Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day Twelve...Baby Robins! And a Fun Surprise for Me...:^)

Evening, All!
Day 12 of the "Robin-Watch"...and Babies!!
Here again is the nest the parent robins built week-before-last in our little willow...
(I was worried, it is so low!)
 photo may411_zps744863a4.jpg
I wish now that I had gotten the step-ladder sooner,
so I could have gotten a "regular" photo of the eggs,
but this mirrored-image is kind of interesting, too.
 photo may411_zps603356d8.jpg
Love the egg color!!
This photo hasn't been enhanced at all...
(I have a piece of shell that was "tossed" from the nest...I want to take it
to the paint store and match the color exactly!)
Okay, here we are at Day Twelve already!

Two of the eggs have hatched today!...

(Sibling is behind/beneath this little babe... look at that fuzzy little head!

 ~ And the little "egg tooth" on the tip (on top) of the beak!)

I guess it makes sense that the eggs don't all hatch at once;

they are probably laid a day or so apart ~ I need to look that up!

 photo may151_zps00ec4fe8.jpg
 photo may152_zpsbbb7972b.jpg
 photo may153_zpsd3a93c78.jpg

Hopefully the other two eggs will hatch tomorrow!

Also, I was honored to be asked to be part of a feature about

Fairy and Gnome Homes on a Disney blog; ~

 photo may154_zpsdb759308.jpg

This is the Fairy Houses and Gnome Homes photo from that segment, by Marigold Haske.

Here's the link to take you directly there...there are all sorts of interesting

things to see!

Thank you so much, Marigold! (Don't you love her name?)

That's all for this evening!

Stay tuned, more baby-photos tomorrow!




  1. Those pictures are spectacular!!! So sweet... :-)

  2. You must have just posted! These are AMAZING images, Anne! What little precious peeps they are....
    And I am hopping over to the blog you mentioned, sounds like my kind of fun! ;) So happy to see you featured, talented friend...
    Now to catch up with sugared roses...yum.
    Love and hugs,
    - Irina

  3. Ahhh, I LOVE that blue too! Great
    photo technique! Welcome baby ROBINS!
    This is ALL such wonderful news Anne!
    Congrats and DISNEY no less!!! <3

  4. Oh, my goodness, Anne. Have you ever seen anything so amazing. How clever of you to use the mirror to see. So plain to see and the beautiful color on those eggs! What a treat. We have baby jays in the Secret Garden once again. They were a little older this year than when they came last year, but there are 5 instead of 2 and they are already flying pretty well but they keep coming back. I don't enjoy them so much when they are full grown..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. Anne, I forgot to congratulate you on your feature on the Disney blog. How exciting but you certainly deserve it..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog. These photos are beautiful. We had Stellar Jays nesting in our yard last year and it was SO much fun watching the 'babies' grow. My daughter was very lucky to video tape one of the 'first flights', too.

  7. i had a nest of robins just outside my library window. they hatched and were so cute. and then their mother deserted them and they died. i am so sad!

  8. How precious!! Visit Sunshine Pen Pals and join the fun!

  9. Congratulations being featured on the Disney is a well deserved tribute. And the baby robins...Oh still my heart....Thank you so much for showing them...♥

  10. Oh I love the Robin's nest in the sequence with the birds hatched and asking for dinner. Just so special.

    Congratulations on your fairy houses being featured on a Disny blog for fairy houses. They are truly amazing.


  11. Oh My! Look at those fuzzy little babes... too sweet! Great photos Anne.

    Congrats on your Disney fairy house feature - that's a no-brainer; yours are amazing!!!

  12. Wonderful pictures..Enjoy the ride..

  13. Look at those hungry little birdies. We have cardinals nesting in our hedge but I can't get near enough to get pics. Mr Cardinal is very protective and swoops down on anyone who goes near.

    Congratulations on the feature!!!!!

  14. So much fun to watch the baby birds grow up! I love your adorable little houses--so much patience :)

  15. Dear Anne - those baby robins are so sweet...what a great photo of the eggs and the little darlins. I do love that egg shell blue. Hard to believe a rather ordinary looking bird can lay such a gorgeous color in an egg. Thank you friend for sharing.

  16. Love the "Mom, Mom" pictures!
    Congrats to you for being asked to contribute! With your beautiful fairy houses, I'm not surprised! :)

  17. WOW what fabulous photos of the babies! You are incredibly lucky to be a witness of such a great piece of nature.
    Congrat's on being a featured artist!
    CDAC DT Member
    A Look Through My Eyes

  18. I'm feeling so envious!

    Every year I have some turtle doves returning to my Palm Trees and Nest. But they are too high and when I manage to see the babies they are flying out of nest.

    Congratulations on your Feature. Can't think of anyone deserving it more...


  19. WOW. just WOW and thank you :)

  20. Bless their little hearts! Thanks for the amazing pictures! Hugs ;o)

  21. Such amazing pictures. Love that beautiful blue.

  22. Congrats on being featured.


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