Saturday, January 31, 2015

"Inspire Your Heart with Art" Day!

Hello there!

Can you believe it's almost February??

High time for a post!

A few days ago I was contacted by the daughter of one of my

favorite artists, Patience Brewster...

(Notice that little tea-towel back in the December post?

LOVE Patience's whimsy!)

Would I care to participate, along with other bloggers,

 in a day of telling what inspires me?

In particular, the Art that Inspires my Heart?

Why, absolutely...I would be delighted!

 photo gourd1-1_zpsdilse4vq.jpg

Since writing about my own"arty-stuff" is the norm for me,

I wanted to celebrate some amazing artists who

continually inspire me...

 photo leo1_zpsnkq9rsmu.jpg

Leo says, "Excuse me...

You mean this isn't going to be a post about


(Leo manages to position himself between me and whatever I am

painting quite often...)


I'll begin with my dear friend Wendy Mullen,

who has just finished her fourth book ~

this time a wonderful novel...

No spoilers, but if you love Anne of Green Gables,

you will LOVE Wendy's book...

It is a Kindle Edition  ~ (I  thought I was temporarily out of luck... 

then I found out that you can download the Kindle app, free!) 

...I know, I'm behind the times!

 photo wendy5_zpsdrz8tfui.jpg

You can check out Wendy's wonderful website  ~

and get the link to her book(s) on Amazon there as well.

 photo IMG_7185_zpsugslm6ws.jpg

In Wendy's book, "Back to Green Gables", one of the characters

has a wonderful shortbread recipe...

 photo IMG_7170_zpsneao08iz.jpg

Now, this isn't my recipe to share,

but I can post a little "teaser" here!

 photo IMG_7197_zps0hnahko4.jpg

I had such fun making this shortbread...

and, if I do say so myself,

it was divine...!

 photo IMG_7192_zpskgqwuc51.jpg

(Wendy, check out this "Mermaid" spoon from 1904...(engraved on the back)...

it could have been used at Green Gables!)


Next, my other friend, Wendy...(aka Golders) ~

Tell me, now, how many can say they call TWO lovely "Wendys"

their talented friends? ~ Quite fortunate, I am!


This is the fourth time that one of our "critters" (sorry, Leo, I know you are

really a little man in a cat-suit) ~ has been honored to have been included in

Golders' Animal Art Calendar...

 photo golders1_zpsqbuhtffm.jpg
 photo golders2_zpsgkzzggli.jpg

Okay, I know that Front Porch Toad wasn't technically OUR critter,

but we did enjoy "claiming" him for the summer...

Here he is, all dapper in his shamrock-sprigged bowler, as Mr. March ~ ;)

Golders' fine calendar ~ and much more animal art ~ can be found here ~ 

and here ~

 photo crow3_zpscim09rgv.jpg
 photo crow1_zps6igu4rnv.jpg
 photo crow2_zpshdyheyez.jpg

I asked Golders specifically for some examples of her fabulous

CROW art...("Sparkly Crow" that I am myself...) ~

aren't they wonderful?

 photo puffin1_zpsmpdfuxse.jpg
 photo puffin2_zpsb6emhkbb.jpg
 photo puffin3_zpsmxsikgse.jpg

And her latest work... soon to be available in her Spoonflower shop,

these handsome watercolor Puffins..."Ahoy there, Matey!"

Check out Golders' delightful fabric designs here...

 photo Crowchest1_zps26iw6qhq.jpg
 photo crowchest2_zps7mxmtexa.jpg

Leo says..."Hey, I knew this would end up being a cat post!! 
...and just look what's coming up! I knew it..."


From the Pencilvania studio of my friend Karen Vesk,

her "fine art/fun art"... here, featuring the lovely Heather!

 photo CatHeatherCandyStoreWeb_zpsnzlvq9jy.jpg

Karen's art absolutely delights and inspires me! 

Heather and her Mousie friends are sublime...the expressions, the details!

My favorites here...the goldfish-lollipops, and the contemplative look

on the face of Heather's sous-chef as he surveys the pan of chocolate mice... ;)

 photo CatHeatherDontSwatWeb_zpsuxdrxntu.jpg

Too, too cute...(and Heather is obviously taking this "self-help"

 volume to heart...) 

 photo CatHeatherDuchessWeb_zps9pm25xvi.jpg

Oh, Heather...the shoes...the jewels...♥

 photo Heathercollage_zpsh2wbifdb.jpg

Love, love, LOVE!

Heather has single-pawedly inspired my own kitties to model for me...

they've learned from the best!


Multi-talented Karen also creates amazing jewelry from the

beach-glass she collects near her home...

 photo seaglassjewelrycollage_zpsipjnfnqz.jpg

All of Karen's artworks and links to her shops can be found at her

site ~


And last but not least, my dear friend Elaine...

she is so wonderfully talented in so many ways!

Here are two of her more recent creations, a fanciful little

Witch, and a sweet, swaying, "Mele Kalikimaka" girl... both gifted to me.

 photo elaine1_zpsletnj43o.jpg
 photo elaine2_zpsmbxsqrlz.jpg

Elaine also does beautiful crochet-work, makes jewelry, 


(I want to hook rugs!!)

 photo gourd1_zpsnkhu8q2p.jpg
Finally, a couple more of my fanciful, Faerie-tale inspired

Art Gourds...commissioned by my kind Tennessee friend who encourages me

to think "out of the box"...

Here we have Alice; this time she is visiting in Africa ~ ♥

 photo gourd2_zpsxmeqaw9s.jpg
 photo gourd3_zpsh7xldma2.jpg

And a work still-in-progress, Cinderella.

These always end up being so much fun!


So, Patience, Marietta...this is the Art that Inspires my Heart!

♥ ♥ ♥ 

     Thank you so much for asking!...

(Patience's wonderful, whimsical ornaments can be found here...

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!




  1. Happy 2015 dear Anne,
    What a coincidence, after being away from Blog-land for awhile I start to read your post, having just finished re-reading Anne of Green Gables! I must get a copy of the book you recommend immediately
    I love all your other arty treasures too. Jane xx!

  2. Thank you for sharing such artistic friends...each one is a treasure of talent...including your gourds...that keep better and better and better.♥

  3. Beautiful post! Really love it! Hugs ;o)

  4. How lovely. Karen's cat art is wonderful I have a house full of cats, literally, so cat art is close to my heart :-)

  5. Ahhhh...and how you inspire me, dear very much. :) A beautiful, delicious have honored these talented women well! I hope you are having a wonderful start to the New Year...
    Your creations are exquisite as always!!!
    Much love,
    ~ Irina ♡

  6. Dear Anne - I am so late in reading you post friend. What a delightful set of artist friends you shared here. Such talent. Loved your gourds too - they are certainly a favorite of mine. As for Leo - he just gets more handsome each time I see him. Hope the winter is being kind to you. Will email you when I get a chance. Hugs

  7. Oh dear. I feel very bad now. I got an email from Patience and I thought it was spam:( I must apologize.

    Lovely post and I love all of the work that inspires you ...and of course handsome Leo :)

  8. Sorry I just found it...from Marietta.


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