Monday, May 13, 2013

Sugared Rose Petals & Figgy's Lemon Cake...

This post took a little longer than I thought ~ ;^)

Good evening, everyone!
 photo may132_zps1648b093.jpg
The roses are in bloom!

Just "Knockout" shrub roses here so far...

(I REALLY want Eden roses...♥)

but they are pretty, still ~

 photo may133_zpsd9cc0556.jpg

...And fragrant!

 photo may131_zpsdae7dd4d.jpg

I gathered petals...

 photo may137_zpsaaba98a6.jpg

...and used basically the same technique as with the Candied Violets,

except this time instead of just egg white and water for the "glue"

I stirred in about a third of a cup of powdered sugar (per a Southern Living recipe).

The petals were easier to dip and sugar-coat than the violets!

 photo may138_zps354ad387.jpg

Now I just need something to use them on...

I know! Cupcakes!

(You can see how adventurous I am in the kitchen...:^))

How about lemon cupcakes?

Here's something I saw on Pinterest...

Instead of spooning the batter into the cupcake liners,

(I'm really messy with this, especially if I'm in a hurry ~ )

I poured it from the batter bowl into a gallon zip-lock bag,

supported in a large quart-sized measuring cup...

and then cut off a corner to "pipe" it into the liners...

 photo may139_zps9f19f2cb.jpg

It worked! Not messy at all...I cut a little too much off the corner,

(so it came out a little fast)

but I'll know next time...

 photo may1310_zps95d2dea2.jpg
Hmmmm....always follow the directions on the box! ;^)

 photo may1311_zps473373d4.jpg
 photo may1312_zpsa7094494.jpg


These actually had a little more flavor (besides sugar) than the violets...:^)


Okay, I think I am "baked out" for a few days...

Jonathan got to eat this experiment, too.


Now for a stroll through my little "shade garden"...

(Shaded by the house...sigh...I'm really missing BIG trees!)

 photo may134_zps3f75638c.jpg
Isn't this fern handsome?

His name is "Dudley"

 photo may1316_zps8b8c855a.jpg

My favorite fern; Japanese Painted Fern...

I love the cool silvery-green fronds with their purple ribs!

 photo may136_zps01ca2340.jpg
My hydrangeas have gotten huge in their third season!

Full of blooms...♥


A couple of photos of the kitty-boys, Leo and Cyrus...

 photo may1314_zpsd783c1f7.jpg
 photo may1313_zps59855e37.jpg
It was supposed to get really cool here last night and tonight...

"Unusual weather we're having here", to quote the Scarecrow!

It really didn't get as cool as it was supposed to,

but I brought in my Kimberly ferns that daughter Katie got me...

~ (just in case) ~

and the kitties have acted like they are in the jungle!

Tallulah slinks through them, walking low...

The boys just like to lie in front of them,

 pretending to be big jungle cats!

 photo may1315_zps959549cf.png

Now here's my Figgy story...

Figgy ~ "Figaro" (from Pinocchio) ~ was my first kitty, Pat-Pat's, kitten...

He was kind of a grey version of Cyrus....

I adored him.

One day I decided it was Figgy's birthday ~ or if it wasn't, it should be ~

so Grandma Collier said we could bake him a cake.

I said I thought he would most like a lemon cake.

(Every time I see, or read about, or make ~ okay, that's rare ~

a lemon cake...or like the lemon cupcakes I made tonight...

I think of this ~ ♥)

Grandma helped me make a list,

and I went to the store all by myself to get the ingredients

 (it was a block away, and in a very small, and safe, town...

also right across the street from Aunt Anna's house.

 I was probably watched more than I knew!) ~

I remember how grown-up I felt with the buggy and my little list,

passing the candy aisle right up.

(I was five, I believe.)

I carried my brown paper sack of ingredients back to Grandma's

and we made the cake...

it even had lemon icing...I remember using real lemons,

not the lemon-flavored mix like I used tonight!

I'm not sure if Figgy ate any of his cake,

but I'm sure it was offered to him...

It had candles, too.

I wonder if Grandma had any idea what a lasting impression

that afternoon would have on me?

We had such a good time!

Have a great Tuesday, all!




  1. Oh Anne! Such pretty photos you always share with us here!
    Those cupcakes were to die for....your ferns and hydrangeas are just so lovely....and, as always, your kitties are super stars :)

    Love the childhood pics of you, too....I scrolled through the ones on your sidebar, too ;P

  2. I love everything you share, thanks so much my friend.

  3. Sweet and precious memories, Anne! Love your lemon cupcakes with the rose petals - they are just lovely! And so are the kitties. I had to laugh picturing them slinking through the ferns. Happy week to you! Hugs xoxo

  4. I love everything so much..
    Love x

  5. What a lovely post. The cupcake turned out so beautiful I would hate to destroy it by eating it. I have never eaten flowers although I know there are edible ones. Cats and plants are pretty also. I know those cats are not spoiled!

  6. Everything looks really nice and your rose petals sound interesting. You always surround yourself with beauty.

    My those kitties are beautiful and I love that Japanese painted fern.


  7. Oh my goodness, how beautiful! I've never seen a prettier cupcake.

  8. Always such beautiful posts - ALWAYS! LOVE the sugared roses, and the tip for not eating raw batter - how have I survived this long?! :-) Happy Tuesday - Tanya

  9. Oh yummy! Everything looks so beautiful.

    I loved hearing about your lemon cake memory. :-)

  10. Tiny ladybug houses, Fairies sugar coated rose petals........really? Could you bottle your patience and send it NORTH! You are one Stylish Lady forsure..( Huge Applause****)

  11. fantastic results with the have way more energy than I :)

  12. Anne those cupcakes turned out gorgeous and look delicious! Loved the piping trick as I always make a mess spooning too. I usual use a pourable measuring cup but this sounds like a better idea.

    That is a precious memory, your Grandma sounds like a wonderfully kind lady. Hugs,
    CDAC DT Member
    A Look Through My Eyes

  13. The Japanese Painted Fern is my favorite also.

    Love the look of those cupcakes!

  14. Dear Anne - I think Betty Crocker does just fine when it comes to baking a cake and just think how much time she left you to get those lovely rose petals ready for the top! Your roses are beautiful my friend. As for your story about Figgy and the lemon cake - it puts a lump in my throat thinking about the lovely day you and your dear Grandma had. Brings back memories to my special thoughts about my Grammy! Thanks for sharing and making me smile and cry just a bit. (happy tears)

  15. Beautiful cupcakes and I really like the tip about the bag and the batter!
    What a sweet story about Figgy and the birthday cake! :)

  16. What a sweet memory you have of you and your grandmother, and what beautiful cupcakes! You'll have to tell us how to make the sugared rose petals I would love to try to make them! As always your blog is beautiful!

  17. Gorgeous! What a great story about the lemon cake!

  18. Such pretty cupcakes..Glad you have such sweet "Grandma memories"..

  19. What a wonderful grandma you had a a lovely memory she gave you that day. Your photo's are always so beautiful and professional looking. You are so talented.

  20. I love all the beautiful photos and sentiments!! :) Truely lovely!

  21. Hello Anne, your lovely, lovely post is well worth all the time it took! I can't belive you have Roses out already, ours are still tiny buds- Jane xx

  22. You must be a wonderful person, your blog just bursts with joy and gratefulness; and what a photographer you are~ Magazine worthy! I loved the story of your dad with the armfuls of paperwhites, and the cake you made for your kitty, just made me happy to stop by.

  23. Anne, your cupcakes are pretty with the rose petals. And your roses are beautiful. Oh, I do love the fragrance of those precious flowers.

    I love stopping by to see what you're up to. Since mother's day weekend I've been behind.

    Your kitties are very regal.

    Blessings my dear,

  24. I love your sweet memories...your Grandmother was a beautiful lady...
    and the darling photo!!!

    These cupcakes came out so for a Queen Fae! :)

    Leo and Cyrus are indeed kings of the jungle... :))

  25. I have a Japanese Fern too! Love it! I love lemon too ;o) Yummy ;o) Great post as always! Love your kitties ;o)


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