Monday, August 5, 2013

Catching Up!

Hi, Everyone!
I have been a bad, bad blogger!
(Starting with forgetting the date of Vanessa's Mad Tea Party...)
This has just been a strange summer, so far...
No one will be in public school ~ in my house, anyway ~ this fall...
Grandson Nick will be in 9th grade, but aside from picking him up
in the afternoon, my son Mark will have to do all the school stuff...
I have been dealing with Sikeston Public Schools now for thirty-four years!
(And I am still getting the school-related automated phone calls ~
I'll have to call and remind them that they can now

 take my number out of the system...;)
Jonathan and his older brother Neil will both be in college
before the month is out...
And then....then...
I don't know what.
Visit Katie in Atlanta? Visit Mandy in St. Charles?
Twiddle my thumbs?
(Actually, I'm trying to make myself get into the habit of painting again.)
I digress, though...

I really don't know the reason for this melancholy strangeness...
 photo au512_zpsb6ca8b2d.jpg
One thing I'm excited about ~

Probably overly-excited about, as I am at this time every summer...


I have a passion for Grandma Launius had them in her garden.


I grow them every year in memory of her.

What makes them so special?

They are so fleeting...a week's bloom-time, maybe two at the most...

depending on the temperature...(high temps make them all open up faster).

To me, the fragrance is summer when I was little, spending the night

at my Grandparents' house...which was air-conditioned ~

ours (at the farm) wasn't.

Such a treat...and Grandma's living room was all tuberose-scented


 photo au513_zps899a8813.jpg
A Cypress Vine has laced these two together...
 photo au511_zpsbe2cfa7a.jpg
Okay, this is all of the tuberose photos, I promise!
 photo au53_zpsa0ad7f2d.jpg
Towering sunflowers!

My garden has just grown (like Topsy)

this year.

On its own, pretty much.

It's not being pampered like last year.

 photo au51_zps6b2e8c77.jpg
A Cherry-Lime Zinnia...
 photo au52_zps1eb1d5ee.jpg
"Lime Queen"
 photo au55_zps29b0391e.jpg
The marigolds are enjoying this rainy day...
 photo au56_zps0057a0d2.jpg
 photo au58_zps5fea35ac.jpg
Cypress Vines everywhere!
 photo au59_zpseebe4a32.jpg
They thrive on neglect, though...

Look at this one coming up between the pavers!
 photo au514_zps6cea585b.jpg
How about a dash of cuteness?
 photo au515_zps6c485e18.jpg
Older brother Neil has been doing farm work this summer,

and a couple of weeks ago he brought this little baby home in his lunch box...

(A dog had gotten into the nest and this little fellow was the only one saved...)

Isn't he adorable?

I didn't know what I was going to do with him...

After a little online research,  I found

Watkins Wildlife Rehab

in Sedgewickville, Missouri ~ about an hour from here.

Conveniently for me, though, a kind soul who works at a veterinary office

here in town lives close to the rehab/sanctuary, and she took him there for me.

Happy ending!

Here are a few of the ACEOs I've finished in the past few days...

(ACEOs are fun little baseball-card-sized artworks, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2")

I'm listing them on eBay;

If you'd like to take a look, I'd be honored ~

My eBay ID is october*moon...

or, you can click "Fiddlin' Under the Harvest Moon"

in the right sidebar, and go directly there.

I promise I won't spam you (much ~ ;),

but putting them here on the blog keeps me inspired!

I've had fun with them, anyway...

"Tallulah at the Mad Hatter's Tea"

(See my gold polka-dotted teapot?)
 photo au516_zps551fecd5.jpg
Tallulah's fantasy of having tea with the Hatter himself!
Watercolor and Colored Pencil
"Ladies of the Club I"
 photo au520_zpsf7592bda.jpg
Tallulah and her little Mousie friend in their feathery chapeaus...
"Ladies of the Club II"
 photo au521_zps72f44c8a.jpg
Tallulah and two of her little Mousie friends
in their fancy hats and red pocketbooks!
"Tallulah's Halloween Party"
 photo au519_zpsf2ad3497.jpg
Tallulah (and helper) stir up a Halloween brew...
"Conjuring Up a Rainbow"
 photo au518_zps732456ca.jpg
Tallulah and friends have donned their wizard-garb
and are conjuring up a rainbow...
"Fiddlin' Under the Harvest Moon"
 photo au517_zps01a206cf.jpg
Tallulah and friend, fiddlin'
in the moonlight...
look at those eyes peering out from under the leaves!

New post soon...I have lots of catching up to do!



  1. I love your pictures, both photos and paintings.

    A chapter in your life has closed but now you have an opportunity to start a new adventure. Give it careful thought, make a plan, and then jump in. It's all about you now.

  2. Beautiful flowers, but I like the zinnea best of all. They're so cheery! And that bunny is probably the one that migrated to my fenced-in garden and managed to make it inside to eat the peas and beans! I too have a soft spot for the bunnies, though. They are so cute!

  3. Ooh, that baby bunny! Too cute. I love your paintings, especially the one where Tallulah is wearing a 'Kiss the Cat' apron. Such a wonderful imagination and talent you have!



  4. i love your photos!
    your tuberoses are stunning.
    that sunflower! wow!
    I do like the zinnias though, they remind me of my mom, they were her favorite.
    you have a green thumb!!
    oh the bunny is adorable, he was very lucky to have people that want to help.
    your ACEOs are just the cutest things!
    so much talent, with your gardening your awesome photography and your painting!!!
    i think you'll have lot's to keep you busy:)

    hope you have a great week!

  5. This is a very magical post, right down to the whimsical paintings. How wonderful to be so talented!

  6. The tuberoses looks so delicate. I don't think I have ever seen them for real, I need to rectify that! All of your plants are looking so good. I like the little paintings very much.

  7. As always, an enchanting mixture of beautiful things and tender thoughts, much enjoyed! love Jane xx
    ps. I've been a bad blogger too...

  8. What a precious gift you have. Your drawing and painting is so wonderful. You are so creative.

    I have never seen or heard of Tuber Roses before. They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    I always enjoy coming to your blog. You are very inspiring. Enjoy the rest of summer.

    Here it's getting very cool in the morning already. Usually August is very hot but not this year.


  9. love the pictures, and love you.

  10. Lovely post. LOVE the sunflower!!
    The little bunny is a sooo cute.

  11. Welcome back..lovely the bunny..missed ya..

  12. beautiful pictures! I think getting back into painting is a great idea

  13. I agree with everyone else's comments! Such a lovely blog. You're very talented! I must admit I'd never heard of tuberose before. They're beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos, AND your artwork!

  14. Your pictures are just the best! So bright and vivid. Just beautiful! I remember when I was done w/ kids going to school too. There's freedom in that!

  15. So much goodness here!!!! Anne, dear, your paintings are so marvelous, as always...I am heading to Ebay right after this...oh yeah! :)
    And that bunny!!! Too cute!
    Tuberose, one my favorite scents....
    Big hugs,
    - Irina

  16. I hear you friend - life is changing. I am so glad though to see that you are staying quite creative. I adore your Tallulah art pieces. They make me smile and smile some more. You can always show me those lovely tuberoses. I have yet to try some - it is on my "bucket list" which seems to grow every time I visit you. Xo xo Pixie


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