Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Robin-Watch", Day 13!

And then there were three!
Just a quick update on the baby robins...
Hopefully the fourth egg will still hatch ~
I didn't bring the step-ladder outside this evening, just used a little garden step-stool,
and I am so vertically-challenged that I didn't get the best photo,
 but you can see the third baby!
I won't keep you ~ I am SO behind...
Unusually behind, even for me, answering your sweet comments!
Please know how much I truly appreciate each one ~ ♥
ONE WEEK  from tonight until Graduation ~ (Eeek!)
 (And right after we have cake, oldest daughter Mandy and Jonathan

 leave for a week in Ireland ) ~
Maybe then I will settle down and be a better blogger! :^)
 photo may162_zps8bfaaf6e.jpg
 photo all_zps84351e34.jpg
One more thing.
Heaven, is this not??
I don't know whose Heaven it is, but I want it.
I said this morning that it was ALL I wanted, then I kept adding little things,
a stack of books and a bed and potty inside...
and a place to paint...
and was called on it...for the additions...;^)
Still. So close.
I HAD the possibility for almost this exact set-up," house-before-last"...
this looks like the porch and everything...
Alas, the cute little house really couldn't stretch to accommodate more than moi...
(and kitties...)
so I had to admit we needed a bigger house.
Now I am ready to go in the opposite direction again!
I will try to find out who to give credit (it is from Pinterest)
for this Little Piece of Heaven and post it later.
Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. I'm catching up too, and I'm also like you in that I worry about these birds and their babies, probably more than they do!! I'm glad your baby robins are arriving safely, and I LOVE that porch!

  2. awe I love the baby robins.. Love your porch too. Just beautiful

  3. I just love a porch swing! Looks very inviting.

  4. I love the porch swing sweet x

  5. Love the little birdies photo. It's always such a joy to find the nest with the baby robins.

  6. Piece of Heaven - on Earth - indeed.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  7. Oh such fantastic photos, Just spectacular. TFS

  8. Just been catching up with your robin posts - amazing.

  9. I'd be out there feeding bits of worms to them. Just as well I don't have them in my back yard!

  10. The baby's look healthy and that porch decor...I could see me happily and proudly sitting there. :)

  11. I love watching the little birds hatch until they try their wings. We have lots of nests here in the roses. Love that beautiful swing. I could spend some serious time there with a book!
    Happy weekend.

    the French Hutch

  12. Anne, I was in Ireland in September...oh I am envious of the travelers. It is absolutely beautiful! Don't you just adore have babies in your garden? So precious! Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Thats fun!!! We have some birds that have babies around here too. It's interesting to watch them!

  14. Nothing as heartwarming as seeing those little open beaks in the air :)

    That porch looks soooo inviting. I'd never get anything done...I'd be reading or napping...haha!

  15. Hello Dear Friend!
    Oh, I have missed you, I've not been visiting as often as I'd like...
    and you are busy indeed!!
    Look at those precious birdies! Fantastic photos..just amazing...
    Today I saw a little squirrel gathering tiny twigs high in the tree...wonder if she's making her nest. Wouldn't it be cute to get some pictures of those wee critters too? :)
    That porch looks...aahhhhh! And I am loving all of the new photos of darling you and your family on the sidebar.
    Ok, on to catch up with the newest post!
    Sending love your way,
    - Irina


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