Friday, August 1, 2014

Duck Tales

 photo 12-1_zps07898925.jpg
Above, Muscovy Mama and Babies, Aquarella edit.

I have a couple of Duck Tales for you this evening...

( I'm so glad I finally got my ducks in a row and got back to blogging!

 ...I couldn't resist.)

 photo mallard_tcm9-103947-1_zps38f888f8.jpg

See the baby Mallard above?

Well, it's not him...but it looks just like my little Duckie Doodle...

I was five years old or thereabouts,

and Grandma Collier's hens had hatched him...(I don't know where Grandma

got the duck egg)... Duckie Doodle followed me EVERYWHERE;

He swam in my little plastic "blow-up" pool (who ever said "inflatable" back then?)

and I pointed out spiders to him in the corners of Grandma's big front porch.


DD and I were inseparable until he got big and the adults decided he would be

better off living in the big pond at our farm at Bloomfield.

That's a story for another day...

I loved Duckie Doodle.

(Photo credit ~ Aquarella edit)

That's just my little Duck Tale, though.

Here's the really cute one...

 photo 2_zpsf1e568e0.jpg

My friend Elaine's Duckie-Girls, Sundae (front)

and Shadow. Aren't they beautiful ladies?

They're Muscovy can read more about the breed here.

 photo 3_zps7e4737cc.jpg

Doing girl-duck stuff...

 photo 8_zps74cdbaec.jpg

They are the Sister-Wives of Speedy, who you'll meet later.

And lookie!! Babies.....

 photo 5_zpsdfbf1f37.jpg

Aren't they adorable??

Sundae is being a good mommy and grooming one of her little fellows, it looks like...

Or maybe she's just eating a bug.

 photo 9_zpsc7aa92cb.jpg
 photo 11_zps7e96eb2e.jpg

Too, too cute...all that little black-and-yellow down...


 photo 7_zpse6d7f613.jpg

 Lawrence and Sunny...

Growing up...getting feathers!

 photo 6_zpsfc298214.jpg

Sundae looks like she can't believe how big her babies are getting...

Proud mommy!

 photo 1_zps5d5b5c33.jpg

"Like a duck to water"...

 photo 10_zpsea7bf5b4.jpg

 Such a handsome teenager!

 photo 4_zps32c76183.jpg

And last but not least...(I had to save the best for last) ~


Just look at his Rhett Duckler "hair"!!

"Combed my hair in a pompadour
Like the rest of the Romeos wore
A permanent wave, yeah..."

Billy Joel, Keeping the Faith 

He is just so funny and handsome at the same time!

Thank you so much for allowing me to use your sweet Ducky-pics, Elaine!


I owe Elaine another big "thank you", as I got these in the mail today...


(Boxes in the mail are just the best "day-maker"!)

 photo 20140801_195732-2_zps2f0bb68e.jpg

I made room in my raised beds...

"Court Magician" and "Fortune Teller" on this side...

 photo 20140801_195750-2_zps4999f47c.jpg

And "Abiding Goddess" and "Sea Urchin"

(feeling at home, I hope, next to the ancient conch shell)

 on the opposite side...

Don't you absolutely love unique names of things??

I can't wait to see these in bloom next year...

So much of gardening is "next year", isn't it?


That's all for now ~

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Cute pictures!
    I love your duck story too.
    Reminded me of many years ago. I had a duck, given to me by a sweet boy, who later became my sweet husband :)
    I called the duck 'Bandit', and my Dad called the duck 'Peking'.
    He followed me everywhere, as he thought I was his momma. Soon enough, he got quite big, and went to live on the river with the other ducks.

    How lucky for you!! Beautiful lilies that your friend gifted to you.
    You make me want to buy more daylilies :)

    Have a great weekend, my friend.


  2. Love the little duckies. I used to have a pond and a mallard would lay her eggs and hatch them every year for seven years. I would watch the new ducklings going to my pond right after they were born. That was a fun time. I miss them. I moved away.

  3. I had a pet duck as a kid, too, and it's a great memory for me. Your babies are adorable!

  4. Oh what absolutely stunning pictures. I love your blog its just so pretty. xx

  5. So glad I stopped by your blog...I could look at these cute ducks all the name you had for your duck...ducky doodle :)

  6. I love this post! Those ducks are so cute! Speedy is so handsome ;o) LOL! Love your garden pics ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  7. This is the first time I've ever heard about Duckie Doodle - sweet! Elaine's ducks are so cool. I want a duck now.


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