Friday, August 21, 2015

Cicada Music

Stepping out my back door today (do you now have the Creedence/John Fogerty 

song in your head? ... I know the lyrics say "Looking", but...)

You're welcome!  ~ ;)

 Anyway... it is like stepping into a symphony

 (maybe "cacophony" is a better word)

 of insect song...

 photo aug26-1_zps2tyrmcwy.jpg

I just read that the buzz generated by a swarm of cicadas can reach 120 decibels,

which is about the same noise level as a loud rock show...

 photo aug26-2_zpsi9farfta.jpg

I finally got to photograph a Monarch in the garden...

He's sipping on a zinnia, but next year I hope to have milkweed 

(and Joe Pye?) for them...

 photo aug26-3_zpsrpbsrmjs.jpg

The crickets are chirping loudly, as well, in the jungle that is a few feet from my steps...

I am to the point of just "letting it go" ~

I didn't mean to plant Giant Marigolds this year; 

that's what I get for not marking my seeds!

And they are TALL...(*some* still are) ~

 I prefer the shorter ones, they just stay neater ~

A storm blew them all over a week or so ago, but they are still green and blooming ~

(I think it would be more detrimental to try to pull them up, now).

Besides, I have already mentally moved into "next year country",

as far as blooming things...

I just read this quote and really liked it ~ it seems to sum things up nicely!

 "The grass no longer smells of high summer, but of autumn crouched waiting." 
Sara MacDonald SEA MUSIC (2003)

I am ready for about y'all?

Have a wonderful weekend, all!


Linking to Beverly's Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound ~ :)


  1. Your garden is lovely! And having just visited loved ones back east a few weeks ago, I know EXACTLY what you mean about the Cicadas. They were louder than ever - yet a sweet and familiar delight. Thanks for a lovely visit.

    Kaye Swain

  2. Cicadas can be very loud especially in the country. You did super job capturing the butterfly. I have had some of the prettiest, but they were not still long enough to make a photo.

  3. I am sitting out on my deck tonight listening to the cicadas and/or crickets. It is the sound of summer and there is no better music than nature itself.

    Your picture of the flower and the butterfly is just wonderful. So are the others.

  4. Beautiful!! I loved the monarch in the garden! That is a wonderful shot! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Anne! WHAT CAMERA DO YOU HAVE! Your photo's are stunning!! The crickets are very loud here tonight, and I would love to hear the cicada's. I'm so ready for fall, it's my favorite season. I love the scents of autumn, and am anxious for it to come!

  6. Anne, your images of these insects are amazing.
    I picked up three bouquets of zinnias at the market yesterday. The sales clerk told me to let them dry for a few weeks after they are no longer pretty. She says every petal is a seed. She scatters them the dry petals and has had good luck with new plants coming up. I'm going to try it. Why not? '-)
    Your zinnias are lovely.
    Happy Weekend!

  7. I've been ready for fall since May..not a fan of summer..Beautiful Monarch..You've had some lovely critters lately....Have a fun weekend.

  8. what a beautiful garden! wonderful photos. happy pink Saturday! xo

  9. I love the cypress vine growing on that fence. I say just 'let her rip'.

  10. Cicadas have a calming affect to me, must be something from my childhood visiting my grandma in the country.

  11. Hi Anne,
    Beautiful photos... I love the wings on Cicadas, they look like fairy wings...
    I think your Marigolds look lovely!

  12. I love zinnias. They remind me of the ones my mother grew. I don't have enough sun for them.

  13. Dear Anne!! Somehow your blog disappeared from my list of blogs I follow and I just now found you again!
    The cicadas are LOUD here in the DFW area too. To me, they are THE sound of summer! I think they know the end is near so they are giving it a last hurrah! I always record the very FIRST locust (that's what my kids and I call them!) of the season but I never know when I've heard the LAST one! I'm sure it will be awhile!


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