Saturday, July 23, 2016

Welcome to The Mad Tea Party, 2016!

Hello!! ~ Come on in!

Welcome to the 2016 Mad Tea Party blog hop!

First, I would like to thank Miss Vanessa for once again hosting

this delightful venture!
 photo mtp1_zpsuhrhx8ul.jpg

Did you just fall through that dusty Rabbit Hole over there?

Oh, Dear!

Settle in with some cookies and tea!

Earl Grey??

 photo mtp4_zpsjuvr3zsu.jpg
 photo mtp2_zpsred5fb6k.jpg

Our Tea Party cookies are courtesy of my sweet friend in Tennessee!

Aren't they wonderful?

 photo mtp5_zpsrp9p07nk.jpg

Even my tea pot girls have a Looking Glass!

 photo mtp6_zpsc3d8c3np.jpg

Uh, oh... looks like Someone left his hat!

 photo mtp3_zps0ltefgdf.jpg

The Key to....Somewhere!

 photo mtp7_zpskl0zaw8q.jpg
 photo mtp8_zpssmadbjef.jpg

Cupcakes won't spoil your supper if they are supper!

 photo mtp11_zps6tk7zok0.jpg

Petunias and buttercream?

Yes, please!

 photo mtp12_zps1vudfnyz.jpg
 photo mtp13_zpsl9lldnxw.jpg

It is a little known fact that the heady fragrance of Tuberoses

lures folks towards Rabbit Holes, and then....

Well, here you are!

 photo mtp14_zpsxy2z71pn.jpg

Look at this little visitor to the Tea Party!

And he thought he was going to be late... (bless him)!

(He has been visiting my porch all week! Carrots and cool water there!)


Thank you so much for stopping by!

(Be sure to visit all the other revelers, if you can!)

Happy Mad Tea Partying!


(Some of my latest Alice art!)
 photo mtp15_zps57qr1ik5.jpg
 photo mtp16_zpsxaeugfyx.jpg
"The Mad Hatter's Tea" Cupcake Box
 photo mtp17_zpscjtxjvpv.jpg
An Alice Celebration!
 photo f2_zpsky40pu6w.jpg
Work-in-Progress Alice & Flamingo ornament...


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fancy Words

The longer I live, the more I realize that I am not nearly as well-read as I once thought.
I love words and their origins, though ~ a "semi-Logophile", if you will ~ but today, on Facebook, someone used a word that I don't recall ever seeing in print (or heard, to my knowledge) before ~ "quotidian". And they used it in a very "quotidian" manner, too (wait for it, if you are as uninformed as I was) ~ they were not being intentionally pompous or anything.

I don't think.

Anyway, I felt kind of dumb (and I am willing to bet I'm not the only one who did, after reading that comment), and I immediately Googled it. (Because that's what I have to would not believe how often I Google things.)

I found the neatest site called "The Every Girl" ( ), and the subject was "Using Fancy Words" ~ it made me feel better about the whole thing,
I tell I borrowed the following information ~ (totally THEIRS, not mine ~ hope I am crediting correctly!) ~ (Also, the list of Fancy Words at the bottom must have been discussed at some point, and I was pleased to discover that I knew (and had correctly used) most ~ though not all ~ of them.)

Soooo....I will probably, at least, remember "quotidian" about you? Have you discovered and "new" words lately?

(All definitions via )

Fancy Word *EveryGirl*s should know: quotidian

Why we chose this fancy word: 
One of our writing interns, Clarissa Fidler,
stumbled upon this word while reading a New York Times article by David Carr.
She found the well-known writer's unique, poignant perspective on the topic of
plagiarism to be anything but quotidian.

Definition: quotidian (adj.) pronunciation: kwoh-tid-ee-uhn

1. daily
2. usual or customary; everyday
3. ordinary; commonplace

Use this word in a sentence: Martha's quotidian looks and shy demeanor were no match for Zoe's breathtaking beauty and charismatic personality.

Have you been using past fancy words?

insouciant = free from concern, worry, or anxiety; carefree

self-effacing = not drawing attention to oneself; modest

picayune = of little value or account; small; trifling

risible = causing or capable of causing laughter; laughable; ludicrous.

parvenu = someone who has recently acquired wealth or importance but has not yet developed the appropriate manners

usurious = charging illegal or exorbitant rates of interest for the use of money

blandishment = something that flatters or coaxes

innocuous = not harmful

fruition = attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment

libation = a pouring out of wine or other liquid in honor of a deity

ubiquitous = existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time

chimerical = highly unrealistic; wildly fanciful

pithy = brief or forceful

euphemism = nice way of saying something unpleasant

loquacious = talkative, babbling

osculation = a kiss

resplendent = having a splendid appearance

pedantic = ostentatious in one’s learning

compendium = summary or account of a subject