Monday, November 25, 2013

The "Catch-Up Queen"...

Hello, All!
Once again, catching up...
So much going on here, so many changes...
Still not used to the "new normal" empty nest ~
We have also lost two family members
 in the last few weeks, one human, one "fur"...
My brother-in-law Charles, first  ~
Charles was a father-figure for my husband and my SIL (their own dad had passed away)...
they were practically still babies when he married their older sister, DeeDee.

Charles got not only a wife, but a whole family...he was their rock for 57 years.
♥ ♥ ♥

 photo nov258_zps6d41cbba.jpg

"Uncle Charles" was a good man.

Then yesterday, my daughter Mandy's kitty, Basil.
She explained it best in her Facebook post, which I will borrow here...

"My sweet Basil died in my arms this morning.
Six years old - heart failure, blood clot.
 I've known the end was coming for about a month, but I had no idea when,
 & I guess one is never really prepared.
 I am so thankful it was quick, at home ...
& that I was with him.
 He was a sweet, crazy boy from day one,
& life will never be the same without him.
So, now it's just me & two tabbies.
It's not quite right for BlackCatPratt to not have a black cat..."

 photo basil-1_zpsa04e5b9b.jpg
 photo nov259_zps56cb5969.jpg
 photo nov2510_zps544ab447.jpg

As for me, I've been trying to get some things accomplished...

(Can you believe a month from today is Christmas?)

a beading project is in the works...

Kitties love beads, I've found...

 photo nov252_zps26b79850.jpg
 photo nov253_zps04319be6.jpg

Cyrus is guarding the beads...

Sitting on them like a dragon...

 photo nov254_zpse8022513.jpg

When I kept snapping pictures with my phone,

he turned around...

 photo nov251_zps0bb63a3b.jpg

When Cyrus wasn't helping, Leo was.

Look how he lies half-on/half-off the table!

Graceful, that fellow "Bull in the China Shop" here...

 photo nov255_zps7caab0c0.jpg

"I caused Mom to have to re-string an entire necklace after I swished

it off the coffee table with my work here is done...for now." ~ Cyrus

 photo nov2512_zps0691f867.jpg

That's it for now...

Check back in a day or so and I will post step-by-step instructions

for my animal ornaments...


I'll be back.