Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Little of This, A Little of That...

Is it just Wednesday?

It seems there's been so much going on this week, too much to be just Wednesday!
This is the last week of school here...tomorrow is the last "half-day", actually, and tomorrow night is graduation.  My oldest grandson, Cody, will graduate...
He and Jonathan are only from June to November apart in age...but because of how their birthdays fell, Cody is a year ahead in school.

Seems impossible...


My week started off wonderfully, though, receiving this amazing package in the mail on Monday...

Back in January, my artist friend Wendy Dewitt (aka Golders) posted a "pay it forward" suggestion on Facebook...the first 5 responses to her post would receive something hand-made from her within the year...providing they re-posted, offering the same to the first five responses, and so on.

I'll admit I already knew that anything from Wendy would be fabulous...;^)
(My Leo was already in her Art for Critters 2012 Calendar (see the calendar on my sidebar), "Mr. April" and "Cover Boy", actually...we were so proud!), I jumped at the chance!

(I have fulfilled two of mine so far, sending off flower seeds and painting a gourd-doll for a friend...)

What I got from Wendy was a delightful tablecloth, (designed by the Artist herself), in my favorite watercolor florals and crisp blue and white stripes...a vintage ME Home Companion magazine (one of my favorites ~ Halloween ideas ~ mine being lost in the fire), and last but not least, notecards of Leo's calendar page art...SO beautiful, all of it!

Thank you again, made my week!


When I went out to the mailbox late this evening, the sun was shining so prettily through these petunias (and they smelled so good)!...
Of course, by the time I got my camera and got back outside, I had almost missed the moment...but there were a few golden rays remaining...
These are hold-overs from last year, by the way...not "volunteers" from seeds, but the entire plant is from last just didn't get cold enough this past winter for them to freeze...


Cyrus is checking out some flower-heads from the catnip in my herb bed...

Here comes Tallulah ~ "Woo" ~ to look at them, too (Woo is all healed now from her spay-surgery, thank you all for asking!)

Leo decided to eat his flowers.

Do any of you have "heirloom rocks", or is it just me?

This chunk of quartz crystal was left as a doorstop in a house my Grandpa and Grandma Collier bought in the 1940s...
I latched onto it early, evidently, as I remember always having it...being the little "sparkly rock" girl that I was (and am), it was the ultimate prize!

It has traveled with me from house to house, for 50 years! It lives in my herb garden, now...;^)


This big chunk of petrified wood was brought to me from the Petrified Forest in Arizona by a family friend who knew how much I loved rocks ~ (I was about five years old)...back before things like that were frowned upon...(I'm sure it would get you a huge fine, now...)

This chunk of marble (I think) was one of the many rocks that were in my Grandma Collier's flower beds...after Grandma passed away my Mom had them, and now I do.

And finally, a pencil-portrait I did of a friend's three-and-a-half year-old grandson, Levi, who passed away suddenly in March. I didn't know little Levi personally, though I have know his Mimi since I was sixteen...

This Friday Levi's family and friends are holding a fund-raiser for an addition to his favorite place to visit and explore, the Discovery Playhouse in Cape Girardeau, Missouri; my portrait of someone's child (or fur-baby, or house, etc.) will be in the silent auction...this drawing of Levi (to be shown as an example) will go to my friend. I knew it would be difficult to do this drawing, but I didn't realize how much so...

They will also reveal an artist's concept of what the new wing of the Playhouse will entail at the event. I wish them much success!

Bless you, sweet was an honor to do your portrait ~ ♥

And that, my friends, has been my week so far...

How about you?

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. What a sweet pencil drawing of the little boy. How sad!

    What do you feed your cats? They have the most beautiful coats!

  2. Yes, your kitties have gorgeous coats -- you must spend a good amount of time brushing them. We had a semi-feral with a long coat that we found dumped at a supermarket before she was ready to be weaned. She never figured out how to clean herself and would get quite messy if you didn't help her keep up with it.

    I love your rocks!

  3. It's always nice receiving something special in the post, and the pay it forward idea sounds like a lot of fun.
    We have rocks that have moved with us from one house to the next, mostly things my husband collected over the years.

  4. Love the photos of the petunias and your inquisitive cats! How sad about Levi - you always imagine outliving your children and its extra tragic when someone so young dies - your portrait I'm sure will be treasured.

  5. You have been busy. So sad about little Levi. Your sketch of him is lovely and goes for a great cause. I used to collect rocks -- gave them all away to my ex-brother-in-law (who way back when was only about 13 at the time). I had petrified wood, volcanic rocks, one even looked like a donut and was red stone. Your pay it forward gifts are great. Enjoy! I still have a few Home Companion magazines around here. Actually bought them in Kuwait -- but now because of censorship, can't find any good magazines. :/ Hope your day is great. Ours is dusty. Again! Best wishes, Tammy

  6. You heirloom rock question got me to thinking, I collected rocks as a kid, now I wonder where the one special one is that I actually had with a book that kind of went with it. Maybe need to do some digging around this weekend.....

  7. What a BEAUTIFUL remembrance for your friend!

    I am always picking up rocks in my travels, and usually find myself with one or two small ones in my pockets during a trip. I do bring home to big ones too, though!

    Happy Thursday, Anne - hope it heads into a wonderful weekend for you...Tanya

  8. What a sweet thing to do for your friend. I'm so sorry that Levi passed away.. so sad.

    On a different note... your flowers are beautiful, and I love your heirloom rocks.
    I too have a few heirloom rocks that I carry from house to house.
    Maybe now we'll have them here for always :)

    Did you ever see that movie "The long long trailer" with Lucy and Desi?
    Loved the rock collection! Too cute!!

    Smiles :)

  9. You had a beautiful week, love the portrait. So sad this little one passed.......xo

  10. Anne the portrait is so poignant - I can imagine how hard it would be to do something like this when someone is gone. You are such a great person to do this. Your kitties are truly gorgeous. Take care and God Bless You - Pixie

  11. I cannot help but smile at the kitty with a bird's nest on his head. How absolutely perfect!

  12. The sparkly quartz rock has to be my favorite! Treasures, indeed.
    Beautiful portrait.

  13. I am so sorry to hear about Levi. It leaves a hole in the heart, doesn't it?

    I love the rocks- I carry them around from house to house, too. I'm sure that people think I am nuts...well, they MIGHT be right- Blessings to you- xo Diana

  14. These photos are adorable! Gorgeous kitties!!

  15. I love your treasures new and old! I also collect rocks and other things that connect me to my past. My husband hasn't always understood it, but last week he brought in a pretty piece of quarts that he found and put on the windowsill in the kitchen--I think he's getting it! :-)

  16. I like rocks too. The people who lived in my house before it was my house loved rocks too and left some crystal and quartz rocks among others in the yard. Glad to hear that Woo is healing nicely.


  17. Oh my Dear,
    thats so sad with little Levi. I am sure your portrait will be treasured by his Mom. Such a nice tribute.

    Your garden must be wonderful. The rocks are real treasures and must look gorgeous between herbs. And your kitties are so sweet. Love the fluffy furs.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  18. Oh my... haven't been in a wee while, but what a delight to catch up! I'm always happy, too, to see what you and your furry loved ones are up to!


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