Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Empty Nest Syndrome....(Kind of...)

Ahhh, Empty Nest Syndrome indeed...

My chicks have once again flown...

Jon has returned to college, and Katie (here all last week from Atlanta)

has gone back as well.

And I am back to painting!

 photo sept2-4_zps6b305c94.jpg

More on Alice in a minute...

 photo sept2-7_zps806f40c1.jpg

In my last post the Turtle Dove family had weathered the storm...

Here's the last pic I got of Mama and her Babies #1 and #2...

 photo sept2-8_zps96556535.jpg

The very next day, Baby #1 had flown!

I read that Doves can leave the nest in as few as 11 days...

If one is hanging behind...refusing to make that "leap of faith"...

The parents won't come around to feed it; they'll stay away...

though watching...

for the baby to make the decision to leave the nest!

 photo sept2-9_zps07d109e7.jpg

"You lookin' at me? 

You lookin' at ME?"


By that afternoon, Baby #2 had also flown...

(I've seen them around the yard and garden still, though.)

I didn't have my camera to get a picture of the actual 

"Empty Nest", however, to end my post...

 photo sept2-5_zps43f21caa.jpg

By the time I did, a couple of days later...

I found this...

Mama was nesting again!

 photo sept2-6_zps75eb9c0e.jpg

Yep, two little eggs... Again!

I recently heard something about Doves in mythology,

which prompted me to look it up...

One of the first constellations my Daddy (who navigated a B-17 "by the stars"

in World War II) taught me to locate in the night sky was "the Pleiades"...

this is what I found, and you can read more about it here.

"In Greek mythology, the Pleiades were seven sisters:
Maia, Electra, Alcyone,Taygete, Asterope, Celaeno and Merope.
Their parents were Atlas, a Titan who held up the sky,
and the oceanid Pleione, the protectress of sailing.

After a chance meeting with the hunter Orion, the Pleiades and their mother
became the objects of his pursuit. Enamored with the young women, he pursued
them over the face of the Earth. In pity for their plight, Zeus changed them into
a flock of doves, which he set in the heavens.

Thus the Olympian added the penalty of the absence of his wife and family to
the Titan's original punishment of eternally supporting the heavens from the Earth."

 photo sept2-1_zpsdde9e324.jpg
 photo sept2-3_zps4ac4ff9b.jpg
 photo sept2-2_zps18331a40.jpg

Here are a few "works-in-progress" pics...

I'm still enchanted with all things "Alice"!

Off to daughter Mandy's to kitty-sit for a few days...

(See, when my "chicks" leave, I go to them...;)

Taking all my gourds and clay and paints with me!


Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week, all!




  1. Beautiful gourds! You are so talented.
    My goodness, how quickly the doves raise their young... I had no idea.

    Have fun 'kitty sitting'.

    Smiles :)

  2. Your painting is wonderful! I love Alice, too and made a little doll to look like her. I want to make some other dolls from books and stories when I start sewing again. The doves are very sweet! Hugs!

  3. Great pics! I did not know that about doves. I love birds. We have robins still hatching out here. They seem to grow fast as well. Love your painting :-).

  4. Oh Anne - those morning doves are adorable. I love your "Alice" gourds - they are beautiful. Dear friend I am so glad you will be having fun painting and "Kitty" sitting. Do you hire out? I have some needing watched as well - xoxo Pixie

  5. Love your gourd paintings! and your pictures of your doves!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Fun to see the doves and their babies. Good for you painting after your kids leave. We moved our daughter this weekend...back to her rental for another year at college. I've been so inspired and excited about lots of creative things but today I just felt sad. It probably would have helped to just get going on something but I moped and cried instead. Silly me. Tomorrow will be a better day! I understand going to see your kids after they leave.....I do that as much as I can. :-)

  7. Wow, that mom sure wants to have kids around her all the time. I guess she doesn't believe in taking a break.
    Love your painted gourds.

  8. Aww I love Alice so much..
    Sweet hugs xx

  9. My turtledoves are gone too...
    I still have my birds home though. But I know you have lots of creativity flowing within you and the empty nest will allow you the time and space to create real wonders.
    Alice is so precious...
    Take Care,

  10. I have Mourning Doves in my yard that comes every day and they coo on the wires.
    Your Turtle Dove pictures are awesome and Alice looks beautiful.

  11. Alice is very pretty..Love your painting..Thanks for the Dove story..very interesting..Hope the babies are doing well..Mamma has been a busy girl.. Great pictures..

  12. I hope you have a nice time with the kitty's and your painting. Your Alice is adorable. I love the Dove's. I was surprised to read the baby's leave the nest so soon. They are such sweet birds with a comforting coo.

  13. Anne SO good to see you posting again . I have missed you and all your wonderful artwork. You are so inspiring.. I have an empty nest too...oh my daughter left years ago but i had company visiting for the last 5 days and whew! let me tell you i'm still in recovery mode...lol.... we ran all over creating showing her CA for what might be her only trip out here... SF.....Lake Tahoe........Muir Woods and Beach.......gosh we had such a great time...but boy am i pooped and my house looks like a tornado hit it...lol...... i'am so ready to get back in the craft room....Big Hugs girlfriend......hoping you post often! Love , love ,love your Alice adventure! Hugs! deb

  14. Giving those chickadees roots and wings is quite a journey. I'm getting used to an empty nest myself, just wish I could paint gourds as beautifully as you, Anne. ;) They're gorgeous.

  15. What lovely photos of the dove family, so contented, I loved them and I do feel for you about your empty nest, my urchins are out adventuring! Jane xx

  16. Dearest Anne, how are you? I am quite late here, but slowly coming out of a much needed blogging hiatus.
    My dear blog friend, it's wonderful to see that your are creating more magic...Alice is beautiful!
    It is indeed a challenge when your little chickadees have left the nest, but looks like you are able to see them on a regular basis, and that is such a blessing.
    Sending warm hugs to you,
    - Irina :)

  17. I love your art, it is so creative! I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland!

  18. Hi Anne,

    Lovely to discover your blog - from an empty nester here too.
    The dove family is so sweet and must have been fun watching them.
    Your artwork is fabulous - love Alice in Wonderland. I love your sweet cats - we had Persian cats.
    Enjoy the week

  19. Hello Anne

    I love your story and photos of the doves.
    Like all parents they waited and watched as their little one took the first step flying!
    How lucky for you having a Dad knowing all about the planets - star gazing is much more interesting now.

    Your art work is wonderful and I see Debbie has tagged you. (both Debbie and I were tagged by Barbara Lilian in France)!
    Your art is so innovative - painting gourds with Alice in Wonderland - delightful!
    I joined you blog a while ago - I would love you to pop over and see me too!

    Have a happy weekend and enjoy your art.
    Shane x


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