Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Still Painting...

Hi, everyone!
 Happy Wednesday!
I'm still in Atlanta with Katie and her kitties,
but I'm working on some new little ACEOs ~
No distractions here, right?
 photo sep114_zps30926278.jpg
Five little paintings, all in various stages...
I work best this way, whether it's Fairy Houses
or paintings...
Rarely just "one at a time"!
 photo sep111_zpsbad30a0f.jpg
Sometimes it's difficult to come up with new ideas,
and other times I have so many I have to write them down...;^)
I have started a little "nature" series here,
with Tallulah spying on various little creatures...
 photo sep112_zpsdfb74649.jpg
One little café-scene, though...
I think I'm going to call this "Blue Plate Special" ~
 photo sep113_zps312af4ce.jpg
Of course, I have "kitty help" here, too...
(Kitties are such helpful little things...they excel at holding down books, papers, etc. for you!)
This is Kensington, Katie's big Ragdoll boy...isn't he handsome?
That's all for now...hope your week is going great!


  1. Hi Anne, your drawings are so beautiful, what a talent to be able to just draw something like that. Your paintings also are beautiful. You must have to walk around with a little note pad to scribble your ideas down.

    Of course your cats are also very special and gorgeous and I'm sure that they are all good models for you.
    Have a nice weekend coming up.

  2. I just love your art style Anne. What great drawings and paintings! So talented are you.

    I also love Kensington; I too have a Ragdoll and her name is Tawnee! They are such big, beautiful, soft and quiet cats.

  3. Oooo...loved your 'egg' plate palette. Very pretty.

    And your creative words... loved them.

    Beautiful kitty cats! Purry hugs to you and them....


  4. Five very sweet and darling little paintings. You are an amazing artist. xo Diana

  5. Yes, Kensington is very handsome, and what beautiful eyes he has. It is interesting seeing your paintings at the different stages, and how could you be anything but creative with that gorgeous paint palette.

  6. This looks like a story book for children. Not too many words, so the story is in the cats. Really engaging pictures here. Share them with a wider audience please.

  7. Anne - wow two posts in one day...maybe you should get away more often (LOL) - love your ACEO's that Tallulah is just the best muse. Hope you are having fun - take care and enjoy your visit.

  8. What a beautiful cat, and what sweet drawings, Anne.

  9. Anne, I love your paintings! Your kitty has so much expression. I agree with Louise, they look like illustrations for a storybook.



  10. I love your paintings! so sweet.. n ur kitty has a cute face!! ha2.. i am catlover too!

  11. frustrated, I want to see the beginning of your fairy house in purple but for the life of me I can't find it. I even googled it but nothing but this page. want to know how you started and all of it. I read the part about using model clay and you said there was another page. please where is it. just a clue maybe where in old pages to look.


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