Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11

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Yes, I actually have two posts today...and this is my 200th.
It didn't seem right to combine a tribute to the heroes and victims
of that tragic day with a post about my little paintings...
It is so clear, it seems like it could have been last week ~
 it's hard to believe it's been twelve years.
It was one of those times when you'll always remember

where you were when you heard the news...
I called my mom, then I called my dad.
He turned on his television while I was still on the phone
 (one channel, CBS, just like it had been at the farm since I was little),
then he didn't say anything for several long minutes...
I was beginning to wonder if he remembered I was still on the line.
When he did speak, he said "Well, I've expected this for a long time...
just like during "War Two" (Daddy was a WWII veteran, Army Air Corps),
many other countries have dealt with atrocities like this
...we couldn't be exempt forever."
I wish we could have.
Bless all of them.


  1. The repercussions of the aftermath of 9/11 has affected us all, not only in your country but everywhere in the world. Nothing is as it was.

    We remember the victims and heros everywhere who dealt with this terrible tragedy of unspeakable evil, those who have worked so hard to keep our countries safe from these senseless attacks. We remember them...

    Hugs and Peace my friend.

  2. Hi Anne. What a day. I was driving to work when I turned on the radio. I ran a huge copy machine and it made a lot of noise but I listened to the radio all day as best I could. I will never forget it. It is something that we should never forget..Judy

  3. My dad called and told us to turn on the TV. I remember sitting there in disbelief.
    I wish our country could have been exempt forever too...

  4. YOur Daddy was a smart man. I wish we could have remained exempt, too. xo Diana

  5. Dear Anne - I too remember clearly where I was that you as soon as I could get through on the phone I was calling my folks. Such a terrible time in our country and we still continue to feel the ripples of sadness that surrounds that day. Thanks for your tribute dear one.

  6. Yes, being exempt would be the best. But, looks like this world is in a pure uproar, or very near one for sure.

    Did I previously mention to you the blog about WWII daughters and fathers?
    She has a static front page I think, but click on the archives for more.

    Haven't been around for a while - nice to see you.

    Take care!

  7. A tragic day....I was in my den having my morning coffee...everything seemed to freeze in time...I could not comprehend what I had just seen.

  8. Just to say my thoughts were with you all, remembering that terrible day. Jane xx

  9. Muy hermosos trabajos realmente un cuento de hadas bello bello un beso Sandra.

  10. Oh Anne..
    We will never forget.
    I too remember that day; the sadness was overwhelming.
    There have been many miracles witnessed also.... a spark of hope in all that devastation.

    I've been looking over your past posts, and I am so impressed with your skills and talents as an artist. You do and always have inspired me.

    Hope it's a good week for you.

    {I'm blogging again, and enjoying it}

  11. i love arts!!

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    will u follow me back? heee..
    nice blog! keep in touch yea..=)

    dan my 2nd blog


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