Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oh, Look! Fairy Watermelons!

Look, look!
 Someone (another Fairy gardener?)
 left our Fairy some little watermelons on her front steps!
 photo aug1311_zps29d032ff.jpg
 photo aug1310_zpsa69e93cf.jpg

Wee little Watermelons!

(Makes you want to say "Wee Wittle Watermelons", doesn't it?)

 photo aug135_zpsaebf76e7.jpg
 photo aug136_zpsafc2e23c.jpg

Actually, they are Cucamelons...

Also called MOUSE MELONS, which is even cuter than "Fairy" ones, I think!

Aren't they sweet?

You can read more about them here...I ordered the seeds from this company, Terroir Seeds ~

after seeing them on Pinterest.

 photo aug133_zpsbbabd820.jpg

I probably should have fed them a little Miracle Grow...

 But I have been so BAD this year...things in the garden have been pretty much on their own.

They did okay, though.

They are green inside, and taste like cucumbers...

and a little like watermelon (the part near the rind).

Perfect Fairy Watermelons!

 photo aug131_zpsf95737d3.jpg

We've been picking lots of green beans...

 photo aug132-1_zps6c33a10c.jpg
I used to dislike this chore very much, pinching the ends off
and snapping the beans!
I kind of enjoy it now, though ~ and I really like how fresh green beans taste...
Grandma Collier and Grandma Launius used to can oodles and oodles of them,
and during the same time we would have them at meals...
(With tiny little "new" potatoes and seasoned with ham)
Never got tired of them, though!
 photo aug134_zps40fc00ff.jpg

The zinnias are still going strong in the garden...

(They would produce even more flowers if I would go out and cut some bouquets!)

We have had so much rain for the past week...

The flowers and vegetables are loving it!

 photo aug137_zpsdf68ee11.jpg

Okay, a few kitty pictures...;)

These aren't great (indoor, night photos) ~

But Cyrus and Tallulah were so cute, napping together.

Leo was off somewhere else, probably hanging out with one of the boys.

He much prefers them to me...I do the baths and the grooming...

Not popular things with the boy cats.

Of course, I also feed and scoop, but I guess they think that's beside the point!

 photo aug139_zpsd9599151.jpg
Tallulah..."Wittle Wuwah", I call her.
She loves me and hangs out with me, even though I AM the bather...
 photo aug138_zps162fe6ca.jpg

Lastly, a few little ACEOs!
 photo aug86ebaysm-x_zps242f22ba.jpg
 photo aug114ebaysm_zps4ad3b4f9.jpg
 photo aug112ebaysm_zps9fca421a.jpg
 photo aug132ebaysm_zpsbba0e549.jpg

I've been having such fun with these! That Tallulah ~

She gives art lessons, piano lessons, bakes...;)

Getting ready to list the last one on eBay tonight!

That's all for now...back to painting.

Have a good evening, all!



Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Evening...A Few More Pics

Hi, there!
A few more photos for you tonight...
Hope everyone's having a good evening ~ I know, Tuesday's almost over...
 photo au64_zpsb03c399f.jpg

I said I wouldn't post any more tuberose photos...

I fibbed.

(Last one ~ this year ~ I promise!)

 photo au61-1_zpsdf84a0b2.jpg

Remember my vintage chair (Great Aunt Anna's)

with the birdcage and ornaments at Christmas?

(Okay, it was after Christmas...)

I couldn't resist putting a big basket of petunias in it ~

These are Wave Petunias, but they look like the old-fashioned kind,

don't you think?


 photo au62-1_zpsb2d94b6e.jpg

My supper!

(It was delicious!)

 photo au66-1_zps1e3977dc.jpg
I will tell you a secret...
I can't make myself clean house unless I rearrange something...
If I have a new plant or flowers from the garden to add, all the better!
We were having company last week and I had to do something...
(In the photo above, I've repurposed a little vintage perfume bottle that
belonged to Mr. B's mom...)
I just don't want to do housework at all anymore.
At ALL...
 photo au68-1_zpsccb1b06f.jpg

So, I found "inspiration" in blue and white transferware and Zinnias...

 photo au69_zps30c993f7.jpg

Someone told me they thought Zinnias were such a happy flower,

and they really are!

 photo au67_zps7fd47bdd.jpg

I played with putting vases under some of my cloches...

Full disclosure here; if you keep your AC as low (some say cold)

as I do, they WILL fog...I thought when the flowers acclimated to the inside

temperature, it would stop, but no.

I'll bet I wiped them inside a dozen times before our company got here...

even folded little squares of paper towels

 and put under the edges to get some air in there ~

they still fogged.

I always had that trouble with terrariums, too.

They looked good for a few minutes, though, if I do say so myself!

 photo au65_zps2bd781c1.jpg

Isn't this the sweetest little transferware tureen?

It's not a family piece; I got it on eBay quite a few years ago...

Still, I just love it ~

I like to think about the little girl who owned it originally,

maybe serving tea to her dolls...

Can you imagine having the whole set of dishes that went with it?

That would be fabulous..."Awesome Possum" as my girls say...;)

I'm happy with just this little tureen, though.

 photo au63_zpsd79fe858.jpg
 photo july34_zps3680cec5.jpg
 photo july33_zps73ef2bff.jpg
And finally, a couple more Fairy Houses...
"Toad Hollow" has gone to live with my dear friend Elaine in New York.
 That's it for this evening...back to painting!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Catching Up!

Hi, Everyone!
I have been a bad, bad blogger!
(Starting with forgetting the date of Vanessa's Mad Tea Party...)
This has just been a strange summer, so far...
No one will be in public school ~ in my house, anyway ~ this fall...
Grandson Nick will be in 9th grade, but aside from picking him up
in the afternoon, my son Mark will have to do all the school stuff...
I have been dealing with Sikeston Public Schools now for thirty-four years!
(And I am still getting the school-related automated phone calls ~
I'll have to call and remind them that they can now

 take my number out of the system...;)
Jonathan and his older brother Neil will both be in college
before the month is out...
And then....then...
I don't know what.
Visit Katie in Atlanta? Visit Mandy in St. Charles?
Twiddle my thumbs?
(Actually, I'm trying to make myself get into the habit of painting again.)
I digress, though...

I really don't know the reason for this melancholy strangeness...
 photo au512_zpsb6ca8b2d.jpg
One thing I'm excited about ~

Probably overly-excited about, as I am at this time every summer...


I have a passion for tuberoses...my Grandma Launius had them in her garden.


I grow them every year in memory of her.

What makes them so special?

They are so fleeting...a week's bloom-time, maybe two at the most...

depending on the temperature...(high temps make them all open up faster).

To me, the fragrance is summer when I was little, spending the night

at my Grandparents' house...which was air-conditioned ~

ours (at the farm) wasn't.

Such a treat...and Grandma's living room was all tuberose-scented


 photo au513_zps899a8813.jpg
A Cypress Vine has laced these two together...
 photo au511_zpsbe2cfa7a.jpg
Okay, this is all of the tuberose photos, I promise!
 photo au53_zpsa0ad7f2d.jpg
Towering sunflowers!

My garden has just grown (like Topsy)

this year.

On its own, pretty much.

It's not being pampered like last year.

 photo au51_zps6b2e8c77.jpg
A Cherry-Lime Zinnia...
 photo au52_zps1eb1d5ee.jpg
"Lime Queen"
 photo au55_zps29b0391e.jpg
The marigolds are enjoying this rainy day...
 photo au56_zps0057a0d2.jpg
 photo au58_zps5fea35ac.jpg
Cypress Vines everywhere!
 photo au59_zpseebe4a32.jpg
They thrive on neglect, though...

Look at this one coming up between the pavers!
 photo au514_zps6cea585b.jpg
How about a dash of cuteness?
 photo au515_zps6c485e18.jpg
Older brother Neil has been doing farm work this summer,

and a couple of weeks ago he brought this little baby home in his lunch box...

(A dog had gotten into the nest and this little fellow was the only one saved...)

Isn't he adorable?

I didn't know what I was going to do with him...

After a little online research,  I found

Watkins Wildlife Rehab

in Sedgewickville, Missouri ~ about an hour from here.

Conveniently for me, though, a kind soul who works at a veterinary office

here in town lives close to the rehab/sanctuary, and she took him there for me.

Happy ending!

Here are a few of the ACEOs I've finished in the past few days...

(ACEOs are fun little baseball-card-sized artworks, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2")

I'm listing them on eBay;

If you'd like to take a look, I'd be honored ~

My eBay ID is october*moon...

or, you can click "Fiddlin' Under the Harvest Moon"

in the right sidebar, and go directly there.

I promise I won't spam you (much ~ ;),

but putting them here on the blog keeps me inspired!

I've had fun with them, anyway...

"Tallulah at the Mad Hatter's Tea"

(See my gold polka-dotted teapot?)
 photo au516_zps551fecd5.jpg
Tallulah's fantasy of having tea with the Hatter himself!
Watercolor and Colored Pencil
"Ladies of the Club I"
 photo au520_zpsf7592bda.jpg
Tallulah and her little Mousie friend in their feathery chapeaus...
"Ladies of the Club II"
 photo au521_zps72f44c8a.jpg
Tallulah and two of her little Mousie friends
in their fancy hats and red pocketbooks!
"Tallulah's Halloween Party"
 photo au519_zpsf2ad3497.jpg
Tallulah (and helper) stir up a Halloween brew...
"Conjuring Up a Rainbow"
 photo au518_zps732456ca.jpg
Tallulah and friends have donned their wizard-garb
and are conjuring up a rainbow...
"Fiddlin' Under the Harvest Moon"
 photo au517_zps01a206cf.jpg
Tallulah and friend, fiddlin'
in the moonlight...
look at those eyes peering out from under the leaves!

New post soon...I have lots of catching up to do!