Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been working on some Queens~of~Heart's...

(painted in acrylics on dried gourds, accented with polymer clay crowns)

suitable for Valentine's Day, but really meant to be Queens

of the Alice~in~Wonderland type...

I wonder what you call a bunch of Queens?...

A Bunch?...A Bevy?...A Horde?

Anyway, I'm working on several Queens,

and Leo is helping me...;)

(They're going in my Etsy shop this weekend.)

♥ ♥ ♥
 photo feb1415_zps65acac86.jpg
No matter how little room I leave for Leo on my painting table,

he manages to squeeze himself in...

(I don't do it intentionally... art "stuff" just collects around me...

encroaching on Leo's space...;)

He knows if he makes it look difficult enough to settle in, I'll move some things around.

Good help, that Leo is.

 photo feb142_zps5b88ba60.jpg
"I'm dangerously close to the edge here, Mom!"
I have to get back to painting,

 but I'm leaving you with wishes for a fun day,

and some vintage Valentine card scans...

They're large files, so you can do a lot with them...

(Next year, right?...If you're like me, you tell yourself that quite a bit!)

 photo feb1414-1_zpse133b805.jpg
A pretty Ellen Clapsaddle card!
 photo feb146_zps601cd999.jpg
 photo feb144_zpsb83f5263.jpg
These (above) were so popular when I was in grade school!
 photo feb149_zpsff4dd242.jpg
I'm always "drawn" to arty ones...(bad pun, I know)!
 photo feb147_zpsad1f16aa.jpg
 photo feb145_zps14593cc0.jpg
Louis Wain kitties are wonderful!
 photo feb143_zps07db2d06.jpg
 photo feb148_zps2aa741da.jpg
Isn't this unique...but odd?

Being a Scorpio, it's my favorite of the group...

Kind of a Halloween~Valentine, though!

 photo feb1412_zps770ad40c.jpg
 photo feb1413_zps7eb2f920.jpg
 photo feb1410_zps0900543f.jpg
 photo feb1411_zps007b9dd9.jpg
 photo kittyconvos2_zps20f37b58.jpg
One more thing...

I bought "Conversation Hearts" tonight,

and then I changed them a little...


Have a wonderful day!

More soon!



Shabby chic Sandy said...

Leo is so gorgeous! His eyes are such a great green color--he is special. love your vintage Valentines and your adorable conversation hearts. Have a lovely Valentines day!

Christina Paul said...

Lovely Post! The gourds are stunning! so clever- Love them! and your helper Leo couldn't be more precious- I have some feline helpers who always get involved too! Love the vintage cards and cat conversation hearts with whimsical sayings as well!

Bird said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Anne!
Your Queens Of Hearts are really, really awesome! You're quite talented. I can't imagine being able to do something like that. Thank goodness Leo is allowing you to work on them. :) I hope you have a beautifully sweet day today. Blessings, Bird

Mary Ann said...

Handsome Leo:) Love the Queens with their crowns and their own Leos. Happy Valentines Day!!!

It's me said...

♥...Happy Valentine's Day ....♥...Love / Liefs♥♥♥ !!!

Missy George said...

Love your queens of hearts !! Very sweet...Then there's Leo..What a dear..Happy Valentines Day..

Denise said...

I love all of the valentines. Happy Valentines Day, love you.

Julia said...

I love your queens but leo is lovely too. he definably need a space on the craft table.
Happy Valentine Day.

Magic Love Crow said...

Happy Valentine's Day ;o) What a beautiful post! I love all the older Valentine cards ;o) And, your latest creations are amazing! Big Hugs ;o)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I love all the vintage cards.

Yes, it is hard to get anything done around a cat. They are always in the middle of everything.

Joyce Mayer said...

Happy Valentine's Day, and to Leo, a big hug. Maybe a larger work table or at least a special place "reserved for Leo". (o:


Willow's Quiet Corner said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! You are so lucky to have such a handsome helper! :D There are so many very cute valentines on here! I also love the kitty conversation hearts! said...

I was just using one of the Valentine images I had gotten from you before and was telling a friend about your blog when I saw that you have MORE Valentine's to share. Love it! Thank you.

I love your post - the Queens look great. Maybe that's what a horde of Queens is called "THE Queens". And Leo is gorgeous! Don't they always squeeze into the tightest places? I have one of our cat sitting in a saucer. They just do it somehow. Talking about cats makes me miss having one since we had to put ours down Dec 2012. We have a new dog to keep our other dog company and that is just simply keeping us busy busy busy ...

I enjoyed stopping by.

Belated Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks again!

Kerrie said...

What a treat to see your artwork and vintage Valentines! I love the photos of your youth~priceless! I too, paint on gourds that I raised, I love your queens! Hugs, Kerrie

Susan Clayton said...

Hello. Catching up with your blog. A purrrrfect place to when I've woken up way too early and laying there leads to Too Much Thinking! Condolences on your losses in November. Your dry brush project looks great - as do your Christmas decorations. I think some of the best decorating is the kind that just happens. Love the images you've shared! Angels to you!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Anne - I love your "bevy" of queens. Looks like you have been keeping busy this winter in spite of Leo. I can relate because I have a couple of kitties that love to climb up on my table where I paint as well. Hope you have a wonderful week. The kitty valentine was my favorite - from one kitty lover to another! Hugs Pixie

Maureen said...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day Annie! Wow, Leo is so handsome; I just LOVE your current header! Love the vintage Valentines too. Hope you had a wonderful day!

Dee said...

Love love love everything about this post.... especially your painting in the header...♥

Kyra Wilson said...

LOVE your queen of hearts! :) Since I'm in the middle of a big painting of a Queen of Hearts, I may be biased. :)

Palomasea said...

Dear, creative, wonderful friend!
How on earth did I miss this post? My blog roll is probably not refreshing itself, and it's frustrating...
But I am so glad you are creating and posting...I have certainly missed you and your adorable furry bunch! ;)
Beautiful Queens and Kings of Leo! Hee...
I hope you Valentine's was filled with lovely moments and sweet treats...
I really love the darling vintage cards...
Sending lots of love to you, Anne!
- Irina