Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Late Winter Project...

 photo 20150208_165533_zpstsa0z72q.jpg

Everyone brings me pine cones (for my Faerie House roofs) ~

A LOT of pine cones...

I'm not complaining... I love them, and can't resist picking them up myself, still!


So, when I saw this on Pinterest (it's been a while), I did a mental "file-away"

and decided it would be a nice, easy project ~


Here goes... "Frosty" Pine Cones

Pine cones
White Acrylic Paint/Old Brush
White Craft Glue 
Epsom Salts
 photo 1_zpsksyspxxu.jpg

Brush the tips of the cones with white acrylic paint and let dry.

 photo 2_zpsg2gyy4kc.jpg

Then brush over the white acrylic with craft glue;

(I think the original directions said to just used the paint as "glue",

but it really isn't sticky enough) ~ then roll in Epsom Salts.

That's it!

 photo 3_zps5osxonet.jpg

What do you think....Yes?

A "keeper" for next Christmas/Winter?


Keep warm, everyone!



  1. All so lovely; I wish I could do Christmas all over again.

  2. I never thought of using salt. What a great idea! They're beautiful! Looks like a fun project too! :-D

  3. Oh so lovely and simple. I love pine cones and I use them as Christmas decorations.
    Stay creative... Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great idea..Love the results..thanks for sharing..

  5. Yes, seems easy, and they are lovely!

  6. I love the texture it gives....will look great next Christmas...and it is easy. Thank You.

  7. I love the texture it gives....will look great next Christmas...and it is easy. Thank You.

  8. Gorgeous! You always come up with the cutest things! :)

  9. Dear Anne - I am late reading this post my friend. So glad you shared this lovely winter project. That is certainly something I will file away for next year. Like you I always can end up with lots of pine cones if I want them. Very clever friend. - Hope you are having a good winter - Hugs Pixie

  10. Good morning Anne!
    Such a great project. Little bit of effort, and a great pay-off!! I love projects like that :)

    Have a happy day!!


  11. I too have a thing about pine cones and they seem to breed in the corner of my studio... One minute there's a few and the next minute there's a crowd.. how do they do that.
    Love this frosting idea, I will try this for snow on the roof's of the little houses I sometimes make.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Frances x

  12. So pretty!
    Hello and Happy Spring, dear friend!
    I hope all is well and you are full of joy and creative energy, beautiful Anne...


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