few years ago. :(

  28. Another fabulous fairy house and the shoes are perfect on the porch. Your spring photo's are great..nice editing touches. Max is a Otis passed away a few years ago. :(

  29. My heart blooms when I visit your blog, thanks.

  30. Dear Anne - I would have loved sitting on the ground with those sweet bluettes all around...sorry about the fairy shoes but maybe one of the wee ones had need of them... possibly they will magically appear again. One never knows what the faeries might do! Bless you my dear friend for making my heart light. As always your blog brings me such joy. Xo Xo Debbie

  31. Your houses are amazing! I love them all. The little shoes are adorable too!

  32. I want to live in your fairy house, so precious! Love all your pictures and Max looks like a sweetie.

  33. Loved all the beautiful pics! The fairy home is just adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Anne, you're fairy houses are never boring! They are so delightful...I love the little acorn lamp above the door, and the roses...every detail is so wonderful to see.

    I haven't had a chance to pop over lately, but I'll try to keep up more often.

    Blessings for more inspiration,
    Marianne xo

  35. I love looking at all of the beautiful things that you make, and that little spider sure is pretty!


    Kathy M.

    P.S. - I enjoyed the slipper tutorial very much; maybe I will give slipper making a try sometime.

  36. You are so incredibly talented...
    I really do not have words to describe how these teeny abodes of yours make me feel...
    Every time I see a new detail and am enchanted anew....and the way they fit right in with those sweet flowers!!
    These must be the happiest fairies in the world!! :)) Brilliant, dear friend...

    Your bunny is so all of the nature photos you have here...we are still waiting on Spring...snow is still piling on as I type this...
    Sending much love to you, and happy creating!!!
    - Irina

  37. perfect little houses for a fairy garden...adore that you have doves nesting on your porch...I love garden garden and awareness of nature...XXXX

  38. Wow!
    Amazing photos and the fae house is really stunning. I am so glad spring is here and your post with Max the bunny really made me smile!
    Spring blessings,
    Jo May.

  39. Anne your little fairy houses are really cute. You must spend a lot of time picking up acorns for the roofs.

    Thanks for the tutorial on the little shoes. They are magical.



  40. popped by from T's blog. I see things in everyday stuff too...and am so glad I am not the only one. We have fox and baboon faces and ghost eyes on our fence, amongst other things....lovely fairy homes...well done.

  41. The little houses are adorable! Thanks for sharing all the photos and happy spring to you, Anne!

  42. I loved this piece! I was enthralled, enchanted, and laughing while reading the many stories. I love the pictures too. My favorite was the story of the cute little fairy shoes and weirdly enough, the picture of the spider (they creep me out, but that picture was so cool and it was one of the harmless ones).

  43. Your fairy houses are out of this world! Your talents simply blow me away! Beautiful!!!!

  44. your talent is truly amazing!


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