Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Mad Tea "After Party"...

Hello, All!

Yes, I am still Mad-Tea-Partying!

 photo 726-4_zpsn74ealhy.jpg
 photo 726-5_zpsfgu2utb6.jpg


Aren't these shortbread cookies lovely?

Again, from my kind friend in Tennessee and Stonehouse Ovens...



Almost too pretty to eat! (But we have forced ourselves!)

 photo aug26-10_zpsmhhbfcht.jpg
 photo aug26-9_zpsm3zgbjh7.jpg
 photo 726-3_zpsxjnxba0s.jpg

I had to take a few more photos of the Wonderland-Character ornaments

before they go off to their new home...

Can you guess which ones were my favorites?? ;)

 photo 726-11_zpsad6p6v7f.jpg
 photo 726-9_zps4vdldh7p.jpg

"Chessie" rocks and a couple of Hatters...

Rocks are such fun little *canvases*!

 photo 726-7_zps5ddbiqhi.jpg
 photo 726-6_zpsdkkfsrpe.jpg

One last look...

I almost got a little too attached to this batch of whimsy!

 photo 726-8_zps5ptilf1u.jpg

One more thing...

Those who have followed my blog for the past few years know how silly

I get over TUBEROSES this time of year...

(Sweet summer memories of spending hot summer nights at my grandparents' house

in blissful air, tuberose-scented air! ~

 We just had fans at the farm back then.)

Anyway, this year I got some COLORED Tuberose Bulbs from Easy to Grow Bulbs...

"Yellow Baby" has been the first of them to bloom, but the others have flower stalks and buds

coming along, and I am anxiously awaiting "Cinderella" and "Pink Sensation"!

(Photos to follow, you can be sure!)

Thank you again for indulging my continuing Alice-Fun...

You know the newest Alice movie, "Through the Looking Glass",

is set to come out next May!

Have a wonderful week!



  1. wow, so much beauty. I love shortbread cookies, truly my favorites.

  2. Lovely pictures and happy cats.


  3. Wow, your blog is a riot of colour and whimsy - love it!


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