Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Can You Believe it is AUGUST?

The summer is flying by!!

Can you believe is is already five days into August??

(I don't have any little children going back to school anymore...

just Jon who will be a Junior at Southeast),

but I always had bittersweet feelings about this time of year...

I think I was recalling my own childhood feelings about returning to school

in the fall, honestly... ("Nooooo....!)

(I was okay once it started, though...)


It is Rodeo Week here, and that always signals the END,

the last dregs, of summer... 

("Dun, dun, DUNNNNNN"...or maybe I should just say "Done" ;) )

 photo aug26-7_zpsixkqulea.jpg

As promised, here is my first "pink" tuberose from Easy to Grow Bulbs...

It's neat, but not REALLY pink, unless right next to one of the

old-fashioned white ones (Mexican Singles)...

This just has a tinge of pink, as I think the (also "old-fashioned") double "Pearl"

does as well.

Oh, well. 

I am not sure if this is "Pink Sensation" or "Cinderella"

so maybe the next one will be pinker.

("Yellow Baby" was just slightly yellow.)

I think it is pretty safe to say that tuberoses really just want to be white...

(And here I was worried that these new ones might be garish...) ;)

 photo aug26-8_zpsxoywsbnw.jpg
 photo 8-3-1_zpslrhrsqim.jpg

"Inch worm, inch worm, measuring the marigolds..."

Yes, I "planted" him there...I couldn't resist!

Have a great Wednesday, all!



  1. I have been away from blogging for a bit but had to pop in to see those GORGEOUS FLOWER pictures!!!! I, too, can't believe it is already August. Life is just flying by! xo Diana

  2. I agree, summer is going too fast.
    I think the Tuberose are called Pink Tuberose because there's a bit of pink on the neck of the buds. Very pretty flower. I have never grown Tuberose. I wonder if they are hardy to our zone of 5.

    Great photos of the marigold and the little worm.

  3. Oh, so pretty.

    Summer always seems to go by fast after July 4th. However, we still have about 6 more weeks of official summer, followed by Indian summer. There is more to look forward to.

  4. Hi Anne.
    No.. I cannot believe that we are almost a week into August, already!!! This summer has gone by faster than any summer I can think of!!

    Beautiful flowers. I have a soft spot for marigolds.. they are just so bright and cheerful :)

    Enjoy the rest of summer.



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