Saturday, July 26, 2014

What's on Your Nightstand?

As in books, I mean...What are you reading?

 (There's usually so much stuff on my nightstand  I have to scoot things over

 to find a place to charge my phone...) ~

Any good old-fashioned page-turning hold-in-your-hands books?

Or do you read on your tablet or phone or Kindle-thingy?

 photo 20140726_072109-1-1-1-1_zpsc58c8b79.jpg

I know they're not all the newest releases,

but here are mine for now...

I haven't started any of them, so I welcome "reviews"!


The Time Traveler's Wife; Audrey Niffennegger

Little Altars Everywhere; Rebecca Wells

Proof of Heaven; Dr.Eben Alexander, M.D.

Andrew's Brain; E.L. Doctorow

Maud; Richard Lee Strout


"Maud" was actually released in 1939; a compilation of the diaries of Miss Maud Rittenhouse,

a young socialite in the 1880s in Cairo, Illinois...

My husband's family was from Cairo, and over the years I've heard this book

mentioned several times...this one or that one was a subject in the "Maud-Book"...

that scandalous book!

When researching The Cairo City Cemetery for my other blog, I came across

some of Miss Rittenhouse's family and decided I was going to track down a copy

of "The Book"... I found mine online through Alibris Books, a very fine seller.

So, now...I'll see what all the fuss is about.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I'm going to finish a Faerie-House commission and paint today,

but first I'm going to link my pink "Naked Lady" lilies (previous post)

Hop on over and see all the "pink", and wish Beverly a Happy Birthday!

Have a great day, everyone!

BTW, the "watercolor" edit of the photo of my nightstand is by JixiPix Software;

it's called Aquarella, and it's fun and user-friendly (if I can do it, it's very friendly)!




  1. I LOVED The Time Traveler's Wife. It is NOTHING like the movie, so if you have seen it don't bring the thought of it into your reading. Audrey Niffenegger has a way with words, poetic! It's such a sweet, sad, heart wrenching, lovely, fun story. It's hard to keep up sometimes because of how he jumps around in time but...geez I'm getting goose bumps thinking about it! Also, try to read her book "Her Fearful Symmetry". It is amazing!

  2. I read many books on my kindle, but if it's a book that I am going to really love (highlight, underlined and write in margins) I get a yummy copy with paper and cover and weight!

    On my nightstand right now is:
    Do You Quantum Think by Dianne Collins...awesome!
    Untie The Strong Woman by Clarissa Pinkola Estes...a book that might be on my nightstand forever
    A Woman On The Edge Of Two Worlds workbook by Lynn Andrews
    Letters For Emily by Cameron Wright
    The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

    Some of my best friends are books!

  3. The only book on your nightstand i've heard of is the Time Traveler's Wife. I haven't read it but i have seen the movie and loved it. You'll have to let me know.... I've never heard of any of Adrianne's books...geesh...guess i'm really out of it huh? Let's see right now i have one book on my nightstand
    The Storm by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown. Waiting in the wings are

    The Shining by Stephen King
    Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
    Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
    SnowWalker by Catherine Fisher
    and many , many more.........

    I recently had alot of fun searching for books. So i'am loaded with lots of reading material. lol
    As soon as i can find the first two books in the series at a good price i will start reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series..... I often find the book stores will jack up the prices for the first couple of books in a series because they know you will pay it if you want to start reading it...sigh...

    I don't use any tech when i read. Its always a good old fashioned hard cover book. I cannot imagine reading anything else..... My hubby built wonderful bookshelves for me. Every book is a friend and an adventure just waiting..... Hugs! deb

  4. I always adore finding posts with book suggestions. Until this last week I was on a bit of a reading frenzy. At present I am reading "The Incredible Journey of Harold Fry". I read both 'hold in the hand' books and is down load. I been out of town a lot lately and have downloaded from the library. Quite a bit. I hope you are having a grand weekend. Hugs! B

  5. I don't read more than two or three books a year probably. A friend of mine was just reading a James Patterson novel. He's one of my favorites so she gave it to me and I read it last week. Who knows when I read another book. Hope you're having a good weekend.

  6. I do have a Nook Color-but I don't think to use's hidden in one of my book shelves! I like to read book reviews too-otherwise I am likely to just re-read stuff off my shelves-too many times!

  7. LOVED the Time Traveler's Wife! so much better than the movie...

    I am reading the Game of Thrones set now that it will be awhile before the next season starts. Usually I get the paperbacks, but this time I downloaded the set on my iPad.

  8. Hi Anne, I read The Time Traveler's Wife years back, good, but I'm more of a non-fiction and classical fan. Currently on my nightstand (or art room comfy chair) are The House by the Sea by May Sarton (along with her collection of poems), and The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway.
    Definitely prefer hold-in-your-hand books. They just feel, smell, and look so much prettier.
    Enjoy, and thank you for letting us know of Beverly's birthday.

    1. Came back to grab the name of that watercolor photo editor you used. I absolutely love it.
      And of course, I did type "classical" vs classics for book genre. Wackadoodledoo. ;)

  9. Dear Anne - It looks like a wonderful list of books you have on your night stand. Do not think I have read any of these. Will have to add them to my reading list. Right now have two calligraphy books, a zentangle one and a novel by Mary Higgin's Clark "Daddy's Gone a Hunting". I am a slow reader because when I sit down to read for some odd reason my eyes close (LOL)! August is usually so hot and it is my favorite month for enjoying a good book. Hope you are having a beautiful summer. Read your previous post and so enjoyed my walk through your beautiful garden. Take care my friend and by the way I love your painting of the night stand...thank you for sharing. Hugs Pixie

  10. Really love how you turned your nightstand photo into a water color painting, because that make it so lovely that one sure can't tell that it's happily crowded, just like mine! Then as I stared at the book cover on the left, I KNEW I had seen it it turns out, many times in my daughter's hands! The Time Traveler's Wife is such a favorite with her and has been since she first read it 5 years is her "go-to" book to fill in those spaces in life when you want to read, but don't want to start something new. She is an avid reader, but this one really endures. Sadly I haven't read it yet, but I hope to one day. My own go-to book is The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher.

    I wish I could get into the idea of reading a whole book on a skinny brick, but I love the feel, weight and smell of a "real" book! My dad's fault (!) there, because he collected used hardbacks, built shelves, created library spaces wherever we lived...and we moved cartons and cartons of books to each new little house that he, my mom, my grandma and I lived in when I was a small. Books are SOOOO heavy, ha-ha!

    Always enjoy seeing what other folks have on their reading list.

    By the way, now that I know what they are, I'm seeing Naked Ladies all over the place down here! Quite scandalous... :-)

  11. Good morning.
    I've not heard of the software that you mentioned. Did you buy it at an office store, or get it on the internet?? I quite like the affect it has on your picture.

    On my nightstand, are several of Gladys Taber books. I am a new fan of hers, and have loved reading her books. I just received an addition 3 books in the mail, last week, of hers.
    I also have reading glasses, and tissues.... the glasses are to see the print better.. naturally, and the tissues are for those tears. Some of her thoughts are sweet, and remind me of lost loved ones.

    Have a great week.


  12. I keep mine on the coffee table....I am reading some poetry by Edgar Guest. I would love to find a good book series. Something uplifting. Any ideas?

  13. hello Anna, what a lovely thought=provoking post! On my bedside table I have ' The Rosemary Tree' by Elizabeth Goudge. a lovely illustrated ' Secret Garden' and a little posy of jasmine flowers from the garden. I love the Time Traveler's Wife and agree the book is much better than the film. Jane xx

  14. Why do you ask? Was it my doctor that told you to ask me? ahahahah ;)
    I need to have a clean nightstand. Really. I suffer from chronic insomnia or so they say and doctor ordered me to remove all distractions from night stand. I did. But little by little they're finding they're way back. Much loved and read novels mainly. I like to read my favorite parts, over and over, before I go to sleep.

  15. I love seeing your stack of books! The watercolor is gorgeous. I use an App for my IPAD called's addictive! I love playing with photos! I read books usually but sometimes read one on the IPAD. I'm reading 'Jane and His Lordship's Legacy' right now....haven't quite gotten into it yet! Hugs!

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  17. I wish you had said something to me about "Proof of Heaven" - I could have "loaned" you my Kindle copy, and you could have read it on your phone!


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