Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Few More Garden Babies...and some Naked Ladies, to Boot

Happy Thursday, Everyone!
Yesterday afternoon I walked out to the herb garden

and there they were...

Naked Ladies!

They hadn't been there the day before, honest!

(Well, they probably actually were, but they are so unobtrusive, with no leaves and all...)

Do you have them in your yard? 

I can drive through the older neighborhoods here and see where they have popped up

all over the place now...I actually brought these from our "vintage" house in the

old section of town; they lived in pots for a time until I settled them into a corner of

the herb bed here, next to the Butterfly Bushes. 

Naked Ladies...

Magic Lilies...

Pop-Up Lilies...

Resurrection Lilies...

Another friend referred to them as "Pink Ladies"...

 photo 10_zpsb02c7ddc.jpg

Whatever you call them...(and what do you call them?)

they are lovely...such a beautiful clear pink, and so fragrant...

they are actually Amaryllis Belladonna,

native to South Africa. said this about them:

Named after a beautiful shepherdess in Greek mythology, Amaryllis means
'sparkling'...Belladonna means 'beautiful lady'.
Amaryllis belladonna has many common names. For example, in the United Kingdom
it is known as the Belladonna or Jersey Lily. In South Africa it is known as the March
Lily, and in the United States the flower is referred to as the Naked Lady.
Amaryllis belladonna has also been called St. Joseph's Staff in Portugal,
St. Rosalina in Sicily, and the Madonna Lily in Italy. In Spain, one might hear it
referred to as 'Meninas Para Escola', meaning 'girls going to school' because they
bloom at the beginning of the school year, when girls in pink uniforms begin attending classes.

You can read more about them here.

 photo 11_zps6800fd52.jpg

Don't they just look magical?

Like Faeries should be perched on the petals sipping honeysuckle tea?

(I think they do smell a lot like honeysuckle.)

My friend Becky told me about a book called Passalong Plants by Steve Bender;

and I'm getting ready to order a copy (Amazon).

I love the old-fashioned plants and flowers...they truly are living heirlooms!

A friend once told me about an acquaintance; someone she didn't know well...

and she referred to her as a "Flower Friend"...

Someone in her neighborhood who had given her cuttings or had divided

and shared flowers with her...I think that would quickly evolve into

just "friend"...but "Flower Friend" is so sweet-sounding!


 photo 32_zpsda00328d.jpg
 photo 2_zps54dab834.jpg

Look at this little fellow!!

I was taking photos of the Naked Ladies and went over to sniff the

Butterfly Bushes...the honey-wine scent is so lovely...

and this moth (I thought he was a hummingbird for a second)

was having a feast, flying from blossom to blossom...

I couldn't get the best photo of him, as it was so windy...the gust kept buffeting

him this way and that, but he persevered!

Missouri Conservationist says it is a Snowberry Clearwing Moth...

in the Sphinx Moth family...and that it also

"looks like a bumblebee and flies like a hummingbird"

it does indeed!

You can read more about them here.

 photo 12_zpse1f4a4e1.jpg

A wall of green hearts!

These are my Moonflower (Ipomoea alba) vines...

 photo 16_zps16b3a2a6.jpg

In just the past week they have begun to set buds on all the new tendrils...

I tried growing them once at our old house (very shady yard) a few years ago,

but I didn't get any flowers ~ just I'm very excited!

They are supposed to be exquisitely fragrant and the night-time "unfurlings" quite dramatic...

(you can search for "Moonflower Blooming" on Youtube);

 photo 13_zps1dc6b324.jpg

Future Moonflowers!

 photo 18_zps10c62e6c.jpg

"Second Family"

You can see the robins' nest used earlier this year right behind the current,

larger nest...evidently the first one just wasn't big enough to re-use!

(Actually it had already been used a second time the year, so maybe it

was just a little worse-for-wear...)

 photo 7_zps47985579.jpg

"Come over, Dear..."

A Moonflower tendril reaches out and (and grabs) a Zinnia!

 photo 3_zpsf0b64b72.jpg

Zinnia "Cherry Limeade"

 photo 5_zpse19603b2.jpg
 photo 6_zpscd383582.jpg

Zinnia "Envy"

 photo 4_zps59df2147.jpg

A TINY little White-Spotted Jumping Spider (cute!)

in his huge (relatively) Zinnia Mansion...

 photo 28_zps92d83c68.jpg

Cypress Vines!!

(If I promised anyone seeds and didn't "deliver", please let me know!

I'm just so scattered at times!)

 photo 26_zps233567f4.jpg

A new hybrid??

No, one of my Balsam Flowers (Impatiens balsamina; another "passalong"~ type flower

 from seeds gifted by my friend Elaine ) being given a friendly hug by a Cypress Vine...

I think I need to break up this little budding (couldn't resist) romance!

I read this on the site here.

"Before the ubiquitous impatiens of today, there were Balsam Flowers.
Victorians loved these Asian imports in the early 20th century, 
but the flowers' popularity waned as the interest in hybrid annuals grew after 
World War II. Today's gardeners are bringing this heirloom back to the seed rack
as they discover how easy and adaptable it is."

 photo 14_zpsbbd5a439.jpg


The Tuberoses will be opening soon!

(I know, way too excited...)

 photo 24_zpsfb387b26.jpg

This Turban Squash blossom reminds me of a sea-star...

 photo 17_zps092930a3.jpg

...And here's the baby Turban Squash!

 photo 23_zps93231acb.jpg

Look at this ruffly gourd-flower!

 photo 15_zpsd271babc.jpg

A little gourd...a future Faerie house?

 photo 25_zpsea23080e.jpg

These little ornamental gourds will also dry (in the oven) for crafting.

 photo 27_zps68d2bd5a.jpg

A baby watermelon...

 photo 9_zps378cdc77.jpg

Baby Okra!

Future Okra-Pod Vultures...or corn-mealed and fried, depending on who harvests them...

 photo 22_zpsf3f3c6e5.jpg
 photo 21_zps24a89a9e.jpg

Now, this is not in my yard, but it is growing in a field right down the street...

Cotton blossoms start out creamy white...

 photo 20_zpse41fbbca.jpg
 photo 19_zpsc925bae4.jpg

Then they turn pink, and finally a dark rose, before the flower withers

and the cotton-boll starts developing...

Do they look familiar?

I knew that cotton and okra are related, but I just found out that they

are all members of the Mallow family (Malvaceae) which also

includes Hibiscus (including my Althea/Rose of Sharon) and Hollyhocks.

Interesting! You can read about it here...

 photo 31-1_zpsf5466fbf.jpg

Just a couple more...these two of the Fur-Baby variety...

Above, Leo in the morning sun...

(He was quite shocked that I was up and taking photos at 6 a.m....)


(Please ignore the "fluffy" underside of the chair...I will never be remembered

for my excellent house-keeping! ~ And that's fine by me.)

 photo 29_zps0946de9b.jpg
 photo 30_zps09e2d8fc.jpg

And lastly, Mr. Cyrus...rolling in the sun!

Doesn't he have amazing whiskers??

That's all for now, folks! Have a wonderful evening!

(Linking "The Ladies" to Beverly's Pink Saturday!)




  1. Beautiful. All of it. Every bit. :-)

  2. Oh Anne, from start to finish, your garden is just so beautiful, vibrant and full of so much life and good things to come, like that watermelon. And of course Leo and Mr. Cyrus, are just as handsome as can be too--I love a cats whiskers! :-) I hope you are doing well!

  3. What lovely garden photos...

  4. * sigh * Gorgeous! I LOVE moon flowers! They smell so lovely! I think I need to find a spot for them again next year! Those kitties of yours are so beautiful! Sweet, sweet, sweet! ! ! :)

  5. Your garden flowers are amazing! So many pretty flowers! And your fur babies adorable!!

  6. Wow, such beauties (flowers AND kitties!)

    And who else do I know that actually GROWS their own artwork? Um .... no one!

    Awesome Anne. Love that moth too.

  7. Everything is so beautiful.
    So impressed with your gardens, and flowers.

    Cute, cute furry friends also.

    I do have some cypress vine seeds that you sent me, thank you.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  8. We call them surprise lilies. I have a bunch in my yard, too. Love them. Your zinnias are also so nice. My moonflowers haven't bloomed yet, but I've been enjoying some lovely purple morning glories this summer.

  9. Lovely pictures. I especially like the last three. I guess it's just the cat thing. Have a great weekend.

  10. Your garden pictures are fantastic. Love them all. Love the pictures of the fur babies, too. What special gifts for you. My little doggies don't model quite so delightfully but I try.

    Blessings, Marrianna

  11. A very beautiful post!! I really enjoyed it all ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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