Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Evening...A Few More Pics

Hi, there!
A few more photos for you tonight...
Hope everyone's having a good evening ~ I know, Tuesday's almost over...
 photo au64_zpsb03c399f.jpg

I said I wouldn't post any more tuberose photos...

I fibbed.

(Last one ~ this year ~ I promise!)

 photo au61-1_zpsdf84a0b2.jpg

Remember my vintage chair (Great Aunt Anna's)

with the birdcage and ornaments at Christmas?

(Okay, it was after Christmas...)

I couldn't resist putting a big basket of petunias in it ~

These are Wave Petunias, but they look like the old-fashioned kind,

don't you think?


 photo au62-1_zpsb2d94b6e.jpg

My supper!

(It was delicious!)

 photo au66-1_zps1e3977dc.jpg
I will tell you a secret...
I can't make myself clean house unless I rearrange something...
If I have a new plant or flowers from the garden to add, all the better!
We were having company last week and I had to do something...
(In the photo above, I've repurposed a little vintage perfume bottle that
belonged to Mr. B's mom...)
I just don't want to do housework at all anymore.
At ALL...
 photo au68-1_zpsccb1b06f.jpg

So, I found "inspiration" in blue and white transferware and Zinnias...

 photo au69_zps30c993f7.jpg

Someone told me they thought Zinnias were such a happy flower,

and they really are!

 photo au67_zps7fd47bdd.jpg

I played with putting vases under some of my cloches...

Full disclosure here; if you keep your AC as low (some say cold)

as I do, they WILL fog...I thought when the flowers acclimated to the inside

temperature, it would stop, but no.

I'll bet I wiped them inside a dozen times before our company got here...

even folded little squares of paper towels

 and put under the edges to get some air in there ~

they still fogged.

I always had that trouble with terrariums, too.

They looked good for a few minutes, though, if I do say so myself!

 photo au65_zps2bd781c1.jpg

Isn't this the sweetest little transferware tureen?

It's not a family piece; I got it on eBay quite a few years ago...

Still, I just love it ~

I like to think about the little girl who owned it originally,

maybe serving tea to her dolls...

Can you imagine having the whole set of dishes that went with it?

That would be fabulous..."Awesome Possum" as my girls say...;)

I'm happy with just this little tureen, though.

 photo au63_zpsd79fe858.jpg
 photo july34_zps3680cec5.jpg
 photo july33_zps73ef2bff.jpg
And finally, a couple more Fairy Houses...
"Toad Hollow" has gone to live with my dear friend Elaine in New York.
 That's it for this evening...back to painting!



  1. Glad your back Anne! ; ) Oh, I LOVE your tuberose's! I have got the cypress vines growing that you sent me, but no flowering yet!
    I know what you mean about cleaning. I do love to decorate with my favorite things and blooming things especially!
    Summer fun is coming to an end this Thurs., for it's back to school my junior and senior gals. Where did the time go? So sad! ;(
    Love your new fairy houses! Super Cute!!!<3

  2. I am glad you did post another tuberose pic, they are so pretty. Zinnias are a happy flower and they look lovely here, even if only for a few minutes! The fairy houses are sweet. I love the blue flowers around the door.

  3. Oh, Anne, I can relate to not wanting to do housework any more, but your pretty 'arranging' has me inspired to do a little sprucing up. Love the chair with the petunias and the tuberose flowers - is there anything prettier? Maybe your zinnias? Love the blue bottles and transferware and the little child's tureen is just so precious. Oh what a lucky friend to get the fairy house, it is just the sweetest! Hope you are having a wonderful summer! Hugs, xoxo

  4. Your house must look so pretty!

  5. I just love your photos! The flowers and transferware are so delightful!


  6. I need to take your lead on decorating while cleaning, Anne. such pretty little touches. I had that same tea set when I was little, I wish I still had it. All that's left is the little sugar bowl and a plate; I treasure it.

  7. Wonderful summertime photos. Love the flowers. xoxo,Susie

  8. Your photographs are so professionally done, it's amazing.

    Love all your Zinnias and especially that tiny blue tureen.

    Your little houses are to die for. They get prettier with each ones you make.

  9. Gorgeous photos, thanks so much!

  10. The flowers under your cloches are beautiful..As are the dishes...Toad Hollow is great..So glad you're back

  11. The flowers look lovely on the white chair!!
    Wow that watermelon is so red and looks delicious.
    I always move something around too when I clean. : )

  12. Gorgeous flowers. The little houses are adorable! I especially love the toad house. Your friend is a lucky woman!
    ~Deb Ochs-LaGrone~
    The Bling Chronicles DT
    CDAC DT Member
    A Look Through My Eyes

  13. love love love everything you share. The watermelon looks delicious. Awesome fairy houses.

  14. The fairy houses are too darling for words. I started a fairy garden this summer and just love adding new pieces. The chair looks so beautiful with the wave petunia. It wont be long until we are doing fall, so enjoy the summer as long as you can.

  15. I've been missing your posts and have loved catching up this evening! I love your tuberose and all you other photos of flowers and your lovely things--A perfect and enjoyable post to finish with at the end of my day!

    I hope you're doing well, and are having a good week!

  16. Lovely to come and visit you! And catch up a wee bit.

    Enjoyed your photos...lovely.... and your comment about needing to rearrange and bring in flowers in order to motivate your cleaning 'maid'. I can so relate to that!

    It makes it fun then.

  17. Hi Anne, your photos are beautiful. Love, love the blue transfer ware, the tureen and platter are gorgeous as well as the zinnias. They are such a fun flower. The fairy house is stunning as is all of your work.

  18. YOU are magical!!!
    I can't believe I've missed so much here....but I am so glad to see you posting and creating!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Off to catch up with more entries...
    Love to you, dear Anne...
    - Irina

  19. It must be an age thing because I am in the mode of not doing house work too...or at least not as much. Maybe that is okay because it gives me more time to create!!
    Your transfer ware is simply divine...have always wanted to own some...e-bay may be calling my name (LOL)- those new wave petunias are lovely and so pretty sitting on that chair. Have a great day and don't worry about that housework...one thing I know it will always be there when you get in the mood!! Hugs Pixie

  20. I've never liked housework either. Sometimes I think my Hubby invites people over just so I'll clean....haha!

    The blue with the colorful zinnias is so striking together!

    ...and as always...LOVE the cottages!


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