Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hi, everyone!
Boy, am I happy to be signing on here again!
My youngest daughter Katie (you can see her in the John Wayne post) ~
"Classic Movie Katie" we called her when she was younger ~
got a new job at TCM (Turner Classic Movies)
 where she interned a few years back, right before graduation.
So, I am here in Atlanta helping her get set up in her new apartment.
However, just a couple of days before I came down to help,
the day Katie (also my computer fixer) left,
 ( of course...that's when problems happen ) ~
I had just finished my last blog post,
 and was searching on my computer for apartments, etc.,
looking at antebellum homes for sale that I could no way afford...;^)
just looking around in general, and all of a sudden the screen
turned white for a minute, then this official-looking "FBI"
notice came up...I had been allegedly looking at something that could
get me in big trouble, it said, and all I had to do to get out of it was to pay
$450...hmmmm....buying off the feds for $450? I don't think so, and
besides, all I had been looking at was real estate!
It locked up everything on my computer. :^(
It's called the "FBI Virus", and it is a nasty one.
Long story short (er), I had to have everything "wiped" from my computer,
returning it to the factory settings.
It was an extended-family member who did this, and he was (thankfully)
able to save all my photos by putting my hard-drive into another computer...
but it took four and a half hours; if I had taken it to a store for repair,
I doubt that they would have taken the time to do this.
So now my photos are safely on a flash-drive
(there was Jonathan's graduation on there,
and so many other things that I would have been so sad to have lost)!
However, I did lose all my contacts, etc.
and my e-mail account that is connected to A Little Fur in the Paint
also had everything deleted...
So if you don't get an answer to a question you've asked,
please leave me another comment, or e-mail me directly...
I apologize!
No pictures today, since I am on Katie's computer, but
watch for a new post very soon!
(The Bridges of Madison County post is still coming!)
Tomorrow I am going home, and tomorrow night  and
Saturday I will be painting faces at the
 Sweet Corn Festival in East Prairie, Missouri.
I've missed you all!
Thank you for "hanging in there" with me!


  1. What a shock to have that virus screen pop up! Thank goodness for someone who knew how to save all your pictures! I wish Katie well in Atlanta with her TCM job. I've missed a few of your posts myself due to all the "busyness" going on around here.

  2. oh how awful! glad you told us about this because i live on real estate sites! have a safe trip home and congrats to your daughter!

  3. Oh, I am so sorry that happened to you!!
    Good luck to your daughter. Tell her to look out for me on top of Stone Mountain! I will be the one with the reddest face! LOL!!

  4. Your daughter must think she won the lottery in getting her dream job. I am sure she earned her position & will be a fantastic addition to their staff.
    It is just a pain in the butt to have that happen to your computer. I saw a story about that virus on the National news last week. I will say that I have put Norton 360 Premier software on my computer for the last 5 years & I have it has always caught and confined all viruses and "bad computer things". I am sure nothing is fool proof, but the software has been excellent for keeping my computer trouble-free.

  5. So glad to see you back! Sorry to hear of the computer virus. Those are so nasty!

  6. So sorry that you got a virus on your computer. How unsettling...
    I'm glad that you got your pictures back. It reminds me to back up my pictures on a DVD. I last updated them last year.

    Take care, Hugs,

  7. I am so scared of getting a virus..that would have given me a heart attack. Did you click a link by accident? Glad your back and sharing with us.Happy for your daughter to get her dream job...Having her happy makes mom happy too. :)

  8. How awful! I went through something like this a while back, and your post just reminded me that I haven't backed stuff up in a to to that right now!



  9. Oh sad...but I am glad you got your pictures back..
    Big hugs x

  10. Congrats to your daughter! Sorry about the virus, stupid people!

  11. I live in fear of getting one of those viruses. It is terrific that you had someone to fix it as it would have cost almost the same as the scammer asked for to repair the damage.

  12. Huge Congratulations to your wonderfully talented daughter and son!!! Good Job Mommy♥
    That sucks when that happens...dont you feel so violated? and creepy? All the fun we have on here makes us forget there is evil lurking. Lucky your family hookup saved the day...Huge applause...Wow you are surrounded by talent ...hmmm Wonder where it came from???lolololol bee safe♥Debi

  13. Ooo...that sounds awfully nasty, messy, Anne. I'm glad your relative was able to get you back in the groove.

    I think it's very interesting that you called your daughter "Classic Movie, Katie" when she was younger, and now she works for that very station. The wonderful connection of words and manifestation. Now if we can use our powers for good our lives and this world would be so much better.

    Blessings on your computer from this moment forward,

    Marianne xo

  14. What a nice surprise Anne!!! I was watering my little garden and was wondering what you might be up to. My cypress seeds you sent me are growing and hopefully they will stay alive while I am away for some vacation. YIKES!!!
    I am so sorry about your virus, but GLAD you had family to help you!!! These viruses are sooo irritating!
    You must be so very proud of your daughter! Love her picture!!! You have such wonderful occasion to celebrate!!!!
    Well, keep safe, enjoy those sweet faces at the festival. I'm looking foreword to your next posting. <3

  15. Thats just terrible Anne! So glad you are getting things back together though!!! Certainly have missed you and all your craftiness around here. Hugs! deb

  16. I wish I had read this sooner and known you were here in Atlanta! We could have met for tea or lunch or something and talked about fairies! :) :)
    Let me know by email or something the next time you are out this way! :)

  17. Bless your heart, sorry for all the computer problems. Glad you are back, really missed you.

  18. omg..that is just terrible
    sorry..but am happy about your daughters new Turner job!!

  19. one of my favorites..bridges of madison county..I bought the cd (:)

  20. congratulations to your girl...well done!

  21. Wow, quite the exciting computer virus there! :)

  22. YAY for your sweet daughter!! HOw fun!

    But, yuckola for the faux fbi people giving you a virus!! How terrible of them. Rotten.

    Can't wait to see you at the Mad Tea party ;)

  23. I am so sorry, dear friend....what is wrong with people to do this? My e-mail was hacked while I was away on a little trip as well, but knock wood, it seems to be ok for now. I think I better write down my contacts somewhere just in case.
    How wonderful that you were able to save the precious photos....
    I wish your daughter the absolute BEST in her new adventure!!!
    Much love to you, dear friend...
    - Irina

  24. Congratulations to Katie! What an exciting time in her life!

  25. Dear Anne - don't you just hate those viruses. So glad you were able to save your pictures. Will email you so you have my address again. Take care and have fun painting faces! Hugs Debbie

  26. It sounds like a nightmare Anne, but glad you were able to fix the problem. My fear is like you said losing my pictures. Recently, I had my Nephew put them on a disc for me.
    So many of the bloggers change their backgrounds so often ..THAT is my fear...if I do that I'd lose everything! But most important..
    Congratulations to your proud you must be!!

  27. Congratulations to your sweet daughter! I am so sorry to hear of your computer issues... Glad all is well.. I wish people would use their technical knowledge for something good in life, instead of making such problems for so many.
    Take care,

  28. Oh my, what a mess! I would be so discouraged to lose everything! Glad you were able to back up and running. Blogs/writing take so much's heart-wrenching when technology fails us.


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