Sunday, March 25, 2018

Happy Easter!

Some wonderful shortbread cookies (from Stone House Oven)

arrived at our house today, thanks to my *sweet friend* in Tennessee!

These feature art from my little ACEOs ~ they turned out so cute!

The vintage Easter basket was one that I carried for all the Egg Hunts

when I was little...

The eggs are ones I painted last!

(They are painted on non-blown-out eggs, which will eventually dry completely.)

Last year I went "all out" decorating for Easter...this year, I still have Christmas

villages up! (At least, that's all I'm admitting to...)

Have a great week, all!



  1. Happy Easter Anne. I love your decorated eggs. So pretty! the cookies look wonderful too. Love the little cat paintings :-)

  2. Thank you, Jayne! Those eggs were such fun! They still haven't dried out inside...they make me a little nervous, LOL ~ but much easier to paint, for some reason (and they'll eventually dry out!) Yes, the cookies were an awesone Easter gift!
    Have a wonderful Easter Week!

  3. Very pretty. Those eggs would dry out in no time around here. :) Happy Easter!

  4. Your vintage Easter basket are beautiful. Have a Happy Easter.

  5. Mmm... Shortbread!

    Happy Easter to you too.


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