Wednesday, July 9, 2014

That Crazy Cemetery Lady

Hi, everyone!

 My daughter Mandy told me I shouldn't apologize for my absence

 every time I start a blog post now, so I'll just thank you all for checking

on me and show you what I've been up to...

(I haven't forsaken A Little Fur in the Paint, I just have such a one-track

 mind sometimes...okay, a lot of the time) ~

 I have a passion for cemetery photography, which started out

as "just the pretty angels" and evolved into history,

 and photographing (often) some of the most humble stones, on my travels north to Saint Charles, Missouri

 to see Mandy and south to Atlanta to see Katie, I've visited quite a few

 cemeteries ~ large and small, some multiple times. I've pretty much kept it

 "under wraps" until now, 

as I wanted to get all the pictures...a LOT...on, and then go back and put

 in text and informational links ~ I'm working on all that but there

 are still several with no text, and even some post titles with nothing at all so far...

 Still, I wanted to go ahead and share it; it is and will continue to be

 a "Work in Progress"...hey, kind of like me. ;)

 I'm applying for "Graveyard Rabbit" status today

 (a group dedicated to preservation of cemeteries), 

and I would love it if you would take a peek!

but I will also put it permanently in the sidebar

and note when I have a new post there.

 photo phillipsrose_zpsdd2219c5.jpg
 photo -2-1_zps8443943d.jpg

 This lovely angel (yes, I'm still drawn to "pretty") resides

 in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Nashville;

 I just recently found her, having visited Mount Olivet several times

previously (always new discoveries)...

I said I was going to bring roses on my return trip (best $4 Walmart buy in a while) 

and do something "arty", so I did.

 I'm still working on this post, so you won't find her in A Graveyard Rabbit 

(be sure and check out the poem on the blog's sidebar

 for the explanation for that title) just yet.

 Soon, though! 

 Thank you for looking, Happy July,

and I hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far!



  1. Welcome back Anne! I just spotted my cypress vine crawling along in my flower pot this AM and was wondering if you were still alive! Funny, u have been out taking photos in the cemeteries, Yikes! Always love pretty and roses, these look especially beautiful in this statues arms!<3 You should swing by and join in on A Fanciful Twist Tea Party this Saturday!;)

  2. Well my goodness Anne i KNEW there was a reason i kept you on my blog roll. :)So glad to see a post from you..... And glad to see you are happy and doing something you love..... Hubby doesn't quite understand my love of cemeteries...ah welll Lovely photos and hope to hear from you again soon. PS your daughter is right... no need to apologize.. ! Hugs! deb

  3. Welcome back dear friend :)
    Big hugs and love for you x

  4. Hi! Nice to see you again :)
    It's so easy to neglect blogging, as living life takes up a lot of time. Add in a few hobbies, family, etc... before you know it the time just slips away.

    We've sold our homestead, and moved. I too have my cypress vine seeds still, and I'm hoping to plant some next year in a pot and get it to grow.
    My last one grew, but it got cold before it could bloom.
    Try, try , again.

    A very pretty statue.
    I think we all appreciate statuary in cemeteries, and every one tells a story. I even like the simple headstones.... they also tell a story.

    Hope that the rest of the week is a great one for you.


  5. So pleased to see your return
    love cemetery angels...yours is so at peace

  6. I haven't been posting much over the past year either. Too much to get taken care of. But, I hope I do catch up and get back to posting more regularly when my big projects get done! It's always nice to see a post from you whenever you get a chance! I have my share of cemetery photos myself!

  7. I have a habit of starting posts with how I've been too busy to blog. Everyone's busy so I've tried to stop that! I love old cemetaries such as the ones in Charleston, SC ( if you've never been you must go. And savannah, GA. They are beautiful.

    Cindy Bee

  8. No apologies necessary. I'm not blogging very much these days either. I'm too busy doing other stuff so I forget.

    I love cemeteries but then as a amateur genealogist it's where I hang out a lot...hard to explain to friends...but it's sort of part of the deal. I'm sometimes blown away by some of the statues and art you find specially from the Victorian period.

  9. Lovely angel, and prettier with your roses!
    I'm no cemetery fan, but I visited one in the northern suburbs of Perth just last week and actually my last post is about it - "A cemetery with a difference". No angels though but plenty of kangaroos.

  10. Welcome back Anne. Good to hear from you. Wonderful pictures.

  11. Welcome back Anne!!!
    Love, love, LOVE your new blog, A Graveyard Rabbit!!! Great photographs and such interesting, detailed descriptions to go with the pictures. Nice poem too! Signed up by email and will be visiting again soon. Thank you so much for sharing! Frani

  12. Happy July ;o) Great to see you ;o) Beautiful picture ;o) I love it ;o)

  13. Lovely post and photos!- cemeteries can be such fascinating places to photograph-Sometimes when traveling they are listed with tourist sites so you are not alone in finding them interesting
    So glad you're back blogging - but no pressure lol!

  14. I'm fascinated by cemeteries in England, with dates on gravestone going back hundreds of years. I've never really been interested in them here though. But seeing your post, I'll have to take a look!

    Such a pretty angel :-)

  15. Dear Anne - just realizing you are back again.

  16. Dear Anne - hit the publish button by mistake - so glad to have you back again. Been missing you. Your project sounds wonderful. Will be checking it out - I love old cemeteries Hubby and I often stop and wander through. It is wonderful to see all the old statues and such. Take care my friend. Hugs Pixie


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